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Lily… a requested story

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I don’t normally do stories on request 😊 hope this meets your approval RD
It’s 4:27am in Ovar, Portugal, I’m a 25-year-old Market analyst, I’m sat on my balcony smoking a cigar, and all I can think about is her, her smell, her looks, her hot little body.

I’ve been chatting with her for around 3 months now, just casual stuff at first, but recently the tone has become flirty and highly sexual.
My phone vibrates which jolts my attention from my stare. It was Lily.

“Hey, can’t sleep, hope I don’t wake you; I can’t stop thinking about you”

I immediately reply.

“No, I’m awake, do you fancy meeting today just me and you? Would be good to meet”

There was no reply, until
a full five hours later, 2 messages come through.

“Sure, my bestie and her dad are off to Porto all day, got the villa to myself”

And 1 containing an address in nearby Furadouro.


I approach the villa that I can clearly tell is an Airbnb, and then I clasp my eyes on the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

Lily is 15.

She’s 5’1 or 5’2, slimly built with a perfect thigh gap, and a tight butt that you could watch all day, she’s dressed in a white summer dress, that’s covering a black bikini, that’s clearly a size too big for her.
We went for some lunch and I showed her round Ovar, wanting her that little bit more or to claim her as mine when I’d catch other men looking at her!

I was walking her back to the villa her friend’s dad was renting when she turned to me, and asked if she could tell me a secret.

“Sure, go for it” I excitedly responded, yet I’m hoping this is where she tells me she wants to fuck.

“My bestie and her dad are fucking; she went to his room last night and didn’t come back all night”

“Whoa! You what?! I’m sure they’re not! Maybe they’re just super close”

I stand there and try and rationalize my last reply to her… incest is fine with me, ever since my aunt gave me a blowjob a few years ago. I change tact to try and extort sordid details or to see how confident she was of her statement.

“Well come over tonight when she goes in there again, like she has done for the past 4 nights since we arrived, and you’ll see”

“Well, how about just leave them to it and come out with me later, unless you want to burst in and join them or something?” reverse psychology always works. Especially on young minds.

I messaged Lily saying I was nearby. A reply came back rapidly

“we’ll meet on Av do emigrante in 5 minutes, see you soon x!”

I picked up Lily in the car and drove out of Furadouro, no destination in mind.

“I’ve text her and left a note said I’ve gone off for a walk, will be back in a few hours” she stated breaking the silence.

We reached the Aveiro lagoon just a short 15-minute drive from Ovar, she picked it as she saw the moonlight reflect off the water. She got out of the car which allowed me another full-length gaze at her, a red cocktail dress that hugged her figure beautifully. I wanted her that much more than I already did.

I was staring at her, I knew I was, but was powerless to stop. I was nodding and smiling at the appropriate times though, I still have no idea what she was saying or what I could be agreeing to.

“I might go home later today” she said jolting my concentration.

“Well, it’s up to you, I’ll drive you to the airport if you like? Think about it though”.

She kissed me, way more than intensely, and way better than my wife… yeah I’m married to Sarah, maybe I should of put that earlier. I returned her intense kisses and began to feel up her teenage body, starting with her bum and running my hands all over her curves, I sensed she was a little chilly so I pulled her closer to me and embraced her.

She didn’t stop me, nor did she complain with the attention I was showing her. My hands moved to her bum, the object of my affection, the 1 thing that made me lust after her all these months. I wanted it and had to have it.
I slid her red cocktail dress up to reveal the deception of her not wearing any underwear, was this her plan all alone? I didn’t care, I span Lily round so that she was on the hood of my car and got my first look at the best shaven mound of teenage pussy I’ve ever seen. I had to taste it… I put my jacket down on the hood and pushed lily on to it…

I kissed all the way down her neck over her chest, her sweet perky boobs giving me a taste of how I’ve imagined she would taste. I carried on to her stomach but it made her giggle from my stubble, but it didn’t detract me from my goal.

I got to her pussy, the smell of it, a mixture between her juices from my finger and her shower gel, clearly it was raspberry orange blossom. I knew this as my little sister uses it.
I was squatted on my knees and I began devouring her pussy like it was nothing, her tight lips touching the corners of my mouth, her moans and her words filling the night air.

