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My first black guy was my aunts BF!

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I was staying with my aunt for the summer while my mom and dad were going through a divorce. I was 14 years old. My aunt was a nurse and worked weird shifts. I didn’t really get along with her bf at first, I don’t think he wanted me to stay there. He was a really big black guy, I’d guess mid 30’s.
I just kept to myself and stay in my room most of the time.

I had been with 2 other guys before, both white. When I was 13 I was with my friends older brother, then after him I met a guy from chat.

My aunts bf didn’t work so he would smoke weed n watch porn when my aunt left.

I got up late and went to get a drink and he was sitting on the couch smoking n watching porn.

He closed the laptop and asked me how I liked it there and then we just started talking about random stuff.

He asked me a few times if I wanted to smoke and I told him no each time. Then he asked me if I watch porn and I told him I have. He turns the laptop toward me and ask if i see anything like this and it was a big black guy fucking a small girl. She looked like she was really young. I said no and then he started asking me about sex. I ended up sitting next to him watching some porn n smokin with him.

I was feeling lightheaded and while watching porn he was rubbing my leg and then my pussy. I just sat back and let him.

He moved the laptop to the side and I could see he was hard n huge. He made me stand in front of him n he took off my shorts and started fingering me. While he is fingering me he is also rubbing his dick through his shorts. He ask me if I ever been with a black guy and I tell him no.
He ask if I want to see his dick and I hesitated then said yeah. He said if he takes it out I have to make him cum though. I didn’t say anything cause I really wanted to see it and I figured I could give him a handjob to make him cum.

He stands up in front of me and takes off his shorts n he is huge n hard. He then stands in front of me n I thought he wanted me to jerk or suck him but he got down between my legs and went down on me. I was not expecting that and it was great, he was driving me wild.

Then after a few minutes i feel him moving up n he is rubbing his dick between my legs. He ask if I want him to stop n i shook my head no.

He then starts pushing his dick in me slowly til I scream and stop him.

He pulls back a little and tells me since i let him in I have to take all of it n make him cum. And before I can say anything he starts going in and out, not too hard or fast. Just slow but going deeper each time. I’m moan, screaming n crying. After a while he pulls his dick out, most of it is covering in like cream. He still hasn’t gotten all of it in me.

He picks me up and takes me to my bedroom and lays me on the bed then gets between and puts his dick in again. This time he is going a little harder n deeper. Telling me I’m going to take all his cock before he cums.

I can’t talk, can barely breathe and when I can make a noise I’m screaming. My eyes are closed most of the time, when i open them i see him smiling n loving it and i see his big dick coming almost all the way out of me n disappearing back into me. Finally he is all the way in me, fucking me with long deep strokes. Still hurts like hell and I can’t believe I’m taking all of him.

After doing that for a while he stops with his dick all the way in me and ask if I’m ready for him to cum.
Again before I could say anything, and I was going to tell him not to cum in me, he starts fucking me hard and fast.
I’m screaming n crying again and he is fucking me harder than before n I feel him getting really hard and going deeper.Then he stops with his dick deeper than it ever has been and I can feel it pusle and he is saying oh fuck.

He pulls his dick out and I can feel his cum leaking down my legs. He ask if I’m ok and I just shook my head.
I couldn’t walk so just laid there for a while then took a shower. I had a super bad stomach ache. When my aunt got home she thought I had a cold.

Me n my aunts bf didnt say a word until a week later and I ended up doing it all again.

Let me know what you think.

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    Thanks for the positives….


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    I was about 13 when I started dreaming of bbc

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    Oh my god April ! I loved your report on how he fucked you, it made me cum in my pantyhose and panties since I’m at work right now reading your story !! please tell me how does it feel to be blacked !! now you can join the rest of us white girls and wives that have been blacked !! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

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    Oh my girl! I really need some BBC right now, i hope you have his baby soon though and love to hear more stories from you!!!