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A Suitable Solution

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A mother does what is necessary to make sure her daughter stays a virgin.

Patty was a 16 year old beautiful girl who was dating a 16 year old boy named Trent from school. Mary was Patty’s mother and had raised Patty alone since her husband and Patty’s father ran off with his young secretary.

Patty is a tall redhead that has a gorgeous body. Tits that are proud cones of pale freckled flesh topped with nipples that are puffy and pink. She has a gorgeous tight little ass and a puffy little pussy that has a small patch of red hair above her clit.

Of course she is still a virgin and her mother intends on keeping her that way. Mary knows that Patty is getting curious about boys and sex. She has had the sex talk with Patty and has supplied her with all the warnings about STDs and pregnancy. Still she also knows that Trent is a good looking young man who treats Patty well and they have been together for over a year now.

They were not allowed to spend too much time alone together and most of the time their dates included a chaperone. As they are getting older and more responsible their alone time has increased.

One day while Mary was collecting the clothes from Patty’s room to be washed she happened to notice a large wet spot in Patty’s panty. She examined it and realized that it was all from Patty. She was relieved that it wasn’t cum from Trent but she also knew that it wasn’t just from normal situations.

Apparently they have been doing some heavy petting for Patty to become so aroused that she got that wet. She had to figure out a way to lessen the chance of Trent getting into Patty’s panties. She would never dream of breaking them up as Patty was definitely very much in love with Trent.

One weekend Patty was set to go visit with her grandparents and that meant that Mary could have a chat with Trent by herself and not have to worry about Patty overhearing the conversation or knowing that she had gotten involved in their relationship.

Saturday Mary called Trent and asked if he could come over and help her with something. Trent was always willing to do whatever Mary asked of him and he was soon knocking on the door. Mary had went to her room and stripped off her clothes and put on a robe. She came down and opened the door and Trent came inside.

“Thank you Trent for coming over so quickly on short notice!” She said as she began to walk into the kitchen. After she had turned her back to him and walked towards the kitchen she loosened her tie to her robe. Trent followed her but didn’t see her loosen it. When she spun around and took a seat at the table her robe opened slightly revealing a far amount of cleavage.

Trent went to sit down and quickly noticed the sizable pair of tits partly on display. Mary knew that he had seen them but made no attempt to cover them up or let on that she was aware of her open robe. Trent struggled to keep his eyes off of her chest.

“Now Trent I must confess that I called you over here under false pretense. I don’t have something that I need help with but rather something that I think that I can help you with!” She said as she ran her fingers along Trent’s hand.

Trent had a confused look on his face and had suddenly forgotten that her tits were almost completely exposed.

“I am not sure that I follow you!” He said as her touch sent electricity straight to his cock.

“Well you see Trent I know all about you and Patty’s ummm shall we say playtime when you are alone.” She said as she watched him start squirming.

“I..I..I don’t know what you….you… are talking about!” He said as he recalled his fingers buried in Patty’s hot wet tight little pussy.

“OH come now Trent. I am not a fool. I know that you have had your hands on my daughter’s tits and definitely her pussy. I’m sure that she has had your cock in her hands at least!” She said as she leaned over and gave him a much better look at her tits.

“I don’t mind any of these things however if you have plans to stick your hard throbbing cock into Patty’s pussy or ass then I definitely have a problem with that!” She said as she slid her hand down his leg towards his cock.

Trent moaned as he felt her hand grip his hard cock and give it a squeeze.

“Now I know that you are a virile young man who needs to get his cock into a woman as soon as he can so I have a little proposition for you if you are interested?” She said as her robe slipped off her shoulders revealing her gorgeous tits to Trent’s gaze.

“Yes ma’am I might be interested!” He groaned as she worked her hand inside of his pants and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

“I am willing to be a sort of replacement for my daughter until such a time when you two possibly get married and she can give you her virginity properly. Until then you can stick your cock inside of my pussy and ass! What do you say?” She moaned as she felt his large cock throb angrily.

His cock had to be at least 8 inches long and very thick. Mary was definitely impressed by the size and was now actually looking forward to feeling it inside her holes.

