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Punished by Priests

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Britney and Debbie are taken to the priest’s house by Sister Joan for punishment

The classroom was in uproar and the sound of raucous laughter could be heard along the corridor. 9th graders Britney and Debbie were entertaining a group of older boys, showing off their voluptuous bodies to much cheering and ribald comments. Hunter Peterson, renowned stud and football star had Britney on his lap. She was grinding her ass into his bulging crotch,while he dry humped her. His hand caressed her shapely thigh encased in a pair of opaque navy blue tights under her skirt as it edged closer towards her wet pussy. Her Friend Debbie was parading before a group of Hunter’s teammates. She had taken off her blazer and tie and had undone the top three buttons of her white blouse revealing her perky C cup tits that jiggled in the flimsy lace bra as she pranced before them. Their antics had made the boys extremely horny, and there was much rubbing of cocks through trousers while they took in the show.

The commotion died instantly when the door of the classroom burst open and the formidable Sister Joan stormed in and screamed at them to be silent. The nun was accompanied by Lynette, a plain flat chested girl in Britney’s class. She was smirking and had an “I told you so “ look on her face. It was obvious to all that she had gone running to the nun and brought her here. Lynette hated Britney and her friend with a fervour. She was jealous of their good looks and their popularity with the boys and was always looking for opportunities to bring them down.

Sister Joan was beside herself with rage. She told the girls to wait for her in the corridor while she took the names of all the boys. Britney and Debbie glared at Lynette who smiled back triumphantly. “You fucking little sneak!” hissed Britney “We’ll get you for this, just see if we don’t!” Before she could say any more, Sister Joan came out of the classroom and told Lynette to go and wait for her in her office. The nun turned and looked at the two girls. “I’m disgusted with the pair of you, what in God’s name do you think you were doing in there?” When she got no reply, she shouted “Well, what have you got to say for yourselves!!” Britney answered for both of them “We were just messing about Sister, you know, like,having a laugh”. “Having a laugh?!! Having a laugh were you?!!” She screamed “The pair of you were behaving like common whores!!” She told them to straighten themselves up and marched them off down the corridor. They had expected to be taken to the principal’s office but the nun kept going, out of the school, and a hundred yards down the road, to a house attached to St Mary’s Church.

The girls looked at each other in puzzlement and Debbie said “Why are we here Sister Joan?” ‘You’re here to be punished girl, that’s why you’re here!” and she pushed them roughly inside. She told them to wait in the hallway and went into a nearby room. While they waited the girls speculated on what their punishment might be and how they were going to repay Lynette back for her treachery. After what seemed like an age, the nun opened the door and beckoned them inside. They were ushered into a largish room, with an old fashioned leather topped desk at the far end, two armchairs and a red velour covered couch, where two priests, a large heavy set black man, and a smaller Latino, were seated in front of a low glass topped table. The air was heady with smell of alcohol from the half empty bottle of scotch and three glasses, one of them empty, that stood on the table.

Sister Joan addressed the two priests, “Father Frank, Father Emanuel, these are the girls I told you about”. “Thank you Sister Joan” replied the black priest in a deep bass growl “we’re both very grateful to you for bringing this matter to our attention, are we not Father Emanuel? he said looking at his companion, who stared intensely at the two young girls. It was several seconds before he replied “Yes, Yes of course, very grateful. Thank you Sister Joan’. “Well, if that’s all Fathers, I will leave these girls in your very capable hands” and she smiled as she said it “and will come back for them later”. “Yes’ said Father Frank ‘say in two hours?’ and he looked at the other priest who nodded, his gaze still fixed on the girls. With that the nun left and as she closed the door she had a very satisfied look on her face.

Britney and Debbie stood in front of the priests for several minutes unsure of what to say or do. Father Frank poured a drink for himself and his colleagues, and the two sipped their drinks in silence, staring at the girls. Finally, Father Frank spoke “You know why you were brought here?” The girls nodded. “Sister Joan told us you were using your bodies to entice innocent young boys down the path of licentiousness.” Britney nearly laughed at that as she thought that Hunter Peterson hadn’t been ‘innocent’ since he was 8 years old! Thinking of nothing better to say, both girls said they were sorry and wouldn’t do it again. “But we were told, that this was not the first time!” he boomed. “Sister Joan said that your behaviour in school is akin to that of harlots, that you revel in showing off your bodies to tempt the boys and male teachers!” Britney and Debbie looked at each other unsure how to reply, after all, it was true. The priest tossed back his drink and turning to Father Emanuel said “I think It would be best Father if we were not disturbed” and glanced meaningfully at the door. Father Emanuel got up, walked over to the door, locked it and returned to his place on the couch. Debbie couldn’t be certain but it looked as if the little Latino priest had a boner.

