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Slow and steady part 1

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True story of how I met my wife. An Amish farm girl.

I grew up in Nappanee Indiana. There was a large Amish population in the area. In town at at one of the shops was an Amish girl with a gorgeous face. She was about my age 16 at the time. I tried talking to her. She said she could get in trouble with her parents for talking to a boy unsupervised. “You are very cute”, I said and ignoring what she said. “Can we go across the street? I can buy you lunch.”, I said. Nope. She hurriedly left met with some other Amish people. “I am sorry. If I scared you.” I said as she walked away. A week went by and I saw her again. I thought I had to at least apologize to her. “I am sorry. I am ignorant to your customs. I did not mean anything. I hope I did not offend you.” , I said. She asked me if I had a job. “Huh?” I thought, “what does this have to do with anything?” I said “no”. “My father needs helpers on his farm. If your interested.”, she said. Funny she did not make eye contact the whole time. “Were you hoping for me to come back?”, I said. Suddenly feeling a thrill inside that she might actually like me. She did not answer but gave me the address. She walked away quickly to her Amish friends or family or whoever they were. I hopped in my Mustang and I went to the address and talked to her Dad. Very nice guy. Actually a nice person to work for. He taught me a lot about their culture. He invited me to eat with them after work and she was there. She smiled at me. Damn she does like me. She slipped me a note to meet her in the barn tonight. She snuck out and we met. We just talked the first few nights. I lit the barn with a camping latern. We went towards the back so no one could see the light. She was pretty. Very pretty. She said she thought I was cute and that I gave her feelings she never felt before. I kissed her. She did not know how to kiss obviously but she went with it. She eventually got good at it. When I touched her body she quickly got up and left. “Fuck. Nice going. You screwed that up!” I thought. I liked her. I loved her innocence. Thinking evilly I thought how much I wanted to break that innocence. “Loved”, I thought. Shoot what did I mean by that? Nothing happened the next two weeks. I was hurt. I was so bummed out. I saw her on the farm but could not talk to her with an auidence. I felt like an asshole crossing the line with her. I wondered why. Why did I care so much? What I am developing feelings for this girl? Shit. She slipped me a note to meet her again. I was on cloud 9! We get to spend some alone time together again. I met her and she apologized. She was confused. She was confused of her feelings for me and her traditions. We kissed again but this time she was more passionate. She said she never saw a man’s penis before and asked to see mine. Damn this is a total 180 from our last encounter. I took my dick out and showed her. “Touch it”, I said. She did. She moved it up and down and back and forth. “Put it in your mouth”, I said. She looked at me like I asked her to kill someone. “It doesn’t taste bad.”, I said. She did not want to so I left it alone. “Lift up your dress”, I said. I kissed her and started up her leg. “No” she said. “Ok ok. I am sorry.”, I said. “She will let me when she is ready.” , I thought. We continued talking and kissing every meet. I told her lets go into town. We can drive around in my car but she was afraid because if we got caught I would be fired and she would be in trouble. We would never see each other again. We started kissing and she wanted me to take my dick out again. “Show me how you make it work.” Make it work? I figured she wanted me to maturbate for her and I did. She watched me as I stroked my cock. I started to feel an orgasm and I told her to watch. I grunted and she jumped away as I came. The sperm flew out and it scared her. I was clutching my stomach laughing at how she jumped away in a panic. It was so cute. She slapped me playfully and we started to make out. She moved my hand towards her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Dang! I am a bad influence on this girl. I started caressing her vulva as she started to lay back on the hay. I found her clitoris and felt it starting to swell. I rubbed it. I moved up her dress and saw her cute little bush. I placed my face by it and her juices smelled heavenly. I spread her lips. She asked what I was doing. She told me she was not ready for sex. I told her you have to trust me. I won’t do anything you don’t want. Her head fell back as I licked her pussy. I licked and sucked on her clitoris. I stuck my thumb in her hole. She tried to get me to stop. Feeling something she never felt before. Her legs locked around my head as she came. Now she got up and kissed me even more passionately. I was caught in the moment and finally admitted how I truly felt. I told her I loved her. It brought tears to her eyes and left the barn again. I asked her to come back but she was heading back for the house. “Fuck.” I thought, “why do I keep screwing this up?”

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhk

    It was very hard to follow as there was no paragraphing which confused me because it was written well. Aside from that it was a good story and i will do my final rating on par two. Good love story indeed.
    Definitely keep writing as sex stories needs the good writers to stay.