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Daddy Plants a “Bun” in my 11 year old oven ;)

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When Mommy leaves it’s up to me to help on the farm, Anyway I can.

I can feel him slipping into bed with me. I’m not wearing panties, I never do anymore, why bother. I have rubbed that special lotion on my pussy that Daddy bought me. It makes my pussy taste like cherry and it feels warm when he puts his thing in me. I know I’m supposed to call it a “cock” and my little slit a “pussy”, Daddy told me I’m a big girl now, and I have to talk like one, after all I am 11.

Daddy started coming to my bed at night a few years back, soon after mommy left us to be with her new boy friend. Id wake with him licking me, I was a little scared at first, but soon, I liked it, a lot. He would wait till I was asleep then pull my panties aside. At first I thought I was having some weird wonderful dream, but when I awoke his tongue was all the way in me. It felt so good I never wanted it to stop. Girl’s love tongue, at any age.

Soon I’d lay in bed waiting for him, I didn’t sleep in the same bed with him at that time. Because sometimes he would bring women home from the bars. I would get so jealous, laying in my bed, hearing them do it. The only thing the women have on me is they have big titties, but soon I will have tits, there budding now, and I play with them all the time to make them grow.

I told daddy that I wanted to be his only girlfriend, that those women that he brings home from the bar’s don’t love him like I do. That they are just cheap sluts and only let him “do it” to them because he buy’s them drinks and stuff. He told me that those girls can do things that I cant, like some let Daddy put it in there butts. I told him I have a tight ass and with a little training he could put his thing in my butt, so today we ordered a few cute toys I’ll need to get used to it, One of the plugs are even clear glass and one is a cute pink. Daddy said the pink matches the color of my little pussy.

I soon moved to Daddies bed , he said I’m a great lay and that I’m very tight. I hope to soon be taking more than just toys up my ass. I think when that happens I’ll be allowed to join him in his big bed full time, and be his new wife.

Last week I got my first “period”. When I told daddy he got all excited, I had to look up on the internet what to do and what special girly things I needed. Now I’m hoping my tit’s start growing, right now there what Daddy calls bud’s. He also told me that now I’m allowed to hang out with boy’s and “do things” with them. He told me if I like a boy, I was to just suck him off or give him a hand job, but my little pussy was all his. I told him his was the only cock I need , when I told him that, he hugged me. We love each other so much.

We live on a farm way out in the “sticks” as daddy calls it, so there’s not a lot of boys around anyway. As far as school goes , I do that on the computer, but I really don’t even do that much anymore. Daddy says he can teach me all I need to know about life, and Daddies a real good teacher. Now I can take his whole cock in my mouth and use my tongue muscles on his big shaft to get him off…all with out even gagging. That’s something they don’t teach in school.

Another thing that happened when I became a “Women” is that daddy let me order all kinds of make-up and sexy girly things to wear. Daddy likes when I “whore-up” as he calls it. I watch online video’s on how to put make-up on and what goes with what, being a little slut is harder than I thought, but I’m learning.
I can tell that Daddies so proud of me now that I can walk in hi heels. He told me I’d be a great dancer at that club out on the County line, and that he would be in the front row shoving bill’s down my thong. He’s so supportive of me, what a great Daddy.

But being the “Women” of the house comes with a lot of responsibilities. When Daddy comes in from the fields I have dinner waiting, then as he relaxes , I do the dishes. After that I go get dressed for daddy, tonight is a crotchless, fishnet body suit with a sexy little thong over it. My baby nipples stick out thru the mesh of the body suit, and of course enough make-up to make me look like a cheap street whore, the way Daddy likes it.

I’ll go to his big reclining chair and curl up in his lap. I kiss all over him as he watch’s TV, then I’ll rub his daddy cock thru his jean’s as I ask if I can touch it. He likes for me to beg for cock, so I do. Sometimes I get on the carpet in front of his chair and stick my ass way up in the air.. begging all the while, for a good fucking, I’ll take and spread my ass cheeks to show my little slick pre-teen slit . That’s all it takes for him to get on the floor with me and take me from behind, pushing me forward on the carpet as his big daddy cock thrust into my tight hole. I know I’ll soon feel the gush of his seed in me, it always runs down my tiny legs like a fountain. After that I just lay on the rug , curled up in total bliss,feeling his load in me.

Daddy says that now that I can get pregnant we have to be more careful. He bought condom’s but I don’t like them. I wanna feel every vein and ridge that his big cock has. It completely fills my tight cunt and I don’t wanna miss any of it. Even his big mushroom head didn’t feel the same with the condom on. So now he has to pull out when he cums. He shots it all over my baby titties and face, I’m hoping the cum will make my tits grow faster.

NEWS FLASH…I didn’t get my period this month, I thought It might be because I’m new to getting it, but dad wasn’t so sure. Today he bought a pregnancy test from the Dollar Store on his way back from the feed mill. And I’m pregnant.

Daddy took it very well, he said that I would be 12 when the babies born and since we live on a farm that I could just have the baby here at home. No one would know and we will just tell everyone it’s his Sister’s kid or something. That school would be no problem , that I would just need to “lay low” the month’s I’m really showing. And because we do live on a farm we know how have babies, after all the cow’s have calf’s all the time. In his words “It’s no big deal”. He seems excited about it all, so am I.

The great thing is no more pulling out when we do it. I can take his load like I did before. We aren’t as wild when we have sex like we where before, now I’m on my back and he’s very gentle. I can see my tummy rise and fall as he fucks me, I hope my baby knows that the cock She feels is her Daddies. Yea, I call it “Her” , Daddy and I so want a Girl, I want to show her everything Daddy taught me, I want her to be just like her Mommy. I think I’ll name her Lilly

Daddy said if we have a boy, then he will show the baby what mommy likes, but he’s so excited no mater what we have. He told me that my titties will grow now and I can’t wait. He also said that 12 year old breast milk is the sweetest any man can ever taste. I hope I can make a lot for him and the baby, seems we will need extra. I guess I’ll be the newest “cow” on the farm. 😉

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