“Now to your punishment” began Father Frank. “When I was ten years old” he continued, “my father caught me smoking, and to cure me of that filthy habit, he made me smoke the whole pack. Well after the first five cigarettes I was puking my guts up, but my father wouldn’t let me stop until that pack was finished. You know what? It worked and I never smoked another cigarette since, and that’s how we will cure you two”. The girls didn’t understand, “what the fuck was he talking about?” they thought. All was soon made very clear when Father Frank stood up, lowered the zip on his trousers and pulled out a large thick erect cock. Still sitting, the other priest did the same while the girls stood in stunned surprise.

The big priest pounced, grabbing hold of both girls. They screamed and struggled but he held them firmly in his strong hands. He pushed Debbie towards the couch where Father Emanuel was waiting, and knocked Britney to her knees in front him and forced his cock into her mouth, making her take the entire 8 inches. Her eyes bulged and she gagged as it went down her throat. She was an experienced cock sucker, but had never taken one so big. He held her head in both hands as if he was bestowing a blessing on her, and began thrusting his cock in and out. She couldn’t cry out and the only sound she made was a Gluck!, Gluck!, Gluck! as he face fucked her.

Debbie was grappling with Father Emanuel on the couch screaming at him to leave her alone. He had pulled off her blazer and had her face up on the couch. He straddled her and held her arms above her head with one hand, while his other was under her navy blue skirt, tugging furiously at her tights. He was surprisingly strong, but she fought him hard until he slapped her several times and she stopped struggling, allowing him to remove her tights and a g-string thong. He pushed her skirt up above her waist and looked lustfully at her shaved cunt. He slipped two fingers into her and rubbed her until he felt her juices flowing. She was crying and begging for him to stop, but she meekly obeyed when he told her to spread her legs, for fear of another slapping . He stood before her and stripped. For a small man he was well endowed with a 7 inch cock that proudly stuck out from its nest of curly black hair. He bent over her and undid the buttons on her blouse and freed her tits from the bra, his hard cock rubbing over her flat stomach as he did so.

Father Frank withdrew his cock, dripping with saliva. Britney knelt before him gasping and coughing, grateful to be able to breathe freely again. The big priest dragged her to her feet, her eyes streaming tears,and made her take off her blazer and white blouse. She stood before him in her navy blue skirt and tights, her full D cup tits still encased in a white lace half bra that barely concealed her pebble sized nipples. She was a tall girl for her age at 5 foot 7 inches and in her 3 inch heels she would been the equal in height to a lot of men. However, before the giant black priest she felt like a little girl. He pushed her towards the desk and lifted her on to it as if she were a feather. Britney dared not struggle because she knew that one slap from his huge hand would hurt her badly. He pulled her bra down and squeezed and fondled her large supple tits. She squealed in pain as he massaged them roughly, pinching and squeezing the nipples between his fingers. She begged for him to stop, insisting that she had learned her lesson. He roared with laughter saying “But the lesson has only just started, you still have so much to learn!”. With that, he pushed her down on the desk and her head hit the leather covered surface with a crack that temporarily stunned her. As she lay there, she heard Debbie’s muffled screams as she was fucked by Father Emanuel.

Debbie was having trouble breathing properly due to her mouth being filled with her own tights, put there by the priest to stifle her cries when he started fucking her. He slobbered over her tits as he thrust his cock in and out of her, and she could smell the whiskey on his breath. The young blonde was scared, as this was something she had not experienced before. It wasn’t the fucking that scared her, as despite her tender years she had had plenty of cock, including that most recently of her Math teacher Mr Adams. No, what scared her was not being in control of the situation and being totally at mercy of the two priests. After several minutes hard pounding, Father Emanuel pulled out of her, still hard, and dragged Debbie to her feet. He pushed her over the arm of the couch and she felt his fingers probing her ass hole. “No! No! No!” she screamed through her gag “Not my ass!! Please Nooooo!” The priest spat into his hand and lubricated his cock, before the placing the bulbous head against her puckered hole. This was the bit he enjoyed the most. He could feel her terror, and waited, savouring the moment before pushing his cock slowly into her ass hole. She reared up like a bronco, but he easily held her down and he started building up a rhythm, slowly at first, then faster as her rectum became more slippery. The priest hummed a tune as he sodomised Debbie, who sobbed and groaned through her gag.

