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” I Want You To be My New Daddy”

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I always schedule the job interviews after the lunch rush. Today is no different, It’s so I can set on my ass in a booth and look like I’m doing something. Even though my family own’s this and 19 other “Mc. Dowel’s” unit’s in this fast food giant, I’m “Chained” to this unit, Number #147-A.

My Dad gave me the “Opportunity” to manage this unit after I had gotten tossed out of my third straight college. My Brother is district manager of the other 18 store’s. He has a beautiful wife, 2 kids and a car that cost more then everything I own. I’m stuck here, in, One shitty burger joint, in one shitty part of a ,shitty city.

If you think I seem bitter, I am. I’m the “Black Sheep” of the family, the screw up the fuck up. I manage a fast food joke. Bad food, Bad Staff , many are here doing Community service to avoid county lock-up. The family accountant’s are always mad at me ,trying to divide the male employee’s pay between all the child support they all owe. My E-mail is a combination of ” Push the chicken nugget’s” and why is your register #3 always $8.00 short?… Maybe because that’s the cost of a pack of cigarette’s that Jarome need’s on the way back from work release.

Yep, just another day, just another parade of job seeker’s. Not because Mc. Dowel’s is a great place to work…Because it’s the only place to work in this once vibrant community. The 1960’s have moved past this island of urban hope, and left only urban blight.

Today’s first interview is with a 24 year old guy. This interview was set up by his probation officer, The probation officer told me the guy has a lot of experience handing money ,but has never had a formal job. It doesn’t matter anyway, he didn’t show up. The Next interview is a 14 year old female. The state of Pennsylvania allows me to hire 14 year old’s with written permission from the parent and from the school. I can only work them 3 hours on school day’s and 10 total hours on the weekend’s. It’s a huge pain in the ass, but I need people.

As I set at the booth and go over her application my eye’s are drawn to a girl that just walked in, she’s about 16 and is obviously a prostitute, the way she’s dressed. Her shiny black leggings are painted on, no sign of panty’s, and her white crop top showing just a hint of tit, on the bottom. My brother doesn’t want “their kind” in the restaurant, but what the hell, hooker’s have to eat. And besides, this girl is all eye candy, and who doesn’t like a little candy?

Imagine my surprise as the girl walked up to me, “The girl at the counter say’s you the manager” she ask, in that form of English only taught in intercity public schools. She then tells me she’s here for the job interview. Seems this is my 14 year old. As she slides in the booth, her perky little tit’s bouncing all the while, I try to concentrate on my job and try to be professional. Seems this is Lilly, and she is in fact 14 and has never worked a job in her life. Seems Lilly’s Momma wants her to work, to “learn stuff”. As Lilly is telling me all this, she takes a small pink lollipop out of her small purse, and after unwrapping it, puts it in her very red glossed lip’s.

The simple act of her red lips working on that lollipop was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, I was mesmerized, she was working the lollipop like a cock, I could see her tongue flicking as she licked it. She wasn’t trying to be erotic, she IS erotic. Needless to say, she was hired on the spot.

As she left, I could see the other two counter girl’s eyeing her up, looking at each other, rolling there eye’s, in that “catty” way only girl’s can seem to pull off.
I could see why, when Lilly was in the room, all attention was on her.

The next day when Lilly reported to work I had her uniform all laid out and ready. Of course I chose a size a little on the small side, I wanted to make the child feel comfortable, and Lilly looked very comfortable in tight cloth’s.

Lilly’s customer service skills where second to none and she was very smart and easy to train, no really.. she was. When she would lean over the counter to serve the old men coffee, they all got a show, she never wore a bra, coffee sales jumped 40%, and when she bent over to get cup lids, the whole restaurant came to standstill, she was great for business, and the moral of the crew. And crew moral is important, that was on one of those stupid training video’s my Brother made me watch.

As we were closing on her first Friday night with us, she ask me what I do with the left over food at the end of the night. I told her it was tossed in the dumpster and then it was a up to the homeless and trash panda’s to fight it out for ownership. She then in a very quite voice, if she could have it to take home. Company policy was never to do that, but what the hell, after all it was Lilly. Anyway, I got the idea her family needed the food.

I offered to take her home at the end of the shift, after all, looking like she did, she shouldn’t be on the city street’s at night. She said no, but I insisted. So after loading a big cardboard box full of food , and Lilly’s hot, 14 year old ass in my Honda, we where off. She lived in a typical 1960’s era built ,block of public housing, just three block’s from the restaurant. I could see she was going to need help with the food, and I wanted to meet Lilly’s mom. I mean after all, if she looked anything like Lilly, I was interested.

I could see she was nervous as she fumbled with her door key. I smiled and helped her fit the key in the lock. As I entered, the first thing I noticed was a huge big screen TV. on the wall and 2 Little kids, a Girl about 10 and a a Girl of about 7.
I’d Later find out the TV was off because the bill was late. .very late and as far as Lilly’s mom, seems she would meet some guy in a bar and disappear, sometimes for days, sometimes for week’s. And Lilly’s mom was MIA right now and had been for the last 12 days. As she was telling all this, pouring her heart out, getting more and more upset, crying. I took her in my arm’s, nothing sexual just out of compassion. I held her as the little girl she was came to the surface. Seems being a 14 year old stand in Mom to 2 little girl’s in this neighborhood is more than any kid should have to do.

