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Training young Valerie #3

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After being raped in her home two nights in a row, afraid Valerie confides in me about her fears and begs me to let her stay till her mom is home.

My training of Valerie was working as planned. During the last 2 months her sexual curiosity was fueled by letting her catch me in the act of fucking my wife Kath. Val had been working for my wife at helping with the house chores and we had let her have her own key to the house to just let herself in. She caught us twice and stayed out of sight catching the whole show. Then numerous times I left the bath door open while showering giving her a good look at a 9 inch erection. Valerie was a shy little girl with and big crush on me. She would come over quite often when Kath was gone to do chores or just hang around. A while back when Kath was gone Val came over letting herself in. I had knew she would be coming so I hopped into the shower and turned it on. I could see Val’s shadow and I hopped out letting her see me in full view. Val just stood there with her mouth open unable to say a thing. I grabbed a towel and wrapped around my waist . I slowly walked towards her while she backed up to the wall. Her face was now real red from what she saw. She choked out a sorry wanting to shrink out of my sight . As I closed on her pressing my body against hers , she tried to wiggle away. I chased her down the hall catching her before my bed room. I scooped her up carrying her to my bed and tossed her down upon it. Shocked at what I was doing all sprawled about, I pinned her against the mattress with her legs spread and my body between them. Valerie nervous as I told her that she should be real careful not to tease a man . I let her up and she was very quiet as she cleaned. That when I came up with my plan for her.
Valerie was settled in the extra bed room . I looked in on her as I went by in the hall. She again thanked me for letting her stay here with me, I made her feel safe tonight. I told her good night and would see her in the morning, then headed to bed. I slipped off my robe , turned off the light and crawled in to my bed. It was not long until Val was at my door , she could not sleep, all she could think about was what had happened to her. She asked if she could crawl in next to me and talk. I said it was not a very good idea but I understood and would let her. Valerie had one of my t-shirts on for a night gown, she was a small girl so it almost hung down to her knees. She crawled in next to me, I could feel the hot skin of her leg as it touch against mine. We talked , Val let her feelings out . She was so embarrassed about how her body reacted as this guy took what he wanted. At first it hurt so bad and then it became so enjoyable that she did not want it to stop. How could she feel this way , she was ashamed at how her body reacted to all these sexual feelings . Val started too cry , moving closer she laid her head on my chest and gripped my hand. I felt that this was going faster than I had thought it could. Little Valerie had developed strong sexual urges that would soon control her body. She felt safe in my arms and the right touches could cause the reactions that I was looking for.
Val turned over on her side away from me then scooted her butt up against my side . I turn towards her and wrapped my arm around her tiny waist. She scooted tight up against me unaware that my cock was starting to get hard. I undid the buttons on my boxers letting my cock out. It soon became erect and was starting to press against her butt. Valerie’s t-shirt had climbed up , I could feel the heat of her ass cheek as my cocks head brushed against it . Val reached back and touched it . She took her hand away then slipped back again and felt its size and length. I turn Val over onto her back while she still had a hold. Looking into her glassy dark eyes I asked if I could remove the shirt. Val said OK,
I kicked the covers back and sat up taking a hold of the hem and pulled the shirt up over her head then tossed it. Being self conscious of her breasts small size she covered them with her hands. I moved them away then bent over them sucking both of her dark nipples gently. Valerie moaned softly as my mouth began to excite her . I ran my hand down her flat tummy ,then continued as my fingers traced the silky material of her thongs she was wearing . I am going to take your thong off ,OK Val ? She was breathing hard and then said OK. I hooked the waist band of her thong then tugged them down , Val lifted her butt so that they easily whisk free. I ran my hand down between her legs, she had such a hard high mound , her clit was already erect and hard. I spread her legs apart and went down on her. Val grabbed my hair pulling it as my mouth planted itself on her hot vagina. She started to twist and turn as my tongue and finger went inside her . She let out cries as she started to experience her first of many organicism’s Fuck, fuck, Val cries out , then quickly covers her mouth with both hands. Both of her little legs are shaking and spasming. Her hands grip my hair pulling while she is twisting about uncontrollably . All her shy little girl emotions flood away as I make her mine . I raise her up taking both of her legs up to my chest. Then arranging my cock at her vaginas wet entrance I looked deep into her eyes. I am going to put my cock in you is that Ok Val/ Yes ok . I pushed and the thickness of my cock started to stretch her wide, Oh god ,Oh god Oh Val’s groans out of her mouth. I slowly sank in, I rubbed her hard clit making her wetter. She panted and swore as my cock penetrated further. She reached up wrapping her arms around my neck and clamping her mouth against mine. Valerie cunt was on fire and I started plunging hard into her little body. Her legs went to to spasms shaking hard against my body . I started fucking her harder and harder and the head of my cock hit her cervix . Val let out cries as she had climax after climax. I could feel the hot fluids running out as I thrusted. Valerie was out of control, she was no longer the poor little girl that was so badly taken advantage of the last two nights. Valerie twisted and turned about, moaning and crying as her own come sprayed out as my cock thrusted in. I looked at her and then told her that I was going to come and my sperm would fill up her pussy , was that Ok . Valerie was panting as she looked at me . I felt her spasm in side and I started to come myself spraying thick cream way up into her womb. I jerked back and forth until more squirts bathed Val’s insides . I finally collapsed down on Val crushing her little girl body tight against the bed. All the while my thick hot sperm drained from my balls into that tight contracting vagina of hers. I rolled off of her shortly and then the two of us cuddled up together and slept until morning. There would be lots of little girl question tomorrow morning which I was sure of .

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  • Reply 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

    I think he got found out and arrested lol

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    So heiß Ich würde so gerne meinen Schwanz in die geilen Löcher von Val schieben und sie ficken und mit meinem Sperma füllen

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed her

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    That was a great story . I hope there are more to come on you and young Val fucking