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summer vacation

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When I was 16 my mom and dad let me spend the summer and my aunt and uncles house on the lake. My uncle is my dad’s older brother. I was going to spend the summer swimming and fishing. I also had to help with the chores outside.
Across the road a single lane dirt road lived my aunt’s sister and her two daughters. Her sister was a bum. Didn’t work and was drunk every day. Lived off the state. Her daughters were Cindy 15 and Cathy 13. Both cute as hell. Blond hair blue eyes and nice little bodies starting to form. Cindy had a nice set of tits growing but still developing. Cathy had puffy little nipples starting to show stuck out about 2 inches from her chest. Both had nice round asses. All their cloths were a size to small, which wasn’t bad to look at.
One day when aunt and uncle were at work, I was washing the side of the house with the hose and Cathy came out in a tight white shirt and yellow shorts that were too tight. I could see the shape of her pussy lips. She kept running up and messing with me, so I started spaying her with the hose. As her shirt got wet, I could see her little tittys. As she ran at me, I sprayed her right in her pussy and she laughed and covered it with her hand and ran the other way. Turned around and came back. Do it again she said, so I sprayed it again. This time with not a full stream a soft easy spray. She stopped and let it spay her pussy as she giggled and pushed her hips out. Her shirt had started to dry so I sprayed it again. Getting a closer look at her budding tits stated to get my dick hard. Just then Cindy came running over with a bikini on that was way too small. Her tits weren’t really big, but the top barely covered her tits. Not big enough to get a good bounce so no chance of them popping out. The bottoms were tight across her pussy and could see a side of her pussy hanging out the side. I started spray her and she was running around. I sat down in a lawn chair and told Cathy to help me get her sister wet, and I sat her on my lap and let her hold the on to the hose with me. I reached around like I was helping her sit down and put my hand on her little tit and she didn’t say a thing. Pushed back and I felt the heat from her pussy on my dick through both our shorts. I was spraying Cindy’s pussy and she ran up and opened the top of her bikini bottoms and I could see her tuff of hair, nice blonde pussy hair just a little growing but looked good. She looked me in the eye and said I like the way that feels. Just then her mom yelled out and told them to get in the house it was too hot out. Cindy argued some but ended up going in. That made me so horny I had to go get my tablet and jerk off to some porn.
That night after everyone went to bed, I got my tablet out again and sat on my bed and looked for more porn to jerk off to. I had a lamp on, so it wasn’t dark. I looked out and could see Cindy in her room in her nighty. Dancing around like she was singing. I didn’t think about the light and pulled my dick out and started stroking off to her. After a minute she seen me and jumped to the window and looked out. Eyes wide open watching me beat off. She pulled her nighty up to her chin and she was naked under her nighty. Then Cathy jumped up I didn’t see her until then. She did the same thing and her naked body looked great. Cindy looked down at her sister and rubbed her little tits and kissed her on the mouth. Cathy’s hand had gone between Cindys legs and rubbed her pussy. I couldn’t take it and I put on shorts and opened my window crawled outside. I pointed to the lake. Cindy opened her window and said What? Go to the pontoon boat I said both of you. Both of them got off the bed and I went to the boat.
2 minutes later both were there in their nighties. Cindy got on the boat and the first thing she said was she wanted to see my cock up close. It was as hard as it gets, and I pulled my shorts off. Cindy pulled her nighty off over her head and then pulled off Cathy’s. My mouth went right to Cathy’s little tits and I sucked both her little tittys. Cindy grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking me off. Then she called Cathy’s name and told her to get on her knees like her. Both were in front of me and Cindy put my dick in her mouth. Cathy watched then Cindy put my dick to her sister mouth and told her to open it. She did and Cindy guided my cock into her sisters mouth. Cindy took it back and I pulled Cathy up to me and laid her on her back and licked her bald wet hole. She moaned and arched her back to push her pussy into my face. Cindy stopped and watched and asked Cathy if she like it. She moaned yes. Cindy took her finger and rubbed her sisters pussy while I ate her out. Then she got up and put her pussy over Cathy’s face and said like I showed you, and Cathy started to lick Cindy’s pussy. I got up and started to put my cock into Cathy’s pussy, and it was so tight and hot. She started to let out a half scream half moan, and Cindy put her hand over her mouth and said it will get better. I leaned into her a took her tit in my mouth again and sucked them hard. Cindy got in front of me and said me too. Pushed her tits up into my mouth. I sucked them hard and took her whole tit into my mouth. My pace had quickened on Cathy’s pussy and she was riding it like a pro now. Cindy said me too again and laid next to her sister, fuck me too she said. I pulled my cock out of her sister and stuck it in her and fucked her hard. Letting her pussy have all I could give it. Cathy was watching and rubbing her pussy and sucking her sisters tits. Then she got up and sat over her sisters face and Cindy licked her sisters bald pussy. I pulled my dick out and came all over both of them. We fucked twice more that night and almost every day after. Some time one of them sometimes both again. Cathy was a horny little girl. She said she wanted to call me her big brother. Cindy wanted me to watch them together and jerk off to them. I did and I would cum in their face when I was ready.

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    That’s so fucking hot, got me wet

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    Such a hot story

    • Tom ID:3zxjhzgxv9a

      Super hot story would love to do that myself