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I wanted to fuck my 12 year old daughter

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I had started to look at my daughter different and now I wanted to fuck her at all costs

My 12 year old daughter turns me on with her clothes and Dancing, She shows off her body not realising what she is doing.
She doesn’t dress like a little girl she wears mini skirts and tshirt and sometimes denim dresses with buttons all down the front .
Sometimes we tickle fight but it’s more of a groping session for me .
She often comes and jumps on me and my hand goes between her legs she doesn’t seem to notice as I quickly feel her little pussy .
It was getting to a point where I so wanted to pit my cock up her tiny pussy, I had not seen it since she was about 5 or 6 but she wasnt a small girl not fat or anything just seemed to blossom quicker she had well formed budding tits as she needed a bra not a training one I had seen in the washing she was 32b.
I often tried looking down her top but to no avail but I had felt them as we rolled around .
Now I had to try to get feel them, see them ,suck them and the only way would be if my wife was at work or out .
Tanya my daughter had no idea as we danced around I twirled her did waltz with her watched as her little skirts lifted flashing her panties my cock stirring in my pants ,quite often we would fall onto the sofa together laughing me pretending to be tired cuddling her .
One day we danced and my wife had went up for a bath and fell on the sofa she was lying on me and I tickled her she was squirming around as my hands really molested her I had my hand on her tits and she stopped squirming and said Daddy what you doing it feels funny as I groped her, it’s OK darling I said it’s just daddy playing only daddy and you can play this no one should know as I rubbed her tits.
OK she said it does feel funny makes my tummy go funny but not horrible as I had my first proper feel through her tshirt , I had heard my wife get out of the bath so stopped and told Tanya not to tell anyone and tomorrow I will get her a treat from the shop.
She loved treats especially chocolate as my wife didn’t let her have very often .
So when my wife came down Tanya danced again never saying anything I was so pleased but i needed go upstairs to have a wank .
The next day I came home from work Tanya was in her room doing home work my wife making dinner I went up for a shower and called into Tanya room and gave her the chocolate she kissed me and I said hide from mum she nodded .
That night nothing happened then the next night was Friday bingo night for my wife 4 hours she would be out and I was wondering if Tanya would let me feel again .
So Friday night after tea while my wife was getting ready to go out me and Tanya danced around but didn’t fall on the sofa .
My wife came down and as usual laughed at us dancing gave us both a kiss and went out, as soon as she went out we danced more Tanya jumping around and then I lay on the sofa and Tanya jumped on me as we lay together I could feel my cock stirring, as I put my arms around her she said Daddy do you want to do that thing again with my boobies, if you want me too I will yeah she replied as she turned onto her back lying on me .
I moved my hands to her tits through her tshirt u could feel her breathing change also her heart beat fasten as I rubbed accross her chest one hand I moved to her middle and circled then I moved onto her skirt area feeling her legs and down to her knee then I moved to between her knees and worked up to her panties.
I could feel her body reacting to my touch it was shaking, she then said Daddy is this having sex as I’m scared to have sex .
I told her we are just having fun sex is when a man puts his Penis in a women’s pussy we are just playing but if you want sex you tell me .
She nodded and said just have fun daddy and I love you as she closed her eyes .
My hand had moved from her panties and tshirt and I lifted her tshirt up revealing her white bra with little pony’s on I asked her to put her arms up so I can take her tshirt off which she did then I went down to her skirt and undone it and pulled down her legs revealing a matching pair of panties .
I wanted a good look so I said darling stand up let your dad look at your amazing body.
She was straight up the sight before me made my cock go solid, I told her to dance to the music while I watched her it was better than any lap dance as she wiggled her body .
I had my cock in my hand as she danced she turned towards me I saw her face she stared at my cock as I was slowly wanked , I asked her if she wanted a closer look she nodded and then said I only seen on videos or photos not real it looks different as she leant to look her hand went on my knee she knelt down her head was inches as I wanked she looked up and said Daddy can I touch will it not hurt you I said to her put your hand like mine and move like mine.
