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Adopted to be fucked

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This story goes back to when i was adopted by a horny abusive psycho couples . They were in their 50s or smth . I was 16 years old when i was adopted . I was suprised that someone even wanted to have me . I was really excited to finally have a family but my excitement only lasted for some times .When they took me to their house or i would more likely call it basement they locked me in their . I wasn’t allowed to go out . I was expected to wear a tiny dress where my panties were widly visible. The women made me do all the house chores . And if i disagree to that she would pull down my panties and spank my pussy and my ass cheeks until they turn bloody red . I was helpless . I used to bawl my eyes out and cry loudly . She used to get annoyed and spit in my face and throw me . I was forced to have sex with that man . His dick was 12 inch long with a lot of sperm . That man used to pinch my vagina boobs and other parts . That used to hurt a lot . During our intercourse if i tried to resist even a bit he used to beat me with a base ball bat . He used to slap me and treat me like a fucking animal . He forced me to be fucked 365 days a year . He never gave me a break . But i won’t deny that i used to love his rides but i would act like i hated it .

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    you should be thanking him for adopting you and just submit your holes to him for raping

  • Reply Saleem ID:5rhtebaehj

    I want to adopt you know.

    • Daughfuker11 ID:1e9vzp48t7iw

      Hi mmmmh lwts talk mmmh

  • Reply Daddy ID:2c3h3cerzk

    Good girl