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Watching my Step daughter cum!

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True story about my slut of a step daughter..

This was my 2nd marriage and my new wife had a 14 year old daughter who was a bit of a handful. She was always getting in trouble in school, regularly being brought home by the police for under age drinking in the street and from time to time I could smell weed when I walked past her room.
She was good looking like her mother, short 5ft 4, long blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, toned and tanned. She would walk round the house in next to nothing at times, strappy top with no bra and hot pants pulled up so high her perfect little ass cheeks would pop out of them. She was so hot I would regularly wank off in shower over her imaging how tight that pussy would feel of my fat cock!
She had a boyfriend around the same age an I would hear them fumble about in her room at times, the slightest moan from where he was probably fingering her little cunt.
One weekend her mother was away, it was just me and her in house but I also had business meetings that weekend an told my step daughter I would be back late most nights. One night that weekend I finished early when I got home a car had blocked our drive way I was quite annoyed, when I eventually found a place to park down the street I walked upto the front door but just before I put my key in the door I could clearly hear something.. a girls moaning, was my step daughter masterbating in the living room!?
I quietly turned the key in the front door an crept in towards the living room I glace through the partially frosted glass door I could see my step daughter completely naked getting her pussy eaten by a guy who was not her boyfriend and was clearly older!

“Oh fuck yes lick my clit” she moaned as the older guy sucked at her young pussy then slowly sinking in two fingers.

Aaaaahhh fuuck! She spasmed as he slams his two fingers in an out of her.

I didnt know what to do in that moment, I was concerned too who this guy was in my home, sexually abusing my 14 year old step daughter on our couch but she looked like she was loving it and I found my cock to be rock hard as I watched. I stepped back from the door so I would not be seen, whipped out cock and started wanking off to my live fantasy.

I watch as the little teen get pleasured to orgasm, her toned stomach twitching an her little tits bouncing as this guy grabs at them from below.

“Ooh my god you made me cum so hard, now fuck me before my step dad gets home! I need that cock!” She said

The guy quickly removes his tshirt and undoes his pants to reveal a very impressive dick, easily 7 inches and thick.

“You need to suck it first, slut!” He says to her smirking

She grabs his thick cock an looks at it with an impressive smile “Fuck you are so much bigger than my boyfriend” she squats down as the guy stands up takes his fat cock in one hand an plunges the head in her mouth wanking it back an forth as the older guy groans at the beautiful teen sucking his soul from his body, she reaches down with the other hand an flicks her clit as she sucks off the guy like a fucking slut.

I keep on watching wanking my dick hard an fast as my slut of step daughter sucks this guys fat cock like a pornstar, As this guy groans so do I, wishing I was him even for split second.

He grabs her by the arm pulls her up an then pushes her back on the couch he holds her down by the throat before sinking his dick inside her, I watch with intent as the man clearly stretches her open.

“Ooooh Aaahhhh Yessss!” Her eyes roll back as he starts to rock back an forth inside her tight pussy.

“Oh yes baby that feels so good, your stretching me out so much oooh yea” he cheeks turning red

“Ahhh yeeah ruin me with that fat cock!” As he ravages her hard on the couch.

He pulls out suddenly, obviously about to cum. He stand her up again then sits down himself.

“Sit down on cock backward so I can watch that ass bounce on my me!”

She does what he says as sits down on his dick reserve cowgirl slowly moves up an down to adjust to the position, he grabs her by her fat ass an pounds her up an down on his dick, her little tits bouncing an he destroys her cervix, making her moan so loud our neighboughs could probably hear.

Im wanking my dick so hard an fast that Im so close to cumming, I glace at her slim toned body glistening with sweat as he pounds her over an over, watching that fat cock slip in an out of my step daughter, little titties boucing, stiff nipples, pussy juices leaking out all over his balls, her hands in her hair as she grinds at the shear girth bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm, just before we both cum our eyes meet between the glass of the door she smirks as I explode all over my suit pants an carpet, she bites her lip at me as we both watch each other cum.

“OOOH FUCK IM CUMMING” she screams as the man fucks her hard

“OH FUCK YEAAA” he shouts as he explodes inside her, leaving his huge load leaking out of her.

They both collapse back on the couch, I run upstairs before im seen by the guy. He soon cleans up an leaves, my step daughter just goes to her room after he leaves in the car blocking our driveway.

We havent spoke about it since but every now an again she gives that same smirk and lip bite at breakfast that she did when we watched each other cum.

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    You should have gone in and joined in fucking her

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    I love your stories Emma . My 67 year old cock gets hard every time

    • The Architect ID:1ah742a7xij

      My names not Emma and this is a true story. Im a horny perv not a paedophile but glad you enjoyed. From one dirty old man to another

  • Reply OZ73 ID:bmt1ntfii

    Can’t wait for part 2…
    I’m so hard right now…

  • Reply BBoy ID:1duvhy2pnl7p

    God I wish I was in your shoes. Because if I were you I would send wifey away on a spa trip or something and have that 14yo slut all to myself.

    I’d never stop fucking and cumming in that underaged pussy

  • Reply Treat ID:66om991chj

    I’m envious of everyone in this story!
    I hope that little slut brings home lots more men to fuck her underage pussy while you spy on her

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Yes part two please, my cunt loves these stories, love Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    You should have videoed it with your phone, and you should have confronted her about it

  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    I’m so hard after reading your story. I need to cum

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Definitely needs a part 2

    • The Architect ID:1ah742a7xij

      This is a true story I have still not confronted her but I can make something up if you like…