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Watching My Mother Cheating

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A young boy watches his mother with a stranger…

I grew up in a well off suburb in the Midwest with my parents. We weren’t rich but we were definitely on the nicer end of town from most people. When I was a kid my dad built me a tree house to play in in our backyard, I had a few friends but no siblings so he wanted to make my life “more fun” since he only had me. I stayed in there all day and even sometimes all night during the summer. I had so much fun in there but after a few years I got a little older and stopped going up there as much. My mother and I argued a lot now since I was 14 and just wanted to play video games most of the time and it drove her nuts. She’d kick me out of the house more and more that summer and tell me to go hang out with friends and get a life. Her and dad had been arguing a bit more than usual too, and so he was staying at work longer and longer hours. I don’t know what got into her but she was driving us both away. Some days I just sat around in the tree house looking at the porn mags I got secretly. If mom found out she’d kill me which is why I keep them up here where she never goes. I was beginning to find an interest in girls but I was still too awkward to actually talk to any. Plus the girls in my class just couldn’t compare to the models in my magazines. The amount of cum I spilled in there is crazy, at least a gallon.

Now even though my mother was acting like a bitch, she was still my mom of course and she definitely was attractive. She had soft strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and a thin, perky body. Not thick like girls today have, but that skinny, perky butt with bubble tits and a thin waist. I however got my dad’s brown hair and eyes, but also his height, standing well over 6′ by the time I turned 14. She was a very beautiful woman but acted like a massive bitch at the same time. So one day she comes into the living room and turns off the TV I was playing a game on and forces me out of the house. She’s done this many times before and I hate it more each time, but I can’t do anything to stop it. I relent and go outside and start walking down the street, fuming. As I walk down our street I see a car that isn’t familiar drive by with a man that I don’t recognize inside. I can’t really tell anything about him from inside the tinted windows on his car but he drives by slowly as I keep walking. I look back a moment later and see him park on the street outside my house so I dip behind a neighbors bush and watch him get out and walk up to my front door. After a couple minutes of him not coming back, I get curious and sneak back towards home, knowing he’s not some kind of door-to-door salesman.

Hiding myself so I can see in but you can’t see me from inside, I look and find the front door closed with no one standing outside. Who was he and why was he in my home? Did my mom know him? What was going on? I hop the fence and sneak up into my tree house in the backyard to try and figure out what’s going on. Back when I was a kid my dad built the window facing the house, giving a perfect view of their bedroom, and of mine next door. It never made much difference until now. I hid behind the wall, just barely peaking out so not to be seen, looking into the house finding each room empty. The kitchen, my bedroom, wait… There they both are in my parents room. I see my mother and this man making out standing in front of the bed as they take each other’s clothes off. I’ve never seen my mother naked before, and honestly it never occurred to me to try until now. As confused and disgusted at this situation and how she could cheat on dad I was, I kept watching because I was a horny teenage boy. I watched as they fell onto the bed fully naked as the man got between my mother’s legs, pressing them apart with his thighs and thrusting into her.

I saw her laying back as he went all the way inside her pussy, as her perky tits bounced back and forth. I guess this is why my parents are fighting, and why she acts like a bitch to get me out of the house so much, she wants to cheat and I’m in the way. My cock grew hard in my pants as I watched them, as wrong as it felt to jerk off to my own mom, I had no choice. I pulled my pants down and grabbed my meat, stroking hard at first then matching the rhythm of their fucking. I could hear a faint moan through the slightly open window in the room, despite being far away. My mother was really enjoying herself. I couldn’t really tell before in the car, but I new now for sure this man was black. Not dark like an African but a more light-toned brown but he was balls deep in my mom, between her soft legs, ramming his cock into her delicate pussy. Fuck what was I thinking? That’s my mom not some whore from my magazines. I couldn’t stop now though, I just kept stroking harder and harder as he pumped deeper and deeper inside her. I don’t even know how long they spent fucking, but it surely wasn’t their first time together. Finally I saw my mother wrap her arms and legs around his torso and held him tight, she refused to let go as he was crushing his balls against her asshole. He held her head and rammed his cock as deep as it could possible go as he blew his load inside her pussy. As he did the biggest, creamiest load of my life, at that point, shot straight out of my cock and hit the wall of the tree house.

I had never seen real sex like that before, only nude photos in porn mags. Seeing my naked mother cheating with a black man like that woke something up inside me and for several weeks I only jerked off to the memory of that day, until I learned their pattern and watched them secretly each time they fucked. My mother is one horny bitch, fucking this man four times a week, plus my father every so often to keep him somewhat happy. I never really tried to get a girlfriend in highschool as I was too busy jerking off to my mother’s free porn show. Once I went to college I met Courtney and we ended up getting married. We have so much sex and have tried almost everything tow people can do together. She’s my horny little slut and I love her so much. She wanted me to write a story since she found out she’s pregnant with our fifth baby a couple weeks ago. She’ll probably be light on the stories for a while but she’s ok. I decided to write about my own mother and her affair, all of which is real, but post it under her name. I know it’s shorter than what she normally gives you but I hope you enjoyed it anyway, Courtney’s husband, Ryan.

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  • Reply PublicNudityEnjoyer ID:1cqurdjkhzgl

    Simple yet hot! Amazing story! Hope for more!

  • Reply Erotic Writer 2024 ID:1d6csmfab7aa

    I spied on my parents fucking through a bedroom window while we were on holiday. Like you i found it really erotic and I wanked as I watched.

  • Reply Mark Francis ID:1cx8ux7q8y7p

    I would love to fuck her

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it had to take things into my own hand again, love Emma from Australia.

  • Reply Bonestt ID:8k4ijpkb0c

    Hot I would of fuck her too

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    That was a awesome story that made me cum Ryhan !! I imagined myself up in your treehouse wearing my catholic high school uniform as you bend me over and lift up my school uniform dress. Being the rough guy that you are, you make me submit as you rip off my red lace panties, and inhale my sweet pussy scent. Then you shoved them into my mouth as you rip open my white school tights, as my ass explodes out of the constricted confines of my tights. Then you slam your big cock all the way into me and doggy fuck me as you pull my ponytail back and tell me that I’m your school slut ! Then you blow your load into my womb , possibly impregnating me !! How was that Ryhan ?? did Britney make you hard and cum for her !! HA ! HA ! I really liked your story and could I use you in some of my stories sweetie ? please !! I’ll keep checking here on your story posting for your daily comments ! please give Courtney my love and lots of (HUGS & KISSES) love Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Is there going to be à part 2 did your dad ever find out. Did your mom ever find out you were watching

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Congratulations on the news of the pregnancy and glad to hear all is well