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Me and My Adult Cousin Pt. 1

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I was 13, she was 29. And it was great.

Before I get into this story, let me give you some background. I’m a 13 year old male and my 4th or 5th cousin Mary is really close with my mom, my mom is only 8 years older than Mary, making Mary 29. And don’t think this is fake because I have direct quotes in here, it’s all true, I got the dialogue as close to reality as I could remember.
2 saturdays ago, Mare is at my house chillin with my mom. My mom had to go to work for a few hours, but Mare decided to stay here and wait for my mom to get back since they don’t see each other often. Mare lives an hour away in our city’s hood. She listens to some rap and cleans my house a little bit. After, she went into the kitchen to smoke some weed. I just watch a little YouTube for a bit. And then, I don’t know where it came from but I got really ballsy and asked if I could have a puff.
Alright, let’s stop for a moment, let me explain Mare’s personality to you real quick, she’s had a tough life, she’s a real ghetto mexican/Amerindian girl, real sarcastic and pissy, but we love her.
She says, “What the fuck do you think, dumbass.” And I go, ” Oh, okay.” And then in a lighter tone she says, “Actually, you know what, sure. Just don’t tell no one. Get over here.” I walk over, her hand hand reaches out towards me, with a joint in it. I grab it, take a biiig puff, cough quite a bit, and hand it back.
Alright, so Mare is really short, about 5’3″ give or take a few inches. She’s real petite, about my size, we call her a pocket person. She has a really skinny stomach and legs. A nice sized ass and some pretty big tits. Giving her a nice hourglass figure.
About 2 hours after my mom left, she’s cleaning again. And she goes to dust the TV stand and she is bent over in skin-tight leggings and a visible pink thong. I’m on the couch I look up from my phone and see her. Either the weed or some primal instinct took over, because I’m normally really shy. But in that moment, I walked over to her and grabbed her ass through her pants. But I acted like I was falling and was using it (her ass) as something to grab onto. “Whoah,” she said excitedly. I said, “That was awkward, I’m sorry.” She said, “It’s okay.” And I kept walking into the bathroom, and I beat it real quick and then came back into the living room. She looked at me and went, “I’m going to take a shower, you can do whatever.” “Okay,” I replied. About 5 minutes later, she yelled, “Sam, Sam!” I yelled back, “What.” She said, “bring me some conditioner.” I proceeded to walk into the bathroom. I grabbed some conditioner from beneath the sink, and said, “Here. She rips the shower curtains all the way open. I gulp, and look down and back up to her face again. She had big, firm boobs, and a perfectly trimmed pussy. Her thick, black pubes were in one of those perfect upside down triangles. It was so sexy and she yelled, “Quit catching peeks, perv.” She grabbed the conditioner out of my hands and quickly pulled the shower curtains closed. I said, “We’ll it gross you out if I take a leak real quick.” She replied, “No, go ahead.” I took a leak, and as I was walking back to the living room, I saw her worn leggings and dirty, pink thong in the hamper. I took the thong out real quick and walked into the living room, pulled down my pants, and started beating it while sniffing her strong, sweaty panties on the couch. On the gusset there were fresh, creamy, white stains that smelled like fish, but somehow good if that makes any sense, she must’ve been aroused a little bit before, maybe when I grabbed her ass. Through my heavy breathing, I apparently didn’t hear the shower stop going. She walked out with a towel around her body and another around her hair, she was going to walk through the hallway, past the living room and into my mom’s room to get dressed. As she walked past the living room, she peered in to check on me and caught me in the act. The whole time, I was none the wiser.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” Stunned, I covered myself with a blanket and said, “Nothing.” She said, “Bull-fucking-shit! You were sniffing my panties!” I’m gonna go get dressed while I think of you’re punishment. And give me those,” she said as she ripped the thong out of my hands and walked away. A few minutes later, she came out of the bedroom and into the living room. She was wearing a skimpy v-neck exposing some of her sweet cleavage, pushed together by a tight, teal bra. And downstairs, was wearing the same see through leggings and pink, smelly thong. She said, “It’s your lucky day, I’m horny and…that’s it. Oh, and, uh, are you virgin?” “Yeah,” I replied.

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