Her hand went on and my cock twitched her hand was so soft on it as she moved it she smiled saying its hard but soft and its warm as she was slowly wanking me ,”am I doing it right” she asked perfect I said as her tiny hand moved up and down and she had her other hand on too .
I didn’t want to cum but i knew it wouldn’t be long, I reached behind undone her bra let it fall her tits were free now they were perfect as I reached to grope them as I pinched her nipples she gripped hard on my cock Daddy that hurt but it was nice too, its OK baby just let daddy make you feel good as I flicked and groped her tits ,I was so close to cumming,I told her lye on the floor she let go and I grabbed her panties pulling them off ,this was the first time I had seen her pussy she had black hairs and it looked so small as I opened her legs I lent in to eat her pussy as I kissed her she shook as my tongue went between her lips and opened her pussy her body was jerking she was having a orgasm.
I could taste her juices so pure I was sticking a couple of fingers in her I knew they would go as she uses tampons I finger fucked her till she started shaking hard again orgasm number 2 Daddy Daddy what happening I feel like I’m peeing but I’ve never had this feeling don’t stop it please .
Was that the message to fuck her as she lay with my fingers in her my cock was hard waiting for something and I knew she was juiced up so I started to lay on top of her and pulled my fingers out and used my hand to to point my cock head to her entrance as I looked down it looked massive against her as the tip opened her lips and slipped in a bit then I felt a pop my head was in it felt like a vice holding it as I pushed slowly hoping to get my whole 9inches in her as I got nearly in I felt her cervix I was right in her as I pulled back then in ,she was shaken all the time as I thrust in her I must of only thrust in and out only 5 or 6 times then I felt my cum I should of pulled out but I shot about 4 streams in her as I pulled out it came leaking out down between her legs , Tanya had her eyes closed and was still shaking.
I had done it I had fucked my 12 year old baby she was lying sweating shaken looking beautiful and we still had 2 hours before my wife came home.
I told her i loved her she said the same back and said Daddy have we fucked now yes I replied but I thought we wernt going to yet, I know but you were ready ,but daddy my legs feel funny as she lay on the floor I knelt between her legs and said Tanya baby I want to go again and I lay on her and this time my cock went straight in, her legs went around me as I fucked I was lasting longer but after 5 minutes I was cumming again her pussy was getting filled up.
As I got off her I lifted her up she was unsteady on her feet ,I wasn’t being gentle with her I was going hard ,she stood up the cum dripping out of her pussy down her legs, she looked tired her hair was everywhere.
She told me she was sore and needed to go to sleep as so tired I said I would help her to bed I carried her up lay her on her bed went downstairs getting her underwear I was keeping these as a trophy, I went back in her room she was lying on the bed I needed to do again but as I got on the bed she said no more daddy please but I needed more I told her just a quick one and she agreed so I lay on her again, on her my little pony sheets I pounded her pussy again but this time I was lasting and it was 20 minutes before I was cumming and I pulled out and shot over her tits i told her open her mouth she asked why I just said baby do as daddy says as she did I slid my cock in and said suck it baby clean daddy’s cock she sucked on it.
I looked at her and told her I was going get a flannel to clean her up as I went to the bathroom I looked I still had 30 mins so I leaned her body she was falling asleep as she did I got my phone took a few snaps of her naked body then covered her up I then went down stairs put on my shorts but got my cock out and wanked it holding her panties so the last of my cum shot onto them I put them and her bra in my man cave room as only me aloud in .
About 15 min later my wife came in I had spayed airfreshener around so the smell of
Sex was gone and we went to bed as usual .
The next morning my wife was up first so I sneaked into Tanya’s room to see if she was OK she was getting dressed she smiled at me and said secret daddy I can’t wait till next time it was fantastic .
I was happy now i knew she wasn’t going to Tell so went down for breakfast as we sat down and chatted my wife said that she was going to town with her friend if Tanya wanted to come.

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