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3 amazing days with my aunt

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This is my first story I hope you like it

I am a 16-year-old young man, 176 cm tall. My brother is 10 years older than me and he and his married wife live in our flat opposite. My brother often goes to the city due to his job and stays there for a few days. My brother’s wife, my aunt, is afraid of being alone, so my mother stays with my aunt while my brother is out of town. He’s going to stay. During the summer, my mother and father went to stay with my grandparents for a week and I was alone at home. My aunt was home alone for 3 days because my brother was on duty that week, and my brother asked me to stay with my aunt while he was gone, and I accepted. Towards the evening, my aunt called and invited me to dinner. So I changed my clothes and went to my aunt’s house. Since I was going to stay there for the night, I wore my nightgown and had shorts underneath because it was summer. I rang the bell and my aunt opened the door. She was wearing a lace nightgown that was clearly visible. I saw my aunt like this for the first time. She was not someone who dressed revealingly. I greeted her and hugged her. Her perfume smelled so good that it took me away. We sat at the table and after eating the meal he asked me if I wanted something to drink, he said it would be great for me, something cold would be very good and he prepared cold coffee. We drank our coffee sitting opposite each other on the balcony. The light breeze made the nightgown lighter and gave me a visual show. I started to have an erection. I covered it with my hand and crossed my legs so that it wouldn’t be obvious. After sitting for a while, he said, “I’m feeling sleepy, I’m going to sleep.” I said okay auntie, I will sit down and sleep a little longer. He placed a kiss on my cheek and said, “The door of the room will be open, you can go in and go to bed.” I asked which room in surprise. He said “my bedroom” I said “I’ll stay there?” He said, “You know I’m scared, I can’t sleep alone.” I said okay, 10 and 15 minutes later, I went there excitedly, because the curtain was open, the room wasn’t too dark, I laid down on the bed calmly, her nightgown was pulled up to her waist, her ass was clearly exposed, there was a red thong in it, I got hard, and while I was caressing myself slowly, I thought she suddenly woke up. She put one of her hands on me, approached me, and opened her breasts. I could feel her hand on my arm. She slowly came down. As I tried to move aside, she got closer and closer. When I realized that she was doing it on purpose, I let go. Her hand was coming and going on my 15 cm penis. After a while, she opened her eyes, stood up and planted a kiss on my lips. She asked if I was a virgin. “You are very lucky to break the yearly immunity,” she said and turned on the LED lamp in the room and started kissing me on the lips. It was a wonderful feeling. After kissing for a while, she took down my shorts and started licking my penis. Since it was my first experience, I ejaculated in her mouth before I could last long, she swallowed all my sperm. She lay on her back on the bed and took off her red thong and nightgown. She asked me to lick it, it smelled so good, and after licking it, when it got hard again, she asked me to come inside me. I went inside nervously, she was jumping and moaning on my lap. I was inside her for 30 minutes, my aunt had 2 orgasms during this time, and I took it out and ejaculated in her mouth. We lay there hugging for a while, then we fell asleep kissing and made love constantly for 3 days. From that day on, I go to him every free time and we make love. Our SONN story ends here, it is a completely fictional story. You can express your suggestions and wishes. Days with lots of sex

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  • Reply Hank ID:1ds5vc6a13tn

    And I also believe her not him. Think about it!

  • Reply Not illiterate ID:bj22pkjoic

    Don’t you mean your sister in law ? Aunt is your mom or dad’s sister