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Raping Alice – Part 1

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Trevor watches young Alice from his window every night and dreams of fucking her. One night he can’t take it anymore and breaks into her apartment.

The first time Trevor saw Alice, she was taking out the trash and he was watching her from his window. It was a hot August night, her cotton tank top and tiny shorts were sticking to her sweaty skin. Her narrow waste and her perfect long olive legs made him hard instantly. When he wacthed her tight ass as she bent over to lift the trash bags, he was overwhelmed by the need to be inside her. He listened closely to her talking on the phone: “Yes mum, I told you I already had dinner, you don’t need to worry so much. I know it’s the first time I’m living on my own, but I’m eighteen now. I can take care of myself. plus, this is a really safe neighbourhood.”

Her voice was thin and light, she sounded so innocent. He imagined her moaning his name.

That night he stayed up until very late, fantasizing about fucking her hard and deep. He pictured her hot little body under him, whimpering and moaning. Was she a virgin? He imagined sinking into her tight heat… his cock was rock hard. He took it out and started stroking himself, imagining that be was pumping deep into her young pussy. He came harder than he had in a long time.

The next days he watched her and asked around about her – she was a college student, she’d moved from another state. How lucky was he that she had moved right next to him. He jerked off to her all the time, in the shower, in his bed, everywhere… each time imagining that he was having her. He couldnt take it anymore. She always walked around in her provoking little shorts, taunting him.

He thought about making a move on her, but hot young girls like her would never give a chance to an average looking, jobless thirty year old. Still he had to have her.

Her window was opposite his, so when her curtains were pulled and her light was on, he would watch her sit on her bed, or brush her hair. He would take pictures and jerk off to them later. One night, she even changed clothes with the light on and Trevor almost lost his mind.

She took off her thin tank top, and stayed with her white lace bra for half a minute until she put on the t-shirt that she probably slept in… but half a minute was enough for Trevor to take a picture, and to almost run to her apartment and take her right there and then, whether she wanted it or not.

Her round perfect breasts could not leave his mind that night. In a haze he put on his black baseball hat, grabbed his pocket knife, a condom and a few sleeping pills that he was prescribed for his insomnia. Just in case, he told himself and left his house unsure of what was to follow.

Before he knew it, he was inside her apartment building, standing in front of her door. To his surprise, he saw that she had forgotten the keys on the outside lock, and he felt like the luckiest bastard.

He entered her house as quietly as he could, his heart was racing with anticipation. Was he really doing this?

He heard water running and her sweet voice humming some melody. Christ, she was having a shower. The mental image of her wet naked body made his cock stretch against the zipper of his jeans.

He stepped into her bedroom and took a deep breath, savoring her scent that coevered everything. The first drawer he opened was filled with lingerie. “Fuck” he murmured and took a light blue thong in his hand. He brought it to his nose and sniffed deep, feeling his cock getting harder.

He couldnt resist. He took his dick out and started stroking himself with her underwear. He came in two minutes, his white cream squirting all over her lingerie.

The bedroon door opened, and Alice stepped in with a white towel wrapped around her slim body, her long hair wet hanging over her shoulder.

When she saw him, grinding his dick against her underwear, she screamed with terror. Very quickly, he got to her and slammed his hand over her mouth to shush her. He backed her onto the wall and took out his knife, pressing it to her neck.

“Shut up or I will cut you.” he warned and her sexy hazel eyes filled with tears. Fuck, he was touching her. After weeks of fantasizing about her, he was actually touching her. He hovered over her sniffing her hair- she smelled amazing.

He could do whatever he wanted with her.

The hand that was still on her mouth moved downwards, caressing her slick arms and ended up on her smooth thighs. He reached under the towel and she flinched trying to push him away. “No!” she yelled and he pressed the knife harder on her neck.

“I said shut the fuck up.” he growled and she kept wheeping quitetly. His hand reached between her legs and when his fingers touched her pussy lips, he moaned and started grinding his cock against her towel. He rubbed her clit with circular motions and she cried harder. He started kissing her neck, biting and sucking the soft skin, wanting to mark her everywhere. He felt like he could eat her.

“I’ve wanted you for so long baby…” he murmured between short breaths and slipped a finger inside her. She squirmed with what he guessed was pain. Fuck, she was definitely a virgin. He fucked her slowly with his finger, while grinding against her towel faster and faster. He picked up his pace until last second he violently pulled the towel open and exploded on her gorgeous flat stomach.

Shit, he had come two times in ten minutes and he was so ready for more. She would be the death of him.

He dragged her and threw her to the bed. She hugged her knees and frantically tried to cover her nakedness with the sheets. Trevor yanked the sheets away from her. He pulled her ankles hard making her lie on her back and then came on top of her. She cried and struggled trying to push him off, hitting him with her small fists wherever she could.

He slapped her hard across the face and that made her freeze with shock and pain. Her cheek was instantly red.

“Please…. Please let me go… I wont tell anyone!” she begged and sobbed desperately.

“Shh… The less you struggle the less this is gonna hurt.”

“No, please no…” she shook her head panicked.

His knee moved between her legs despite her efforts to keep them closed. He settled his weight on top of her, his hands running over her delicious body. He kissed her plump lips, forcing his tongue into her sweet mouth. Then he licked a path from her neck to her the alley between her perky breasts. He squeezed the left one and started sucking the right.

His free hand moved to her pussy and started finger fucking her again, in hopes of opening her up a bit. “Fuck… you taste so good Alice. Better than I ever imagined.” he groaned. “It’s your first time isnt it?” he asked but all she did was sob and beg him to stop. He grabbed her neck and choked her hard. “When I ask someting, you fucking answer.” he yelled and held on to her for a few seconds. When he released she coughed and gasped for oxygen.