Father Frank, in his eagerness to fuck Britney pushed her skirt up and forced her long shapely legs apart. He gripped the gusset of her tights in both hands and ripped a hole in them revealing her smooth shaved pussy. “OHH!” she yelped as she heard the material rip. The priest lifted her legs, placing one on each shoulder and forced his cock into her. Britney screamed as she felt the thick 8 inch cock squeeze itself past her labia and into her tight orifice. Her scream seemed to delight the black priest and he grinned as he began to pile drive fuck her. With each thrust his heavy ball sac slapped against her nylon covered ass with a resounding smacking sound causing Britney to cry out in pain. As she lay on the desk the only thing she could see was Father Frank through her upraised legs, his face set in an expression of alcohol fuelled lust, eyes devoid of any pity as he pounded her relentlessly. As her legs rocked back and forth, the light caught on her gold ankle bracelet causing it to flash in time with each thrust. She felt him quicken his pace and knew that he was close to orgasm. “Please, Father” she begged “don’t cum in me, I’ve stopped taking the pill”. If the priest heard her, he gave no indication and seconds later Britney felt him shudder. “UUUUUUUUUUUUU GHGHG! he grunted as he shot his creamy seed deep within her. After several more thrusts he withdrew his now flaccid cock and pulled Britney up so that she was sitting on the edge of the desk, causing the priest’s cum to dribble down her tights.

Father Emanuel had finished with Debbie’s ass. He removed the the gag from her mouth and used it to wipe his cock that was covered in a mixture of shit, cum and blood. Debbie lay still bent over the arm of the couch sobbing uncontrollably. Father Frank pulled Britney off the desk and made her strip off her skirt and tights and guided her to the couch. He poured himself another drink and took a deep swallow and said “I think it’s time you girls repaid us with some entertainment “ and with that gave Debbie’s bare and abused ass a mighty slap with his hand, causing her to leap up, howling in pain. “Father Emanuel and I would like to see you perform together” he said and pushed Debbie towards her friend. The terrified girls stood naked and shivering before the priests, who were now sitting on the couch, drinks in hand while they waited for the show to start. The two friends hugged each other crying. Britney whispered to her friend “It will be all right Debs, we just have to do what they want and we can get out of here. Stay strong Babe”

The priests started getting impatient and Father Frank shouted at them “ I said we wanted to be entertained! “ and with that the girls began kissing and caressing one another passionately. Britney and Debbie had long enjoyed each other’s bodies and their performance was no act. They were soon so carried away, that they almost forgot where they were, and it was clear that it was having an effect on their captors, who were both breathing hard and massaging their hardening cocks. With their cocks once again fully erect Father Frank told them to stop and beckoned for Britney to join him on the couch. He had spread his large thighs and his thick cock stood proudly between them. He held Britney’s waist and lifted her on to his lap and slid his cock back into her cum filled cunt and began bouncing her up and down, rubbing his mouth against her tits as he did so. Debbie was forced to her knees and took the other priest’s cock in her mouth and gave him her best blow job in the hope of making him cum quickly. However, Father Emanuel had no intention of finishing in her mouth, he had other plans.

After about 5 minutes he pulled out and joined Father Frank and Britney leaving Debbie kneeling on the floor as if in prayer. The small Latino positioned himself behind Britney, grabbed hold of her ponytail and shoved his cock into her asshole. Britney screamed in agony as Father Emanuel’s cock penetrated her. ‘AAHHAasaaaaaaaaaa, please stop, you’re hurting me!! she cried. The priests ignored her pleas and she was rocked backwards and forwards as they fucked both of her holes. Debbie watched in terrified silence as her friend endured a forced double penetration, knowing that she was likely to be next. However, their ordeal came to an abrupt end by a loud knocking on the door followed by the voice of Sister Joan. “Fathers, I’ve come for the girls”. The sound of the nun’s voice caused Debbie to fall to the floor sobbing with relief. Both of the priests were close to cumming and Father Frank breathlessly replied “Ah! Ah! With you in a few minutes Sister” and they increased the pace while Britney moaned softly, praying for it to end.

