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Mommy and her princess

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My mommy & I were really close. .We were nudists (I was her little girl’/her little princess.)

I wore cute dresses & little girl clothes that she made for me.Around the age of 10 I would lay my head on her lap so she could caress my hair.As I would lay there I could feel her soft bush against my face, I loved the feeling of her pubic hair against my face bush I loved her pubic hair against my lips. She would let me caress her pubic hair, it soothed me & I’d explore her vaginal area with my fingers. When I did I noticed her breathing changed & her caressing my hair would slow down. My fingers would get wet & sticky. One time she held my head gently in place & came against my head. I guessed it soothed her too. Sometimes I would turn my face down & bury my face inside of her bush, she would open her legs & pussy so I could get my face wet & sticky . I really got into it. I loved her pussy aroma, it smelled wonderful to me. I would lick it & she would gently hold my face while tasting her juices & she would rub her clit until she would cum on my face she used to stick my pacifier deep inside her pussy. I also had a pink baby bottle. But I did prefer her breast milk over anything else.

At about age 10 she taught me how to eat her pussy & loved it and after a lot of practicing I got really good at it). At age 11 She taught me how to make love to her & we had a lot of practice until I new what I was doing). the rest of the times wasn’t practice. We continued to make love when I would get home after-school . We always took baths afterwords

I was around age 20 when I stopped taking baths & showers with my mommy. As nudists, we were always walking around the house nude but when we would leave the house I’d be dressed as a little girl with my hair in bows wearing a cute little dress. People always thought I was a pretty little girl.

My mom new some friends that lived in a nudist colony up by Palm Springs. We would spend weekends there every now & then in Palm Springs (sex was all around). Once the step dad came into the picture we stopped being nudists. We only did it while he was gone. He had a daughter.

My stepsister Alexandria was the first girl I fell in love with whom I had sex with besides my mother, yes I really fell in love with my mommy. More than a love for your parents. I sucked on her breast milk all the time even in public, I did this at until I was around just somewhere in public. Some people were appalled at the sight., since I was 13. We had to stop living the way we did out in the public eye. So we had to do this in secrecy. Age gad A new husband Max. That didn’t stop our love making, we just had to keep it secret.

I fell deeply in love with my stepsister Alexandria. When the parents would go away for the weekend, we would play doctor. I would walk around nude. After awhile she did too, we were secretly dating, we always held hands 7 kissed when our parents were away for the weekend, we made love all the time, we even slept together in our parents bed. We secretly dated until junior high. We still dated but it was still a secret so we went on dates with other people.. We secretly got married (Mt Aunt was a witness). It lasted a couple of years), We had it annulled because we were really young.

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    What are and your mom,s bra and panty sizes and do or your mom shave your nether region?

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    A household of women who are lovers:what a beautiful place to live