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Welcome home brother pt. 2

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My brother is home on vacation and he finally fucks me when we are suppose to be watching tv

“I missed you as well” I replied, “kids we are home, help us with our bags”! shit our parents were home me and Marshall shared a knowing look before I left the room first

“Where’s your brother”? Mom questioned as I picked up a bag and I gave her a shrug, “the bathroom probably” I said loudly in hopes he would hear “okay then he’ll your father” I nodded, and we finished carrying the groceries from the front porch to the kitchen.

My mom was in the kitchen baking the pizza in the oven and cooking some stew for dad on the stove. Marshall and I were watching TV with the covers on us. My horny brain thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try to get some more of Marshall.

I cleared my throat and when he looked at me, I placed my hand right on his crotch, watching his face pull into a knowing smirk. “Mom’s right there” he lipped to me and I just replied by rubbing him through his basketball shorts. I could already feel him getting hard for me.

Marshall readjusted himself and pulled down his shorts a little and good for me, he wasn’t wearing his boxers anymore. I was able to latch onto his cock, the feeling of it getting hard in my hand with ever stroke pleasing me.

Marshall was staring at me, I knew it, I could see from the corner of my eye. But I didn’t look at him, I kept right on watching TV and pumping his dick using the pre-cum as lube, since me actually blowing him right on the couch would’ve raised some questions.

Marshall’s dick twitched and pulsed with a heartbeat, telling me he was about to cum, so I stopped flicking his tip and then resting my hand just holding his cock and this time I looked at him and smiled as we made eye contact “mom Mary and I are going to play a video game in my room okay” “sure honey I’ll have your father get you for dinner”

Marshall pulled up his shorts as he stood up, and he turned to me “let’s go” “no I want to-” “I don’t care let’s go” I smiled to myself as I got up. I liked when Marshall didn’t care what I had to say. It was comfortable to not have a say, so he took me to the room. “Take off your pants and get on the bed, face in the pillow, ass up”.

I laid on the bed, and he lined his cock up with my entrance, “mom could’ve caught you…are you such a cock hungry whore you couldn’t wait”? I didn’t reply, and he slapped my ass and pumped his cock in-between my cheeks, “do you want your brother to fuck your dumb brains out”? Another slap to my ass and I bit the bedsheets to muffle my moans, “tell your brother what you want, Mary”? His cock was teasing my wet hole as he pushed the tip in and out, leaving my mind a mushy mess. “Fuck me” I mumbled, and he slapped my ass again, this time gripping it and playing with it like dough. “Please-” I yelped at the sensation “fuck my pussy please” my eyes rolled back in pleasure when he pushed his cock inside of me it felt so good and the feeling was so intense I almost came on impact alone.

“Fuck you’re so sexy” Marshall whispered in my ear as he wrapped me in a hug, going inside my shirt to grope my boobs, “who’s my good whore”? He said, squeezing my nipples as he fucked me from behind. Sweat beaded my forehead even though we hadn’t been at it long “you’re my good whore such a pretty girl” I bit my arm and I had an orgasm right then and there “that’s it cum for me show your brother how much of a whore you are for him”

(This is minor bdsm mostly vanilla so don’t pay attention to the tags)

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  • Reply Hank🤬 ID:1eh4s3am7uk3

    If was a good whore you would get a boyfriend then Marshall will treat you like a whore and give some good hard fucking . Probably pound that ass for you

    • Kylo Reed ID:1e6bqpkdcccn

      Check out part 3: https://sexstories69.com/2024/04/my-mom-went-out-and-my-little-brother-fucked-me-pt-3/