Father Frank came first, and Britney’s cunt received its second dose of his cum. Father Emanuel lasted a little longer but eventually emptied his balls into Britney’s ass, gasping for breath as he did so. Britney climbed painfully off the priest’s lap and ran over to her friend and the two embraced crying pitifully. Father Frank ambled over to the door, his now flaccid cock swinging as he walked, dripping droplets of cum. He unlocked the door allowing the nun to enter. She looked at the two girls huddled on the floor and said “I would say that they have been suitably punished Fathers”. “Yes indeed Sister Joan, they have learned their lesson and you should have no more trouble from them. But of course, if you do, you know where we are”. The nun noticed the girls shuddering as he said that.

The girls gathered their clothing and Sister Joan took them upstairs to the bathroom where she watched them shower thoroughly. She kept their soiled underwear and gave them each a new pair of tights. Thoroughly chastened, the girls walked painfully back to the school. The one thought uppermost in Britney’s mind was getting back at that bitch Lynette.


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  • Reply Spunky ID:xblp958m

    Hi Elizabeth. It was fairly obvious to me that you were getting off describing the double rape. It will make a great story and I can’t wait to read it. I only started writing stories a couple of months ago and only on this site. I would be grateful to know what you think of the others. Apart from the Britney stories I have the “Classroom gang rape” and the “ Brief Encounter “ series. I should add that Britney gave me the synopsis for Punished by Priests and has been the inspiration for the other Britney stories.

  • Reply Spunky ID:xblp958m

    Thanks for that insightful feedback. I personally think it’s my best story and I am glad you enjoy it. By the way, your comments on ‘Flat Tyre gone wrong” were very descriptive and erotic. I actually got an erection reading the second one! I would love to read one of your stories should you choose to post one on this site. You have a great way with words.

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      I am very flattered that my comment on Flat Tire Gone Wrong gave you an erection! Truth be told, I didn’t plan on a long comment but I started and couldn’t stop. I was so wet writing it and I think that came through. I plan on posting some stories, including fleshing out that comment–I ran out of space!

      Do you post stories anywhere else?

  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    Spunky, one the most subtle yet most powerful aspects of this story is that Father Emanual never speaks. I have read it many times and his silence is the most arousing and frightening. It all comes down to how he sees her–as an object, like a piece of furniture or an inflatable sex doll, and no one speaks to such things. Very effective!!

  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    Two hours is not enough for a proper, effective punishment, but I don’t know if I would survive 20 with these two priests. Perhaps other priests are brought in to give Father Frank and Father Emanuel a break. I am sure they would live to watch their brethren rape and sodomize the girls. Surely not all the priests would be as punishing as these two. Or perhaps worse.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Hi Goodgirlquietgirl !! I am Britney and a very good friend of spunky !! I think you should come onboard with us and have stories written about the abuse and sex at the catholic schools we attended ! i rebelled at my catholic school big time and was sent to the big sister if you know what i mean .

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      BRITNEY–I would love to join you and Spunky! Thanks for the invitation! Email or Telegram?

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Sorry goodgirlquietgirl but i don’t email or telegram anyone , me and spunky communicate through th comment section of TRICK OR TREAT BRITNEY !! that’s our secret place to talk and your wecomed to go there and comment, Britney

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      BRITNEY–That’s perfectly fine. See you there!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Spunky is in england and i’m in the U.S.A. so there is a 5 hour difference for me and spunky to talk and once you start you will get use to it honey !! you should try to write a story and post it so i can read what naughty things you did .

  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    I am trembling from cumming so hard after reading that. I feel like a limp rag. Spunky–you GET IT. You understand what a girl with a severe priest kink NEEDS.

    I was raised Catholic in a very strict home. I attended Catholic school from 1st grade through college graduation. Every day I went to class in a uniform with a plaid skirt and knee high socks, even in my private college.

    I was taught by nuns, trained in my duties and what was expected from me by nuns and priests. My misdeeds were punished, but never to the extent depicted in your story.

    Spunky, it’s as if you read my mind, putting down in print the fantasies I have kept to myself, how the nuns and priests SHOULD have punished me. How I NEEDED to be corrected.

    Who knows, maybe if they had my behavior would have been corrected and I would have been better behaved… or I would have not stopped, knowing what awaited me in those rooms at the convent and especially the rectory.

    You have a new fan in me. I can’t wait to read your other stories.

    • Spunky ID:1fuvflep49d

      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Please read my other stories by clicking on my name.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2


  • Reply Chant ID:2veeobr4mq

    Loving the convo in the commey!
    I love this piece though. Priests work hard and deserve delicious rewards like this. They’re still working and disciplining while they’re enjoying! Good men! They should be getting 20 hours, not two!

    • GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

      I replied to you, but it posted separately. Look above.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Spunky you are so fresh ! me having my large tits spilling out of my button down shirt and my long brown tresses of my hair slightly touching and covering my supple nipples makes me so ! so ! horny ! my spunky ! Spunky did i tell you about the time that when i was on a very crowded train coming home from school with my boyfriend at the time ! he fucked me standing up while he’s behind me ! i hope you write a story on that because it will be very hot and sexy for you and the readers ! well i gotta go take a bubble bath and go to bed honey talk to you tomorrow ! Britney

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I’m so glad to have helped my spunky and to relieve your sexual impulses ! Spunky i just got a invitation to my catholic high school reunion and i want to know from you what should i wear , should i dress up as the very tempting bad girl or just wear casual clothes ! be specific on what you want me to wear ! well now i’m going to the gym for my work out and i’m wearing my black nikey leggings and black sports bra that my tits kind of spills out of them and my white high top sneakers. so no garters or nylons today my love but i will break some hearts at the gym ! I ‘ll check in later and thanks for not fucking my ass and i know it’s tempting. i had many guys try by rubbing their cocks up against my dress and leggings over the years ! your Britney !

    • Spunky ID:8bvvy07d9c

      Definitely go as as bad girl! I think a slutty schoolgirl would be ideal. Put on a white quarter cup lace bra with matching crotchless panties and suspender belt. A pair of your cervine stockings, a white shirt, a size small so your tits are nearly bursting out and a short black pleated skirt showing your sticking tops . And of course you must wear your 4 inch stilettos and your gold anklet. Make sure the top three button of the shirt are undone to give everyone a good look at your tits. Don’t forget to wear your tie loosely. I think you will find that outfit will get you a lot of attention as well as a plenty of eager guys wanting to fuck you. Pity I won’t be there because I would make sure that you chose my cock over the others, unless of course you fancied a gang bang – now that would be fun!!!

  • Reply Spunky ID:59plfoym0

    Brit your ass is safe with me. I would never fuck it if you didn’t want me to. Glad that I made you horny because it got me hard as I imagined you in your suspender belt and nylons with your legs spread wide as I pumped my cock unto your shaved pussy while I massaged your big tits. The thought of you screaming as you orgasm nearly made me cum. Your one hot horny woman Brit.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Oh my spunky ! It seems i have brought out your primal alpha male lusts ! I see that you also have a huge hard on for Jan Stien so do you think you can take the two of us on at the same time my horny spunky ! do you know how hot you made me when you said how you will fuck me but please spunky ! my ass is off limits ! i still have my what you guys call ass cherry ! If your the gentleman that i know you are, you will respect me ! my primal beast ! your Britney !!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Hi spunky i just got home from work . go to youtube and put in search bar ladies wearing 12 and 14 strap garter belts with nylon stockings and you will see what they look like on me and be careful not to jerk off when you see the ladies wearing them ! Britney !

    • Spunky ID:8bvvy07d9c

      Hi Brit
      Had a look on YouTube and had a massive boner! You should have been here to take care of it for me with one of your special blow jobs. Then I would get you on your back, spread your legs and get my head between your nylon clad thighs and lick and suck your pussy until you screamed in orgasm. By then my cock will be rock hard and I will put your legs over my shoulders and pile drive my cock into you until I shoot my load. If you can get me hard again I might fuck your ass if you want me to!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Spunky ! i am getting dressed for work right now and i would like you to know that i just put on my knew 12 strap garter belt made by Nancies intimates and my just out of the package cevine fully fashioned nylon stockins , it took me some time to hook up my stockings to all the straps ! i have on my black lacy panty and my pinstripe skirt and blazer with a white ruffled blouse and of course my 4 inch stilettos and my diamond and gold ankle bracelet on my right ankle ! Then i finished of with a few sprays of my french perfume to my stocking encased legs and a spray to the back of my neck ! Spunky my dear if you saw me i really don’t know what you would do ! do you think i dress very dangerously for work honey ! if you never seen a 12 strap garter belt go to nancies intimates and you can see what i bought and now wearing ! write you later honey i got some guys to tease ! your Britney !

    • Spunky ID:8bvvy07d9b

      If I saw you dressed like that, you would be very late for work because I would have bent you over ,pulled down your black lacy panties, lifted your pinstripe skirt and fucked you very hard from behind, before turning you round and shooting my thick creamy cum down your throat. Will have a look on nancies intimates and imagine you in their lingerie while jerking off!!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Now your really making me wet spunky ! once i have your cock in my soft hands and i get you hard. i will go down on you at the resturant table and suck you until your eyes go crosseyed and i end up with a mouth full of your spunk ! If the night is chilly i will be wearing my expensive wolford pantyhose, you will love feeling up my legs spunky with them encasing my legs ! Britney !

