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First bisexual time

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I work as a cleaner in a student accommodation one day while I was vacuuming the area outside the student room a door opened and this six foot blonde German he was about twenty five. He looked straight at me while he was rubbing this beautiful 8″ cock I couldn’t take my eyes of it. He looked at me and said come in if you want to taste this. I knew it was risky but I just had to go down on this beautiful cock . I followed him into his room we put our arms around each other and kissed I ran my hand down his body exploring his bum then I ran my hand over his cock I could feel electricity running through my body . I sat him on the bed and started kissing his cock now I have a smoking fetish so I lit a cigarette and felt his cock I then started kissing it I couldn’t wait any longer l had to taste it I was doing this for ten minutes then he said I coming I sucked as hard as I could then he came in my mouth I swallowed it down we kissed again and I left . A week later I was was cleaning outside his room he said come back later my sister is visiting we will some fun. After I finished work I went up to his room and there she was like him but a little shorter we kissed while I felt her lovely breasts she later on the bed and lit a cigarette and tock a deep drag looked at me and said I know about your little fetish I pulled her pants down to taste her pussy but was surprised to see a cock just like her brothers I was in heaven I always wanted sex with a transexual and smoking as well . While I was sucking on her cock my trousers were pulled down then my pants then a finger was pushed into ass the the brother pulled his cock out and pushed it into my ass this went until they both came at the same time I had cum in my mouth and ass and I felt great .this was the first of many times ither all together or two of us once I sat and watched them in a 69 .

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  • Reply Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    Fucking wonderful. I love fucking my dad & sucking his cock, too. When he sucks my cock, I can’t wait to cum in his mouth. Forcing my mom to watch us fuck, then to take her & fuck her brains out, priceless! πŸ˜‰πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  • Reply Bob ID:v6hsr62dzvx

    Mmmmmm, two delicious big hard dicks to suck and drain!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Sherryane ID:1rou10v3

    That was good