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How i lost my Virginity at 13 (M)

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This is a true story but i have changed there names.

So it was my older sisters 18th and she had a few friends over (around 16 and 17 themselves) and they all started drinking and doing the stuff that you would expect. After a few hours they all started to leave apart from Morgan (16) and Tim (17) so they kept partying until like 2:10 AM where they all settled down and started to play truth or dare. After a while i would some dares such as give me a kiss etc. then I hear Tim say ‘Go give OPPS a bj’ i thought she wouldn’t (you know morals and all) but she accepted it and started to climb the stairs, so in that situation the only thing i though of was to pretend to be asleep.

I heard my door open and then i could her her come into my room and learn over by my bed and unzip my zipper and take my dick out and then liked it from my balls to the top of my head getting me instantly hard, and then she started to suck it. It felt amazing, the way she wrapped her tongue around my head and and circled it inside my foreskin.
I tried to keep my eyes close and not move or groan but i ended couldn’t help myself but to groan and move my hips in a thrust ward manner and eventually letting a long soft groan as i came (after like a min and a half at most) and she swallowed up my cum, then she put my member back in my boxers and zipped up my trousers.

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    Nice, One way to get a Blow Job.

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    Nice, did anything else happen?

    • OPPS

      Not that i know but they could’ve done more stuff like that downstairs.