    • Spunky ID:8bvvy07d9b

      The thought of you filling your mouth with my rock hard cock has got me hard and I will now have to sneak off to the men’s room to Jack off!. I don’t think I would bother with the meal. I would have to get you back to my place and give all your holes a pounding until you begged me to stop!! And I can fuck for a long time!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Didn’t your mom ever tell you never keep a lady waiting ! Just to let you know i just bought a teal blue evening gown with a side slit that goes all the way up to the top of my right upper thigh, exposing my leg when i sit down with my legs crossed !! now when i’m taken to a high priced restaurant i can show off to the guys who have their wives or girlfriends there !

    • Spunky ID:2qm0j70d1

      Sorry Brit that it’s taking so long, but been really busy at work. I can’t work on the story in the office because I get hard and it’s a bit embarrassing walking about with a big bulge in the front of my pants!! Would love to see you in your new evening gown without any panties of course. I would sit besides you run my hand up your thigh under the table and finger your pussy while you sipped your champagne. I would pull down the zip on my pants and let you free my hard cock and jerk me off. I wonder who would cum first?!!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2


    • spunky ID:1db09li6ic

      Hi Brit

      I’m OK and working on a couple of stories including one about you. You will have to be patient- but it will be worth it!!!

  • Reply Can’t tell U ID:1d5x4653fqn4

    Mmm sex with priests unholy sacrilegious but so fucking exciting
    I was taken to serve willingly submissively 2yrs ago by my priest he shares me like a lamb to slaughter my naked body being used sacrificed with holy cum as I serve my new LORDS.. I’m a altarboy at his church always naked under my robe during mass going to hell cuz I’m a sinner having Unholy sex on the altar in HIS house

  • Reply Spunky ID:2muspuhb0c

    Brit, I’m thinking of an office story for you next. Having you teasing your boss by flashing your ceverin stockings and suspender belt and getting fucked hard by him and 2 of your young colleagues.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Well after all. I do work in a office building setting and i also do show off my legs and small parts of my garter straps to tease the guys. So that sounds very appropriate and nonfiction and i would like you to write it. Also what about the frenchmaid story that is your fantasy for me, are you also going to write that ! BRIT

    • Spunky ID:2muspuhb0c

      Brit, I’m definitely going to write about me fucking you in your French Maid outfit and I will also have you in crotchless tights and quarter cup bra that shows off your D cup tits. Oops I’ve just a got a boner!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I can’t wait to read what you want to do to me as your personal sexy house maid ! don’t forget my favorite louboutin 5 inch black stiletto heels !! I hope i make you hard all day just thinking about me ! maybe you should get a pair of nylon stockings and put your cock inside them. then jerk your cock off inside them thinking of me making those helpless OHH ! OH ! OH ! sounds as you pound me ! BRIT !

  • Reply Selector ID:bhsibs678j

    Britney you fucking slut. I’m going to find you very soon girl. I’m closer than you think and I know your little anus is puckering in anticipation of my 9″x3″ tool stretching you in agony. See ya soon cumdump??

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I will be waiting for you Selector !

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Spunky i don’t have the words to describe but this was a fucking awesome ! well thought out story and i loved the unexpected lynette put into the mix ! Please spunky ! don’t stop writing, i have so many stories for you to write ! please ! please! spunky !! How about in the next story you teach me a lesson for being such a bad girl, that you sodomize me against my will ! still your #1 fan Britney

    • Spunky ID:2muspuhb0c

      Hi Brit

      Glad you enjoyed the story and hope it made you cum. It was a hard one to write because your requirements were so specific. For any future stories just give me the very basic plot and leave the rest to me. I will be concentrating on part 11 of the Becky/Jan story next but I will do more Britney stories in the future.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      Thank you spunky ! I know at times i’m so demanding and i have to remember that you are doing the writing ! i am truly sorry for any trouble i caused you and i promise to be a good girl and just give you the basic plot ! and yes , after i read the story i dressed up in my old catholic uniform and went into my living room where my boyfriend was and i sat on his lap and before i knew it, he had me mounted on all fours and went to town on me until the both of us came ! He wanted to know what came over me and i said it was something i read online !! Brit !!

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    Very nice pictures.

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