“nobody’s ever done that before”

This stopped me… I enquired…
It turns out that she wasn’t a virgin but she never had her pussy eaten. I went back to my task with ease… I upped the ante by sliding my middle finger inside her, she was quite tight but accommodated it well enough.

We carried on like this for around 10 minutes, she was extremely in to it, and she’d slide up and away or down and towards my waiting tongue. She was really a whore, like I imagined she would be.
She slid fully all the way off the hood, literally falling into my lap, kissing me, wanting to taste herself off my tongue. She licked all the way round my mouth to get every piece of her scent. I didn’t mind, I’m into kinky stuff like that.

I stand up and adjust myself, lily stops me and begins to pull my shorts down, my cock springing free… she marvels at it, and comments on my size, “it’s bigger than my boyfriends”
I thought of him for a second

“Boyfriend, well he’s not here, I am… so suck my cock” I became forceful in my need and desire for her, she never let me know about a boyfriend
Again, she didn’t say no, and went on to my cock like she’d been told, she wasn’t great but in time she’d get better, I’d train her that’s for sure. I’d find out later in the night that her nickname was handjob Hancock.

I began to push the back of her head like a possessed animal to force my cock down her throat for her having a boyfriend, believe me if I had my phone then I would of recorded it and sent it to him, to show what she thinks of him.

Her gagging sounds and the constant spitting of saliva by her feet were the only sounds in the air, her whole teenage body now fully illuminated by the moonlight, I wish I had my phone… just for that photo.

I picked her up from her kneeling position and removed her dress, exposing her fully naked body, I stopped and stared for what felt like hours. I went back to running my hands all over and kissing my British teenage (insert your own word here) (comment which 1 you put in).
I bent lily over right there and then… and slowly slid my cock inside her.



“Please go slow”

I did what she asked and went slowly, and then began to pick my pace up with intensity, looking down at her bum, I knew I wanted that next, although that would have to wait until next time.



My relentless and slow pounding of her was matched with her moans and her screams of passion until:

“My dad’s going to kill me, if he ever finds out that I’m doing this”

A kinky whore I thought, does her dad want to watch aswell?

She started to cry… which made me harder than I thought I could get, her cries and her inhaling of her tears, made her already tight pussy contract on my cock that little bit more, I’ve never fucked a crying girl, but I think I’ve opened a new kink for myself from that night.

It didn’t take long after that for me to shoot my hot cum, I just pulled out in time grabbing my cock and spraying it up on her gorgeous bum and around her asshole.

“What? Did you not use anything? What the fuck?!” she was pissed…

“Well, I didn’t have any with me, and I did right by pulling out, plus I didn’t want to kill the mood”

We argued about the situation all the way to back to Ovar when she literally ditched me when I was stopped for petrol. I left her to it, I tried finding her but no sign of her on the way back.


3 months later.

I’m sat with Sarah, my wife of 3 years, we’re spending Christmas with her parents, I feel my phone go off. I don’t recognise the number.

“Need to see you, meet me Aqua Hotel, Ovar, 30 minutes, important… Lily x”

I make an excuse to Sarah and leave for the hotel, my mind racing about what’s to happen, I reach the hotel, and message her saying I’m there.
I’m greeted by the sight of a small bumped Lily, she’s pregnant from our little fling! She’s back as her dad kicked her out.

“What? You can’t be? “I protest.

My phone begins vibrating…. It’s Sarah…

“Yeah, that’s brilliant honey… I have news, it’s huge too! I’ll see you at home in an hour”

I turn to Lily, “Go check out and get your things then”


Sarah was pissed as anyone would be but was completely fine with me sleeping with young girls, and in this case making her pregnant… she knew I had desires that she couldn’t fulfil.
it’s now 2024 and we’ve all been living together for the past year; Lily had a beautiful girl called Aurora Rose.

Sarah even babysits when we me and Lily have Date Night.

Moral of the story is if you make someone pregnant, make sure you’re married to an understanding woman and she won’t leave you.
Story was all fictional, locations are real, names are given by requester of story…

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:yg1h5i68

    This is a very well written story! A shame she got pregnant though. There would be a time period when she couldn’t have sex. That would be a shame!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Great story with the sex beautifully described! I would call the girl a ‘slag’, by the way!

    • Kingsmut36 ID:agya8fi9

      Slag is good term 🙂

      I should put my session id in my next story