“Y-yes.” she whispered.

“Christ. You’re so perfect.” He rubbed his cock on her stomach and pused his fingers inside her harder and deeper.

He leaned back and grabbed the condom from his back pocket. He quickly opened it, put it over his large erect cock and lowered his jeans right under his ass. Alice’s expression filled with terror and despair.

Despite all the fingering she still wasnt wet, so he spit in his fist and then stroked his hard aching dick. “I’m going to make you a woman Alice.” he said and reaching between them he guided his shaft to her opening. When his head touched her heat he thought he died and went in heaven.

She closed her eyes and turned her face away. “Look at me.” he ordered and grabbed her face with one hand, forcing her to make eye contact. He wanted her to see the look of endless pleasure on his face while he popped her cherry.

Staring at her right in the eyes then, he started to push inside slowly, inch by inch. He wanted them both to feel every second of it. Her tight vegina hugged him, and he could feel every lump, every delicious centimeter of her hot walls stretching tight against him. Alice was crying hysterically now.

When he met resistence he pushed hader, never breaking eye contact, until a moan of pain escaped her and they both knew: he had just taken her virginity.

He filled her completely, and nothing had ever felt as good. “Fuck Alice… Fuck. You are so fucking tight. Hold still.” he moaned in agonizing pleasure and stayed still isnide her, giving her a few seconds to adjust. They were both breathing heavily. Alice was still sobbing but she wasnt telling him to stop anymore. Perhaps she had finally accepted her fate.

And then he fucked her.

He started to slide out and back in again, very very slowly. His thick cock slipped in and out of her, fitting like a puzzle piece. He thought that her body was made for him to fuck her and enjoy until his last breath. “Fuck… shit… you feel so good… so good….” he groaned while she sobbed harder and harder. He violated her mouth, shoving his toung inside in sync with the movements of his cock, as he thrust inside her tight heat again and again.

He grabbed her tits squeezing hard, and he kissed her neck, biting her skin, filling her with more marks. He thought he might be a lttle slow and gentle since it was her first time, but that plan soon went out the window. She just felt too good.

He picked up his pace and his hands moved to her ass cheeks. He squeezed hard and lifted her off the matress a little to achieve a deeper angle. Alice cried in pain between sobs, as he plumped into her harder and harder, the sound of his balls slapping against her ass filling the room. He was fucking her like an animal, taking out all his frustration and desire that he was holding in all these weeks. “Fuck Alice baby, I’m coming.” he moaned slamming inside her harder than ever. He pulled her hair and forced another violent kiss on her. With one final thrust he groaned loudly and exploded inside the condom. He let his full weight crush her, too spent to do otherwise.

“Please… I can’t breathe…” she protested but he ignored her. He laid exhausted with his cock still buried deep inside her, recovering from the most intense orgasm of his life.

When his cock grew soft again, he pulled out swiftly and heard her whimper in pain. “You did so good baby. You’re a natural.” he said, as he took off the condom and saw some blood on the tip. He pulled his pants back up and hopped off the bed, buttoning himself up. Then he watched her for a second, pulling her thighs together, crying on the pillow, her slick white skin filled with hickeys and small bruises in places where he bit her or grabbed her too tight. She looked ravished and fucked good. She looked like she was his, to do with what he pleased. He couldnt let that go.

He pulled out his pocket knife again. “Get dressed.” he instructed and with trembling limbs she followed. “Underwear first” he said when she grabbed a tshirt. Watching ber slide on her lace bra again, he felt his dick already asking for a round two. “Christ…”he murmured. “Open your mouth” he ordered when she was done, pointing the knife towards her. Terrified she parted her lips, and Trevor shoved a sleeping pill deep inside, touching her throat. She protested and gagged. He slammed her mouth closed with his hand. “Swallow or I will rape your ass.” he threatened and she obbeyed with fresh tears running down her face.

When he let her go she fell back on the matress crying and burying her face on the pillow. He knew that pill took some time to act and he was already hard again, so what better than a quick round two?

He threw himself on top of her while she laid on her stomach. She protested a little but she was already weak from the pill, wich made everything easier.

He slipped down her shorts and her panties, revealing her tight perky ass. Problem was he didn’t have another condom. But like hell this would stop him right now. He unbuttoned himself and his dick sprang out hard and ready. He slipped it in easily this time and the feeling of going bare inside her made everything oh so much better. He moaned loud while he thrust deep into her tight pussy. She moaned too and whimpered in her almost sleepy state, making the sexiest sounds ever. He grabbed her hair pulling her head back while he slammed harder and harder inside her, kissing her neck and her hot mouth. He sneaked his hand under her and rubbed her clit. She started moaning louder, her body clearly betraying her. “You’re enjoying this, arent you? I knew you were a little slut!” he groaned and leaned back watching his dick disappear inside her with force. He couldnt believe he was actually inside this gorgeous girl. He was one lucky bastard.
When he was about to come he pulled out quickly and blew his load on her tight ass cheeks, staining a bit of her shirt with his sperm. “Ugn… that was so good.” he said to himself as she was completely out at that point.

After he adjusted his outfit and hers. He took her in his arms and left the building. It was a dark and quiet neighbourhood, but still he was careful and checked around him multiple times, but there was no one around.

He took her to his car and laid her on the back seat. He wanted a place where he could have her all to himself, without worrying about neighbors noticing or her escaping, and his small apartment wouldnt do.

The only good thing that he had inherited from his dead parents, was a small beach house, in the middle of nowehere. He thought it was perfect.

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