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Driving shotgun

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A brother gets roped into picking up an older guy with his little sister, and her girlfriend. #Femdom

I picked up my sister, and her friend, Astrid. From the middle school, they said “Pop the trunk,” and loaded it up with old gym mats.

“What are those for?” I asked Astrid, when she got in up front, then Harmony closed the trunk, and left the rest by the curb. There was piles of them, apparently “They got new mats, so they said we could take the old ones.” She shrugged, getting in. “Drive around the school, real quick.”


I shook my head, but then Astrid said “Hey,” and smiled at me. I just put it in gear, and stepped on the gas, but carefully, to pull up to the ramp at the end of the parking lot.

“What’s around behind the school?”

“I don’t know, that’s where the boys hang out, I guess.’ She shrugged, but then somebody honked, and let me out. I drove around, at 20 miles an hour, made a right, and another right.

“There he is.” Mona pointed, and Astrid rolled down the window.

“Pull up here.” She pulled up her top, and got up to stick her little boobs out the window.

“What do you think your’e doing?” I tried pulling her back in, but she shook, and waved. “Hey, man. You better get in back.” I heard a clunk, but it was just Mona putting down the seat back, behind me.

At least Astrid turned, and sat back down. Fixing her top, and finally pulling the seatbelt behind her, but I heard a honk, and looked back in the mirrors. All 3 mirrors, an older woman hung out her window, and waved. “Come on! Get moving!”

I can’t believe that she didn’t see that, but Mona stopped him at the door. “Just a sec,” she unlocked the seat, “Now crawl in.”

HOOOOONK! I just took my foot off the gas, and slowly got back up to 20, when he slammed the car door.

Then, he said “I’m Harry, what’s your name?”

“Uh!” Mona rolled her eyes, but the mom behind me was tailgating. “Why don’t you give me your address, so we know where to send the cops for hanging around the middle school, and perving on girls.”

“Uh,” he looked out the window, but then the door locks thunked, and Astrid turned around.

“It’s all right, Harry is it?” I thought it was some kind of revenge thing, against a sexual predator, until she said. “If you cooperate, we won’t bust you, but.” Then she tapped my shoulder. “Where do you go to suck, and fuck, anyway?”

“I don’t suck, but. I know a place, and I better grab some rubbers on the way.” Look, I knew that my sister, and her girlfriend were sexually active, ever since I asked her about the suspicious stains she showed up with on her pantleg.

“Uh!” Mona scoffed, “We’re on birth control, you know.”

I nodded, “You told me, but you don’t want to get HPV, or anything else from him, either.” I tried cock-blocking, it just made the little nymphos sneak out, to do it in public, where they could get caught, and arrested for public lewdness.

I know how horny I was when i was 13, only I couldn’t just flash a little titty to lure creepy guys into the back of the car, and drive them off to a location, I’m not even going to tell you. Let’s just say that they need to cut back the trees, so they don’t hang down so low that they scrape the roof of the car.

“Huh!’ how about we promise not to swallow or anything, and just do a handbang. What do you say, Harry, that okay with you?”

“Yeah, i’m all right with that.”

“How old are you, man?” I asked him.

“What’s it to you?” he got defensive.

“Well, I don’t want to suck you off, but if you can buy beer, or cigarettes.”

“Yeah, I can get you a pack of smokes, but I don’t have any money.”

So, at least 18, and starting to grow a little fuzz on his face. his lip, and his jaw, which is too fucking old to be hanging around the middle school, to be picked up by barely teenage girls, no matter how hormonal they are.

“Huh!” Astrid leaned over, You’re not going to just watch are you?’ She didn’t even try to whisper in my ear, but she felt over my thigh, and groped my lap.

Again, not the first time she’s gone for my junk, after almost a year of flirting, teasing, and accidentally bumping into me. Then grabbing my butt, or slapping it when nobody was looking, or just straight up sitting in my lap. Kissing my face, and neck, rubbing my hand on her chest, and masturbating in her pants, under her skirt, or dress.

I know she’s jailbait. “Oh,” Mona giggled, and pulled open Harry’s pants. Shaking her head, “I thought you’re supposed to be hairy.”

Astrid stopped breathing on my neck, and looked back. “Maybe that’s wishful thinking. Some day you’ll actually have a real beard instead of that scruffyness.”

“Huh, yeah, but if you think about it. If he doesn’t have any pubes, then he can’t leave any on his victims.”

“We’re not victims, you get that, right?” Astrids elbow kept bumping the seat.

“Huh, yeah. You’re sluts. UH!”

“Don’t bust his balls, not jet, Jesus! He can barely even get it up flashing us over the fence!”

“Uh, haven’t you ever even touched a girl before? Don’t mash it, it’s not a video game. You can’t just spam the cum button, slow down, and be a little more gentle.”

“No, I. Never touched girls before.”

“Hhuh! That’s better, just. Hhuh! Like that, slow and steady like that. Hhuh!”

“Never had the balls to molest us, before, eh?”

“i’m not like that.”

“No, you’re just a peeper, and a flasher. What’s the point of waving a limp dick at girls anyway, when we can get all the dick picks we want, hard ones too!”

“Huh! Uh!”

Mona giggled, but kept doing those hot fluttering breaths.

“Here we are, girls. I pulled onto the dirt road, carefully so just the new leaves brushed the top of the car. Hopefully the branches wouldn’t scrape the paint.

“Oh, no. Don’t stop just because you finished, pick up the pace. Huh, yeah, not too fast, just a little faster uh! Huh!”