The kid’s tore into the Mc’Dowel’s shitty burger’s like it was steak. I could see they were clean, but not very well fed. As Lilly and I set on the couch and ate, we talked and I really got to know her. Seems her cloth’s are her Mom’s and the family is flat ass broke, that’s why Lilly got a job. That’s when I hit upon an idea, I ask her if she would be interested in cleaning my appt. and helping me around the house, after all I’m single and need all the help I can get. I told her I’d pay her $200.00 for the day. Now I know even before you say it.. that’s a lot of money, but the thought of her in my appt. all day, with me.. alone, worth every penny.

Thank God the next day was Saturday, I was like a middle school kid on his first date. Running around the apartment trying to tidy-up, but then I thought if I did that she wouldn’t need to stay as long, so I went and back and made a mess that was worse then when I started. Yep, a 34 year old man acting like a 12 year old boy.

When I arrived at her apartment to pick her up, I got a surprise, seems all the kid’s are tagging along. She told me she tries not to let them home alone, seems the 10 year old is becoming very “boy crazy”, good to know I thought. looking at the Kia, the 10 year old I could see her what the boy’s seen in her. A little hottie like her big Sister. Lilly was wearing very tight booty shorts and a tee shirt that was tied in knot and exposed her little tummy. I found myself eying up Kia, her tight little baby ass was in shorts, also 2 sizes to small, her little budding titlet’s showing under a tee shirt that said, “Able Bail Bonds , 24 Hour Service”. The 2 younger girls went right for my TV, it was big like there’s but unlike there’s, mine worked. Soon they where on the floor watching Cartoon Network as I gave Lilly, the grand tour. She couldn’t get over the size of my bedroom , and the huge bed, seems she shares with Kia ,and Naomi, the 7 year old sleeps on the couch.

As I poured wine for Lilly and I, and coke for the kid’s ,I seen Kia watching me, she smiled and said to me “You wanna fuck my Sister don’t you? ” I blushed beet red, Lilly told her to stop teasing me. “he’s always staring at your ass” she went on to say. Lilly laughed, then made a point of sticking her ass out and twerking it, again I blushed, the kids just laughed at me.

As the day went on and the wine flowed, the kid’s and I got more comfortable together. Kia followed me around like a puppy. The more attention I paid to Kia the more bold she got. I was floored when we where alone she said “You know I can do anything my Sister can” smiling, then giggling at my embarrassment. Lilly later said to me “My sister has a crush on you, better watch out, she always get what she wants” I stammered out, she’s only 10. “10 going on 20” Lilly retorted.

As the day turned into evening I ordered Pizza for us all and opened another bottle of red wine, I even poured a glass for Kia. Lilly just smiled at her little Sister sipping her wine, trying to look all grown up. When I ask what time they had to be home? Lilly told me she had left a note, “But momma’s ass is still missing” , she said. I suggested they stay the night after all, It would be irresponsible to drive the kids home after drinking so much wine. Kia thought that was a wonderful idea, Lilly gave her blessing so a slumber party it was. We all watched a movie and another bottle of wine was opened. Lilly passed out on the couch, I went to bed.

After about 15 minutes I could see Kia coming into my room in the dim light. I watched in fascination as she peeled her shorts off along with the Tee shirt. She climbed into bed with me. I told her “no Kia, you cant'” and in tween little girl voice she said “sure I can, I’ve done it lots” and with that she took my cock in her little hand. she laid her small head on my stomach and darted her pink tongue to my cock head as she gently stroked my hard shaft. I Pulled her up to me and kissed her tasting my pre cum on her tender little lips. She French kissed like a Pro’ , my cock was so hard, I could feel her little slit on my cock shaft. Showing her skills, she turned herself so her baby cunt was right in my face, she could only take my cock head her mouth, her being shorter than I was, but she worked it better an any “women” twice her age.

I knew this was so wrong, but it was so fucking hot, My tongue was all in her baby sex, her hairless cunny was so sweet and so fresh. I licked her whole bottom and cunny, she was moaning, being only 10 I didn’t think she could cum yet, but I wanted her to want it, I could tell she did as she pressed her slit into my face, Sucking my cock head, I wanted it to last forever. But It didn’t, I came, more then I ever have before, she took it all, swallowing it all. when she lifted herself off
me, she made a point kissing my cock head to get all my seed.

As I carried her in my arms, I could smell the sex and wine on her breath as she whispered “I want you to be my new Daddy”, then she drifted off as I lowered her down on love seat to sleep, gently covering her up.

The next day as Lilly leaned over the car seat and gently kissed me, thanking me for a great time, she said “Seems Kia’s been in my lip gloss again” licking her lips. giving me a knowing smile.

And to think, I wanted a 14 year old, hot little piece of ass named Lilly, and ended up being bedded by her 10 year old sister, Isn’t life odd. Lilly has a future with McDowell’s.

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      Blue… like the sky;) I’ll remember that for my next story. BTW: guys read Lilly’s stories also)

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    Life is full of surprises ans I wish out gov would quit fucking it up for us lol!
    Yes hear comes another story!
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