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Milking my nephew

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I drugged and abused my 12 year old nephews cock and milked it for more than 3-hours. It was great.

My 12 year old nephew, Jason, was staying with me for a week while his parents were on a business trip.

I’m not married, I’m single, and I never had any children of my own, my only companion for years had been my cat, so it was nice to have a boy in the house for a change.

I had a job home testing and reviewing sex-toys, that is the extent of my sex life, pretty pathetic really, but testing the toys is always fun.

On the second night he was with me, he was in the shower so I went to put clean bed sheets on the guest bed, that is where he was sleeping, once I’d finished changing the sheets I came out of the room just as he was coming out of the bathroom, and as he exited the bathroom his towel fell to the floor and a for a few seconds I saw him completely naked.

“Sorry, Auntie.” He said, blushing from embarrassment as he quickly bent down and picked up his towel.

“That’s alright, dear.” I replied.

He put the towel around his waist and hurried by me and in to this room, leaving me feeling a bit flustered in the hallway, that was the first time I’d seen a cock in quite a few years, he was only young so it wasn’t ‘man-sized’ but it was impressive and he had a nice set of hairless balls too.

For the next 24-hours all I could think about was what I saw when his towel dropped, and every time I thought about it, my pussy would get a bit wet, I spoke to him and asked him questions about his friends, and if he had a girlfriend, basically I as trying to find out if he was sexually active, but it was clear that he wasn’t, he is such a sweet boy.

The next night I saw him coming out of the bathroom again, this time he was wearing boxer shorts, he is quite a skinny boy, but seeing his naked torso was enough to get me wet again.

I became excessively horny, I didn’t want to take his virginity from him, that would be going way too far for me, so I settled for the next best thing instead, “Would you like some hot coco, dear?” I asked him.

“Yes please, Auntie.” He said.

So I made him some hot coco, and slipped a little something in there with it, and I took it up to him and stayed until he drank it all, then I went downstairs, leaving him in his room and I waited about half an hour for him to fall asleep as I knew he would.

I went back upstairs and found him fast asleep on his bed wearing just his boxer shorts, as expected.

I took out some silver duct tape and I taped his hands together behind his back and placed a piece of tape over his mouth, then I used one of my old scarves to blindfold him, I then removed his boxer shorts and I repositioned him so he was laying sideways on the bed with his legs hanging over the side, he was in the perfect position for me to kneel on the floor between his legs and play with his cock.

I rubbed it, gently pulled it, and squeezed it and it slowly grew longer, thicker and harder, until it was about 4 and a half to 5 inches in length, it was rock hard and springy, I peeled back his foreskin revealing his shiny red tip, and I jerked on his cock, licked his hairless balls, and put his cock in my mouth and sucked it.

After a few minutes his cock started twitching in my mouth, so I took it out and jerked on it as fast as I could, then his cock swelled and ejaculated a few strong thick streams of sperm high in to the air and the rest slowly trickled out of the eye of his cock, it streamed down the length of his cock and all over his balls, making everything very sticky.

I licked his thick sticky sperm off his balls then licked me tongue up the length of his cock, lapping up every drop of his sweet ambrosia, young boys sperm does taste exceptionally good.

His cock had done it’s job and worked very well, but I wanted more of his delicious sperm, so I went in to my bedroom searched through my box of sex toys until I found what I needed, a vibrating cock-ring.

I took it into his room, I stroked his cock until he was erect again, and then I placed the cock-ring tightly around his balls and I switched it on, the cock-ring prevented his cock from going soft, locking the blood in his cock, keeping it solid and hard, and the vibrator gave him sexual stimulation.

I sat and watched his cock throbbing and twitching around, I’d occasionally jerk and suck it a few times just to help it along, and about 20-minutes later he ejaculated again, his thick white sperm pouring out of his cock like a tiny fountain, once again I licked it all up, every last drop, and I kept the vibrator going.

He woke up after ejaculating the second time and he was thrashing again on the bed, no doubt wondering why he was tied up, gagged and blindfolded, I didn’t say anything, I just kept quiet.

With the vibrating cock-ring pleasuring and stimulating his young hard fertile cock, he continued to ejaculate every 20-30 minutes or so, and each time I would lap up all of his delicious sperm.

After nearly 3 hours torturing his cock, I waited for him to ejaculate one last time, his sperm had started to come out runny and a little translucent, I was overworking his poor little balls and his cock had started to turn a shade of purple because the blood had been trapped inside it and he had been kept erect for too long.

I licked up his last ejaculation and then I turned off the vibrator and removed the cock-ring from his now swollen balls, and he appeared to be very relieved.

He fell asleep naturally as his very sticky purple cock slowly softened and shrunk down.

I waited for a while to make sure he was asleep, then I gently removed the tape from his mouth and his arms, then I put his boxer shorts back on and I tucked him in to his bed under the sheets, then I removed the blindfold and quietly left the bedroom.

The next morning he complained about having a very sore penis, but he remembered nothing of my abuse, he just assumed he’d had a naughty dream, at least that’s what I convinced him it was, I was helped by the medication I’d slipped in to his coco having a side effect that made his memory a little fuzzy the morning after, it’s a bit like a hangover really.

He was a bit embarrassed about his sore penis but I went to the chemist and got him some soothing cream for him, and the next day he was fine.

I had a lovely time taking care of my dear nephew, and an even better time milking his young preteen cock.

The vibrating cock-ring is going to get a very good review from me.

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    I bet it tasted so sweet

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    Would love to hear more

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    should be locked up fucking weirdo

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    what the fuck?

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    what a great aunt

    • Rob ID:1e7ndlgi141o

      Read my true stories it’s called abused and actually enjoyed it part 1 and part 2 it under abuse

  • Reply Papii ID:19gte79chzbf

    Mmmmm wish that was me instead giving you my cum (;

    • Trevor ID:576i5kizm