“Hey.” Astrid looked away from the action in back, but it’s bad enough listening to my sister getting fingered behind me. “How about that blowjob you owe me?” I winked. I don’t have to watch it, not with a willing teenager right here.

I know, she’s jailbait, but now I’m not afraid that she’s just trying to get me to do something, I can be arrested for. “Huh, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted your jock.”

“Don’t tell me,” I patted her head. “Huh!” Felt her tongue, she licked it first, then swirled it around to get the nob nice and wet before she kissed it, then went down, and slowly puched her lips in to cover her teeth. “Oh, god. You are such a good cock sucker, huh?”

“Hey, how come he gets.”

“Uh! Shut up and fuck me, with your fingers, dickless. Hhuh, and what is it with you, and flashing your dick, does that make it hard?”

“i can’t help it.”

“Of course you can, what kind of stupid excuse is that? Just stay away from the middle school, you trying to get arrested, or just retarded?”

“I can’t stay away.”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s where I lost my virginity.”

“Phft!” Mona scoffed. “Boy virginity. That’s the dumbest thing i ever heard, you actually swallowed that bullcrap about being a man, or knocking a dent in some pussy’ll make you a man, well. It sure didn’t work for you, huh? You got laid, and now you’re hanging around the middle school, when you should be in college, or at least getting a job, loser. Grow up, huh! Ffph! PfFfFfFfuck! Nhhhhhhm!”

Holy shit, she got off on that?

“Huh, stop. Astrid stop, uh!”

“Why, don’t you want to blow your wad in my mouth?”

“Hhuh!” I pushed her back. “No,” yanked her top up, and grabbed my wet cock, hot from her dirty little mouth to pump it, half kneeling on the center console. “Hhuh, uh. Fuck, oh. Astrid. Ahhh! Huh! Huh!” I milked the last drop out, before it went all the way soft, so the tip was still sensitive, and shook it off. “Huh!’ Fell back, and put my hand up, to feel how sweaty my face was. “Ah, fuck, what have I done!”

“Hihihnm!” Astrid giggled, and I glanced over, for a second, then looked away from her playing with the mess I just left on her tiny tits.

“You better fuck off now, man. Thanks, but you better bring rubbers next time, so we can fuck.”

“Uh,” he didn’t even pull his pants up, until he got out. “You’re sick!”

“You’re lucky I’m sick enough to be into your pervy ass, loser. Now, you better be waiting for me here tomorrow. After school, you better bring rubbers, and you better fuck me good, or I’m gonna send you to jail, where they’ll rape your pedobear ass every night, and leave you to cry yourself to sleep.”

He finally got his pants fixed up enough to run off.

“Huh! She shook her head. “That was great, how was your blowjob?”

“Smuip?” She stopped sucking her fingers. “I think that was the best head yet! He didn’t even try to choke me on it or nothing, and the best part is, I finally got the dick I always wanted.”


“You got any smokes?”

“Fuck!” I forgot.

“it’s okay, we got one to share.” I lit it, and passed it, then Mona giggled, and held up a Driver’s license. “He lied, he had a couple bucks.”

“You swiped his wallet?”

“Yeah,’ she flipped it over, and read, “Gordon Harris. Um.” She looked up, “He’s not nineteen, neither, he’s 23. I think.”

“That have his address?” Astrid leaned over, with her top sticking to her, and handed me the cigarette back. Didn’t even offer it to my sister, but I think we’re way past smoking in the car with her, after she. We did, all that.


“Yeah, you think he still lives at home?”

“I bet, loser.” Astrid scoffed. “Why, you want to drive over there, and harass him at home?”

“Yeah, I bet he’s got no idea how to eat a girl out, neither. So, let’s teach him.”

“Hey, Astrid?

“Yeah, what?”

“I bet it’ll take him a while to get home, and get it up again, but I hear I’m pretty good at eating pussy.”

“Oh yeah?’ My sister laughed, “Who told you that?”

“Never mind, but I bet I can lick you off faster than he can.” Even if he is 23, going on 14. No wonder I never went to high school with him, he probably dropped out before my freshman year.

“Oh yeah? You’re on!” Either way, win or lose, I get to see, tough, taste, and maybe even fuck her tight little teenage pussy.

Hell, dad gave up trying to cockblock her. Harmony, I mean, that’s why he finally got her the pill, so she at least wouldn’t get knocked up before she even starts high school.

Astrid, she’s not my sister, though, and she’s been hinting my jock for years now. So, if I can’t beat them, i might as well join them.

I’ll dump my girlfriend later. It’s better than cheating on her, and besides, it’s not like that relationship was going anywhere.

Mona got out, “Well, i guess we got time to make up a little lovenest in the trunk, first.”

Astid giggled, “Yeah, maybe we can kidnap dickless, and take him out to the woods in the trunk, too.”

So I got out, “Maybe later. Come on, we can’t kidnap him again, without a better plan than that, and he’s not going anywhere. Let me see if I can get the car overnight, I’ll tell mom we’re going camping, and maybe hit up dad for some money to buy some good rope.” I rubbed my shin. “Yeah, climbing rope, so we can take him up to the falls, and maybe hang him?”

“Ew, no! You mean kill him?”

“Isn’t that what you’re talking about?”

“No, stupid. We just got a boytoy we can suck, fuck, torture all we want, the last thing we want is to kill him.” Mona broke down into giggles, rubbing her hands together. “but yeah, you’re right. We better plan it better, so while you guys are in back.”

“Yeah, about that bet…”

Astrid took my hand, and led me to the little love nest they created in the trunk, and back seat…

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