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Round 2

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she could see at least 2 threesomes tonight and a possible long night of one on one fucking
Well the 3 of them definitely was not in a hurry to leave willing pussy just yet, in any way of getting it. So out came the phones calling their wife’s. Maggie stood up and told them that its a beautiful day as she put her robe on. They all looked at her with disappointed faces. Maggie laughed telling them the party is far from over. Not closing her robe , out side she went. After pulling their boxers on Steve,Harold,Jason and I followed. Maggie heard Harold ask where I found her Maggie loudly spoke up telling him on that social media site dating thing and told him to come over to her and she would tell him all about it. As he stood there facing her talking. Maggie was stroking his cock through his shorts. She was on some soft blankets that I had put there, while they were face fucking my soon to be wife earlier in the kitchen. I heard her ask if he was ready for a nice long fuck saying that she knew it has been a while and didn’t want him to cum in her pussy or to quick for him to enjoy it Standing there with her stroking his cock, saying nothing. She switched places and sat on the bench him on the table and told she thought he needed to cum in her mouth again. And pulled his shorts off. Telling him that if his wife wouldn’t he knew where to cum. Maggie started licking his balls then all over the shaft of his cock. Swirling her tongue all around the head before starting to suck on the head as if it were a pacifier milling his cum to her mouth. Maggie started to slide her lips up and down as slow as she could up to just below the head of his cock and suck it while she ran hrr tongue around it still between her sucking lips. With each down stroke she would take a little more of his cock in her mouth then up to where her lips were on the very tip then back down. She kept inching her way to his balls. Finally her lips were greeting his balls. Continuing her slow assault on his swelling meat. I heard Harold talking, telling her how good she was and that he has never felt anything like that. And that it was thee best he had ever had. Maggie was really getting into i, moaning now as his cock slid slowly between ber lips. Harold started taking short deep breaths and trying to rell her he was going to cum. Maggie did nothing but moan as she took his cock still as slow as she could up and down. Harold said omg as he forced his hips to move up so his cock could meet her mouth. I could see that his cock was swelled with just the head between her lips you could see the shaft throb when he let the first wave loose into her mouth. Each time another wave flooded her mouth you could see his cock throbbing as maggie took big gulps. Harold let go 6 total jet streams of his seed in Maggie’s mouth. He fell back laying now on the table. Quivering and jerking at every movement she made. Completely spent taking deep breaths. Formally telling Maggie that he may trade me his wife for her. Maggie told him mo need. And that he could cum her way any time he needed relief.
Well no need saying but after watching that every one was hard and ready for round 2. So the rest of us took turns one at a time fuvking Maggie and either finishing in her mouth or cumming all over her face which she loved as much as swallowing or having a cock in her mouth.
It was starting to get dark so we all chilled naked on our patio. Maggie was teasing our cocks with dome quick soft strokes and licking kisses on our cocks. Letting us know that she wanted more. Then we heard a woman’s voice calling out my name. Shit it was Steve’s wife!!! Maggie jumped up and threw on my boxers and shirt. Telling us to go in the house quietly. With out any lights on we were able to get near a window to hear Maggie saying hello to Stacy.


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