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Introduction my daughter to sex. How I helped take a 10 year olds virginity

My wife and I have a lovely daughter called Lucy. And recently turned 10. Long black hair and brown eyes. One Sunday when my wife and I were in both in bed we got talking.

Mike,’ my wife Sarah said to me. ‘Lucy and I have been talking. She bee asking questions about relationships and why adults kiss and have sex. I told her it’s what two people do when they love each other. She loves you and knows you love her and asked me if she can have sex with you. I told her I would ask you and if you agree you have my blessing.’
Taken aback. “But she is 10,’ I replied. ‘And I’m her dad.’

“Well think about it’

I spent the night thinking about and come the morning I told Sarah I agreed to it. We made plans that as she was going away for the weekend on Friday that would be a good time.

Come Friday came round and it was just Lucy and I together. She was still in her school uniform and we were cuddled up on the sofa my hand rubbing her leg

“Lucy your mother and I have been talking and she said you want to try sx and she has given her blessings. But only if it is ok with you.’

‘Yes please daddy I love you.’

I learnt forward and kissed her on the lips and to my surprise she responded. She slid her tounge in my mouth as I did her our youngest going into circular movements I then carried her up to the bedroom and instructed her to remove her clothes. Where her breasts were developing I started sucking her nipples causing her to moan I told her to lay down and parted her legs and started kissing and licking her bold pussy she started shaking and moaning until I gave her her first orgasm. I then laid on my back and asked her to climb on top of me. My hands held her hips with her bold pussy touching the head of my penis.wecstayed like that for a number of minutes swapping tounges. The she slowly pushed down until the head of my penis entered he tight pussy and stretching it. Then she paused. Then she pushed down until the base of my hard cock was inside this tight 10 year old pussy. Shekept thrusting with up and down movements for about an hour. She was so tight. I eventually came inside her. We lay there just kissing with me inside her for another half an hour. And was how it was for the entire weekend

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  • Reply Jack ID:b8o1eiwa330

    Ten years old:goodie:)

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    I’d like to swap stories. Wickr me @dillonrussell43

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      Dillon do you have any real stories to swap

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    Hi luvemyoung
    Email me

  • Reply Bima ID:1bqrnr0rb0j

    Beautiful n sexy
    Would love to do same
    Let me know

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      Good effort

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      Hey Kevin wanna swop stories?

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      Hey Bima id love to swap stories with you

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifij

    While it wasn’t a five star it surly was a good story unlike some flops on here. All stores of young females are good.hehehe!
    Honestly I wished it was me doing the teaching.hehehe!

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Fantastic start now tell us how many more times a day you fuck that pussy and did your wife start fucking pussy and did you rent it out to friends side of the pussy and home

  • Reply Ray ID:3zxjrennoik

    That story sucks

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    For a short story, it’s littered with grammar and spelling errors

    • MikeyKinky ID:42p6pzb0c

      Yeah I never made it far In school and have hard time with writing