She pushed her tits out towards Trent and said “How about it stud? What we do here today and going forward will be just between us. Patty doesn’t ever need to know. You can still get her off with your fingers or mouth but you can never stick your cock inside of her pussy or ass! Do we have a deal?”

“Yes ma’am we definitely have a deal!” He groaned as he reached out and grabbed a handful of her massive tits.

“Good boy! How about you start with taking off your clothes and letting me see that magnificent cock you are hiding!” She moaned as she dropped her robe to the floor and dropped down to her knees.

Trent quickly stripped off his clothes and stood up with his 8 inches proudly standing at attention in front of Mary’s face. She moaned out loud as she pulled the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the fat purple head collecting the large glob of pre cum that had formed at the slit.

Trent grunted as he felt her hand grip the base and her hot wet mouth sliding down the shaft until it bumped the back of her throat. She pulled her mouth off of his cock with an audible pop and she moaned as she licked down one side and up the other side. She flicked her tongue across the bottom of the pulsing head.

Trent’s legs almost buckled under as Mary expertly sucked on his cock. Patty had made a small attempt to suck his cock but Mary was the real deal. He gripped the table as Mary drew his cock back into her mouth and slid it down her throat. Trent grunted as his cock exploded inside her throat.

Mary swallowed around the shaft as she milked his balls and sucked hard to drain his cum. Afterwards he had to sit down quickly before he fell backwards. Mary stood up and sat down on the table and spread her legs open revealing her soaking wet pussy to his face.

She grabbed his head and pulled it up against her pussy.

“EAT MY PUSSY GOOD YOUNG MAN!” She commanded as he started licking with a hunger only a young man could muster.

Mary was impressed by her young lover’s pussy eating skills. He was much better than she had ever imagined. She was soon cumming all over his face. She was surprised by his tongue inside her asshole. She definitely hadn’t given him the respect that he deserves. She gripped his head and held on as he continued to assault her pussy with his mouth and tongue.

Suddenly he stood up and grabbed Mary and spun her around and bent her over the table. She gasped loudly as she felt herself being spread open by his cock as he began to work it into her hot wet pussy.


Trent grabbed her hips and began to pound his cock into her tight pussy from behind. Their bodies slapping together loudly filling the room with the sounds of animalistic sex and the smells of passion.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Trent moaned as she worked her tight pussy muscles around the shaft.

Since he had already cum once, he wasn’t so quick to cum now and she was enjoying the way he was pouring his cock into her spasmodic pussy. She was cumming again all over his cock. Her juices were dripping off his balls and running down her inner thighs.

Suddenly she felt his thumb push into her tight little asshole. She grunted as she felt herself forcing herself onto his cock and thumb. This kid was way more advanced than she had thought. She began to wonder if she was already too late.

“Trent I have to know right now or I will stop this immediately. You best tell me the truth. Have you ever fucked Patty?” She asked looking back at him.

“NO MA’AM I HAVE NEVER FUCKED PATTY! I PROMISE YOU THAT I HAVEN’T!” He groaned as she worked her tight pussy up and down his shaft.

“Then fuck me like a whore and use my holes instead of her’s!” She groaned as her body shuddered from another orgasm.

Trent doubled his efforts in fucking Mary. He reached up under her and grabbed a double handful of her tits and used them as handles as he continued to jackhammer her pussy from behind.

“OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING!” He yelled as his cock throbbed angrily inside her milking pussy.

She felt his warm cum splashing her insides as she felt herself orgasm again. Trent was literally standing on his tip toes as his cock spewed his cum into his girlfriend’s mother’s pussy. After he had finished filling her pussy, his partially deflated cock slipped from her quaking pussy and his cum plopped onto the kitchen floor.

Mary quickly spun around and dropped down onto her knees taking his cock into her mouth as she sucked their combined juices off his shaft.

Trent watched mesmerized by her amazing skills. Afterwards she stood up and kissed Trent deeply.

“From now on when you get to the point that you feel the need to stick that cock inside a pussy or ass you remember our deal!” She said as she wrapped her hand around his deflated cock and squeezed slightly.

“Yes ma’am!” Trent replied.

“By the way please call me Mary from now on!” She said.

“You got it Mary!” Trent replied as he pushed his face between her tits.

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