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My life as a submissive male bitch and cuckold #3

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15-17 – finding cruising spots to strip naked for more men to fuck my mouth and ass.

There used to be quite a few public toilets dotted about Cardiff and the general area. Two of those were in the Castle grounds. I regularly found men in these. Unlike the basement toilet on Canton Bridge, these had glory-holes in them, which men would poke their cocks through to let strangers suck them off. I did this many, many times, and swallowed a great deal of spunk.

My preference however, was being naked when men used me. It was more exciting for them, and easier for them to access my body quicker. The shorter amount of time they took to cum in my mouth or ass, the sooner another man would get to fuck me. The Castle grounds were extensive, and stretched between the town and Sophia Gardens. Whether it was in the day or night, there were always a lot of men cruising looking for sex.

In daylight, I always made a point of making it obvious I was available, and men would follow me until I reached some trees or a clearing. Before they reached me, I always stripped off my clothes and stood against a tree ready for them to use in whichever way they wanted. When they finished, I would get dressed again and walk around waiting for another man to follow me. Sometimes I would have three or four men using me in the time I was there.

In the night-time I would pick a patch of ground on the river-bank next to a patch that most of the men looking for sex would walk. After stripping naked, I just lay on the ground waiting. Men would see my naked body a few feet away from the path and join me, pulling out their cocks for me to suck while they felt me up, sticking their finger into my ass. Some would cum in my mouth, some would fuck me. It was their choice; I had no say in the matter. I was there for men to use.

Most men were happy to have my underage body handed to them on a plate, but inevitably there were some who only got-off on raping people. More about some of the times my underage body was raped in part 4


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  • Reply Crossy Dilmina ID:314jhue9m9d

    Waiting for part 4

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    I very rarely cruise toilets and dogging sites now, but did a great deal in the past and have wonderful memories of cocks I’ve sucked and asses I’ve licked. I was never raped as such, though often used roughly (nice). So would love to hear your rape experiences!