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Cocksucker 4U

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I posted on a sex site that I love sucking cocks and I can host on Saturday nights while my wife works

I can’t believe I did that I can’t believe I gave out my address… I can’t believe how many old perverts would respond to my post.

Saturday night this old creepy man knocked on my door he was completely naked beer belly big cock.
“ Hi cocksucker get on your knees bitch this cock is for you”
OMG I thought right here now on the door steps fuck.. someone could see this.. but I was so horny I just went to my knees and started to kiss lick suck making love to his cock until his sweet cum filled my belly.
He laughed at me calling me a slut and told me he has friends that will be coming over to use me.

I just smiled and I left the front door opened.. thinking I’m going to have the time of my life.. I’m wearing my wife’s panties sitting on the couch waiting.
Two old guys knock on the door and comes in.. seeing me they smile and I lick my lips with pure lust in my eyes .. two cocks oooh god yes.

Before I knew what was happening there were more older horny guys in my living room.. naked .. I’m sucking falling in love being used as a cocksucking slut.

“ Look at this slut sucking like a demon possessed I think he wants to be more than a cocksucking slut.. dressed in panties sexy young little whore it’s time for him to be our girl”

I was completely caught off guard thinking I’m only a cocksucker but..
I was surrounded by five naked guys and when one guy picked me up and started to kiss me his tongue deep inside me I could only moan as my panties were being ripped off me

I thought it would hurt being penetrated but it was only pleasure as I was being fucked for the first time.. I was moaning loudly begging pleading.
“ Oooh god yes oooh fuck more oooh more please fuck me like a girl oooh god yes “
I was losing it so horny I was being used like this by strangers I let those five guys fuck me all night long… losing track of the time.

My legs were being stretched I looked down and two cocks were ready to double Penetrate me..

“ Oooh god yes oooh fuck look at me oooh two cocks oooh my fucking god yes yes yes fuck meee oooh god yes.. I reached over grabbing somebody’s cock putting it in my mouth.. I was being used like a cheap whore loving every minute of it.

I never heard my wife come in .. until I heard a blood curling scream
I looked up my wife… I was covered in cum two cocks inside my ass one cock in my mouth and six naked guy’s jacking off on me

I just moaned loudly when i started to cum..
“Ooooh god oooh yes oooh my daddies more oooh god more please fuck me like a slut oooh god I’m cummming oooh yes “

I heard the front door slam shut.. I was in heaven

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  • Reply Joe Kalinowski ID:5unzka4xi9

    Tease 😈🍆🤤😄

  • Reply Danny ID:1efbya8ihyek

    Wow.. wish I had the courage to do that.. I always wanted to but got scared… but after reading this I’m going to … anyone in Minnesota wanna cum play with me while my wife is away

  • Reply 16 m uk ID:2v2ym6sdm3