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our rich adopted parents loves to film me and my little sister (II)

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the adopted parents of Bian and Ivy continue to use them into ch**d p**n and selling them online to earn money. I advice to read the part 1 first

”now Ivy your turn.” mom said

I stood up and Ivy immediately laid down on the table. I was waiting for mom to apply ice cream to ivy’s body but mom said the bucket was empty so I should lick Ivy directly. I didn’t mind tho since Ivy enjoyed the ice cream.

starting on her mouth and our tongue swirled and all my drool dropped in her mouth while we were kissing, I also licked her nose and cheeks then her neck shoulder,arm, armpit I was following what my mom was saying. I really didn’t understand what we were doing and why our dad was filming us, but to be honest for my self I started to enjoy licking Ivy’s body. her smooth skin was so soft I felt like licking a soft jelly specially her baby fats.

then mom told me to suck Ivy’s flat chest and use my tongue to play with her nipples. I did what she said and I noticed her nipples became harder and round, I played it for a while and then my head moved down to her belly button it was cute and deep. now mom spread Ivy’s legs and I was about to lick her pussy but mom stopped me, she wanted me to lick Ivy’s feet first and I follow her order. then finally Ivy’s pussy.

I was in the middle of her wide spread legs and my eyes stared on her pussy. It was so pink and small but beautiful to look, I moved forward and lick the fat side of her pussy, I was shocked when my tongue touched that part, it was literally softer that any parts of her. I licked and licked both side of her pussy cheeks then I licked the middle but my tongue went through and it was wet. my tongue moved up and down in the middle of her pussy to her clit. I enjoyed doing it but I heared Ivy’s soft moaning and the camera was too close to my face filming what I was doing.

”ahhh Big brother, stop hmmm I’m going to pee hhmmmm” Ivy said while biting her lips.

”continue and don’t stop” mom respond to Ivy

”hhmm no please I need to pee first ” Ivy begged

I didn’t stop licking her tiny pussy but I noticed Ivy’s body tensed and her moaning became louder. then I heard mom saying to lick Ivy more and faster. after a few seconds Ivy’s body twitched and a strong water current squirt from Ivy’s pussy straight to my mouth then to my whole face. I pulled back my but mom hold my head and plunged my face straight on Ivy’s squirting pussy.

”huhu sorry big brother I didn’t mean to pee on your face huhu” Ivy cried with tears while hugging me.

”it’s alright don’t cry besides it wasn’t your fault.” I said to console her.

”good job my children, now we’re done playing. what do you want? anything just say it to mommy.” mom said with a sweet smile as if nothing happened.
of course ivy and I were just a kid so mom could easily to control us using some words.

after hearing mom’s words almost an instant we forgot everything. we agreed to eat pizza and ice cream outside. we played in park and eat a lot, Ivy and I were so happy and felt being loved by our parents. after that, we reached home and act normal again. they let us did what ever we want so I played the Xbox while Ivy tried all her beautiful dress and play with her dolls.
we were clueless but our adopted parents were delighted that night, they hit a gold by selling those pics and vids they took earlier to their online customers.

”mm big brother ” ivy said while we were laying next to each other that night because Ivy said she wanted to sleep on my bed.

”yes? is everything okay?” i replied

”sorry again what happened earlier, I didn’t mean to pee on your face…” she said guiltily.

”didn’t I tell you to stop thinking about it?”

”but big brother..”

”no but. I’m not mad at you okay.”

”okay. thank you big brother” then she hugged me tightly

”in fact I loved it” I said almost in a whisper tone. we both shocked from what I said.

”do you like my pee?” she asked me with doubt

”no no you silly girl. I mean your pee pee.” I said shyly

”huh? my pee pee? why?” she asked again.

”I don’t know why I like it. but your pee pee is smells good and smooth and soft like a jelly”

”jelly? you really like my pee pee?”

”yes of course, so please stop being sad okay”

”okay big brother. but if you really like my pee pee you can touch it anytime you want. but now do it slowly okay please I don’t wanna pee in your bed.” she said giving me permission.

”thanks Ivy, I promise to touch it gently”

I put my left hand inside Ivy’s pajama using my middle finger I rubbed her pussy gently while my right hand was hugging her. I don’t know and I don’t understand why I like to touch her pee pee but I felt comfortable and peace. we went to sleep while my finger still inside her pajama and we were hugging each other all night.

next day after breakfast mom and dad brought us in the amusement park. ivy and I enjoyed every single moment all those rides toys and food we ate. it was afternoon when we arrived at home but we still energetic. at that moment mom asked us sweetly if we want to play with them again just like yesterday. we had no reason to decline her since our mom and dad were all good to me and my adopted sister. we nodded simultaneously, mom cheered for our answers and dad on the side preparing his two expensive cameras.

mom changed our clothes into beautiful one. she gave me suite and tie then she applied foundation and little make up on my face then wax to fix my hair. then she changed Ivy into a little innocent princess, her yellow long gown and beautiful high heels. mom focused on ivy’s face and hair, she applied blue and red make up and lipstick while her hair was curly and bouncing with blue ribbon. were like came from the fantasy world. mom giggles and can’t stop to adore our cuteness. we were ready for the pictorial, mom and dad were ready to picture and film us.

mom was instructing us for what to do while snapping photo and dad quietly filming every moments. we smiled and posed in front of the camera in different places such as in the garden,front house, living room, stairs almost the whole house.

”good job. we’re done. now you two get naked but don’t remove your make up and hair okay. you can do what ever you want now”

”can we play xbox now? I asked

”of course honey, I’ll prepare snaks for you two”

Ivy and I rushed towards the living room butt naked and excitedly play xbox. dad followed us and he still filming while we were playing xbox. I don’t get it but I ignored him and continued playing with Ivy. Mom came back and gave us a bucket of ice cream,cola and doritos. it was fun to play with my sister with many snacks.

I noticed dad’s camera moving closer but he was trying his best not to interrupt our game. he filmed closely our faces and my soft small pee pee. then he moved to Ivy’s face slowly going down to her flat chest then to her belly. Ivy sat in squatting position while holding the console game and dad’s camera had a good view of ivy’s small pussy and it spread a little so her clit was visible. every 10 minutes we changed our position then mom and dad also need to moved to get the best angle. after we played xbox we dressed up and ate dinner then went to sleep.

inside our adopted parents room, mom and dad were cheering to hit another gold for selling our nudes online. the customer asking for some hardcore scenes but my parents said they need to pay twice the price if they really want a real deal….

to be continued…

does anyone reading this? would you comment your thoughts in this story? It would help a lot, the readers and comments giving me reason to continue my stories and also it boost my sexual inspiration when I read comments.
or don’t bother yourself it’s your choice.

sorry for my english BTW..

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