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Mother Breaks Her Vows Part 2

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Mom realizes her need for BBC is stronger than she thought, thankfully her son is there to help. Names of characters are not real.

It was now four weeks after that wonderful day when I got to fuck my mom and watch her get breed by her black yoga instructor. Her pregnant belly hadn’t started to become very noticeable yet but her boobs, which were large already, had swollen up even more. With my dad still out of the house constantly, it was up to me to take care of her. Since that day, my mom has become more of an exhibitionist, walking around the house partially or completely naked. I would often give her oily massages and take a handful of her soft, round ass or tits. She would moan and feel my cock through my pants while I rub her naked body. I asked her what she plans on saying to dad when he finds out the baby is black, and she said she hasn’t thought about it too much since he’s almost always gone, he probably figures it isn’t his anyway. I then asked if she thought about getting with Eric again and she replied,

“I want to, but we couldn’t at his house last yoga session since his wife was home”.

“You could invite him over for a private session, I’d like to watch you two again”, I replied

“Your such a horny young boy, with your desire to fuck everything in sight, I’m surprised you’re not the one to knock me up”, my mom said.

A couple days later, I was in my room watching TV when my mom came in and told me that dad will be gone an extra few days and that we’re having Eric and his wife over for dinner. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait for the chance to see my pregnant mom fucking again. However, I wondered how the night would play out with Eric’s wife present. I got up and gave my mom a long tight hug, feeling her boobs pressed against me, and asked her if she thinks his wife will be ok with him fucking another woman?

“Oh yeah, Eric says his wife has watched him fuck plenty of other women, even Astrid who I know you like so much. She’ll probably want to join in so you’ll maybe get your chance to fuck her too”, my mom replied.

Later that evening, Eric and his wife Amanda were seated at the table across from my mom and I. The whole time my mom and Eric were glancing at each other but I was too focused on Amanda. She was a gorgeous black woman with the softest looking skin I’ve ever seen. She had long flowing brown hair and perfect breasts. She was the ultimate black milf and I was just waiting to get my chance to fuck her. Once dinner was finished and everything put away, Amanda asked my mom how far along she is,

“About five weeks now, still doesn’t feel any different yet”, mom said.

“What does your husband think?” Amanda asked.

“I haven’t told him it’s not his yet, but I’m excited to meet my new black baby.”

“I heard about your meetup with my husband, I have to admit it makes me wet knowing my husband is the one who got you pregnant. I also heard your son was involved”, Amanda responded.

“He was, he fucked me too and gave me an intense orgasm, if you’d like, I’ll let you get with him if I can fuck Eric one more time”, my mom said.

“Oh I’d love too Heather, I’ve never been with a white boy before”, Amanda said.

“Does anyone mind if we film this little interaction?” my mom asked, “I think the best way to tell my husband is to show him.”

“We’re good over here”, Eric and Amanda said in agreement.

“If you’re ok with fucking me on camera for dad to watch then let’s fucking go”, I said excitedly.

With that we all stood up and made our way to my moms bedroom with a large queen sized bed. As we were walking, I got a fell of Amanda’s ass and kissed her neck from behind going up the stairs. She reached back and started to rub my cock up and down through my pants. I stopped her in the hallway and pressed her against the wall as I began to kiss her deeply. Running my fingers through her hair and feeling up her big round tits I soon found my self lifting off her shirt revealing a white lace bra. She reached up and opened up the buckle in the front and let her big black tits fall out. I bent down and started sucking on them and holding my face between them pressing them together around my head.

“That’s it white boy, suck on my titties. Play with them all you want”, Amanda said seductively.

I realized that my mom and Eric were already on the bed with my mom laying naked on her side sucking on Eric’s big black cock. I could hear the sounds of my mom gagging on cock and decided it was time for Amanda and I to join. I picked Amanda up and carried her, legs around my waist, into the bedroom and dropped her down on the bed. She opened her legs showing no panties on underneath the skirt she was wearing. I pulled her skirt off and dropped down and started eating her beautiful pink pussy. She moaned and convulsed like crazy when I tongued my way up her clitoris, past her stomach, over her tits, and back on her lips.

“Fuck me white boy, show me what that cock feels like”, she said.

I stood up, dropped my pants, and inserted my now diamond hard cock into her delicious black pussy. As I slowly started pumping in and out, I stared into her eyes holding the back of her head up and said,

“You look so good taking my cock in front of your husband, look at him go fucking my moms tight, white cunt”.

*through moaning*
“Your cock feels so good, mmmh, stretch my, mmh, stretch my pussy with that cock!” Amanda said.

With Amanda on her back, my mom got on her hands and knees and crawled on top holding her pussy over Amanda’s mouth. My mom and I locked eyes and began to kiss when Eric came up behind and entered my mother’s ass. We were now the ultimate fuck machine, and amongst the load moans and clapping ass checks, my mom looked at me and said,

“I love Eric’s big black cock, I don’t want to fuck your father’s lame dick again, just give me black penis.”

“I love you so much mom, I love watching you get fucked by black men, I hope you’ll still let me back in your pussy”, I said.

“Mmmh, of course I will, you can fuck mommy anywhere”, mom responded.

I soon pulled my cock out of Amanda’s pussy, and, flipped her on her stomach and entered her ass. As I went to town fucking her harder and harder I asked Eric what he liked more, fucking my white mom’s pregnant pussy, or watching me fuck his beautiful wife’s ass?

“Shit man, any day I get to fuck a white girl is a good day”, Eric said

“I love watching you breed innocent little white girls, honey”, Amanda said to her husband, “Remember that cute little catholic girl you got pregnant? She was so scared, but it just made me so horny knowing she was carrying a black baby in her”.

Suddenly my mom began to orgasm,

“OH FUCK! FUCK THAT COCK IS SO BIG IN ME! Pump me full of your cum, you already got me pregnant once!” my mom shouted. Almost at the same time, with my cock back in her pussy, Amanda to began to climax,

“Holy shit Heather, your son is fucking me so fucking good! Oh Jesus, fuck my pussy with that big fucking cock! I need that fucking cum deep in me!” She yelled out.

In tandem grunts, Eric and I both shot our loads deep into their tight pussies. Amanda rolled over and started and started eating her husband’s cum out of my mom’s pussy and my mom quickly did the same. Eric and I stood next to each other working our cocks up to go again while we watched. His muscular black body was glistening in sweat as he watched my cum getting eaten out of his wife. I looked over and asked him,

“So how many other white girls have you been with?”

“Your mom is lucky number 7 for me, she’s one of four that have gotten pregnant”, he responded.

“What about that catholic girl your wife mentioned? How’d she end up?” I asked.

“Oh her, she was 17 at the time, I fucked her three different times but once she got knocked up I didn’t see her again. Her name was Mary, but she was definitely not a virgin”, Eric said.

“That sounds hot, I bet her parents were furious”, I replied.

“Oh they were, her mom walked in on us when I was deep in her pussy. I couldn’t do anything except stare at her mom while I flooded her cunt.”

“Damn, that makes me hard. You want to swap next round, I’d like to fuck my mom’s pussy again?” I said.

“You bet man, it’s hot as fuck watching a mom and son fuck like you do”, Eric responded.

With our cocks hard and ready for more fucking I turned to my mom and started sucking her soft, round tits grabbing them in each hand. I sat up at the edge of the bed with my mom in my lap grinding on my dick, her boobs pressed against my chest. Looking in her eyes I said,

“Ride my fucking dick mom, feel your sons cock inside your pregnant pussy.”

“Mmmh, you feel so fucking good in there, grab mommies ass and pull her in tighter”, she said.

Meanwhile Eric was standing up, bouncing his wife on his long black pole. Her tits bouncing and slapping together with each thrust. Almost immediately, Amanda began to squirt all over Eric’s thighs and the floor. After a couple more minutes of passionate fucking, I told my mom I was ready to cum. With her arms tightly wrapped around me, and mine around her, she pumped my cock deeper into her pussy than before.

“Oh mom, I’m fucking cumming! Your pussy feels so good on my cock, fuck the cum out of me!” I said as I shot my load into my mom’s open hole. My mom had her second orgasm at the same time. She was quivering as I held her on me and all she could do was moan, but I knew our relationship was stronger than ever in that moment. I laid there on my back with my mom on top, legs still straddling me and boobs resting on my chest, watching as Amanda began to go berserk with orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, fucking cum in my pussy you motherfucker!” she yelled out.

Eric made another series of grunts while pumping his second load of cum into his wife’s cunt. After he finished they both laid down next to us and we spent the next hour kissing and fondling each other. Before the night was over, my mom asked if Eric and I could double up on her while we stand and carry her. We both agreed and Amanda held the camera so that you could see both her holes getting stuffed by our cocks. Bouncing on our cocks my mom moaned in uncontrollable pleasure, cum leaking out of her pussy from earlier, I soon shot my third load in her pussy again while Eric filled up her ass with his black cum.

“That was so fucking sexy Heather! I can’t wait to hear what your husband thinks of you becoming such a little white whore”, Amanda said.

“He’ll just have to get used to the fact that the only white cock I’ll ever fuck is my son. Besides him, I’m a total slut for black cock”, my mom replied.

“You and your son are always welcome in our house”, Eric said.

“I can’t wait to feel your cock inside of me again”, Amanda told me.

“I can’t wait till next time”, I responded while slapping her ass.

With that everyone got cleaned up, and Eric and Amanda left for home. Mom and I spent the rest of the night naked, cuddling and making out. The next day my mom went to her pregnancy doctor and it turns out she has twins. A black baby girl and a white baby boy that I put in her. When she got back home we sent the video from last night to dad. While waiting for a reply my mom got so horny, she demanded I fuck her again. I bent her over the table and fucked her pussy rough doggy-style. After that we didn’t even care about dad anymore, I was the only one mom wanted to fuck from now on.

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  • Reply Roger ID:gxq7g6xguir

    That was hot. Incest turns me on. Always wanted to fuck my sister and still do but will never happen. I think about it now eating her pussy and fucking her.

  • Reply Roger ID:gxq7g6xguir

    That was hot. Incest turns me on but never did it. I’ve always wanted to fuckmy sister and still do but it will never happen.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:16kcwp0v8qvu

    What a hot ending! 5 stars.

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich kann es nicht erwarten zu lesen wie es weiter geht ich hoffe sie wird noch anderen Dchwsrzen zur Verfügung gestellt und ihren Mann solltet ihr zu eurem Cucki machen er soll sehen wie seine Schlampe von den Schwarzen und ihrem Sohn benutzt wird er kann Hausach ihre Ficklöcher aus lecken und vielleicht lasst ihr ihn als Analhure dienen

    • Connor ID:8aga5tv1

      I’m glad you like it! Part 3 is out now.