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i wanna get kidnapped

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Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m 13 years old. Look, I’ve been having these weird fantasies for like, a day now. I kind of want a woman (by the way I am pansexual) to kidnap me for like, three weeks up to a month, and rape me. like, I want her to finger me and make me eat her pussy and just rape me and spank and starve me when I’m being a bad girl. I just want to get kidnapped, raped, spanked, and starved by a woman for three weeks. It just sounds super fun. I would love it if some random lady did that to me. A PRETTY WOMAN WOULD BE EVEN BETTER. I mean, I don’t think a woman would ever want to rape a teen girl 😔 but yeah. Now, I do also want a man to rape me, but I’m honestly scared of men fucking me cuz it might hurt, and I think I’d be a little bit less scared with a woman if that makes sense. Anyways, I just wanted to share that. I think I’ve just been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, like school and my mental health, and I just want to escape that. I also just wanna get raped 😏. Idk, I just want a woman to scissor me. Now, in my head I would totally love it, but if it happened irl, I’d probably start crying cuz I’d be scared af lmfao if that makes sense. I finger myself while I imagine myself casually taking a little walk in a quiet neighborhood at 7 pm. I’m wearing a tank top and a skirt, and a pretty, nice looking woman walks over and starts talking to me. I start getting suspicious of her and try to leave, but then she grabs me and pulls me into her car. She drives off and takes us to this motel and pulls out her gun (OooOoOohh) and threatens to kill me if I try to escape. Scared and helpless, I mod my head. We get out of the car, me feeling sad because this is my chance to run, but I don’t want her to shoot at me. We go into the motel room, and she pushes me to the bed. She tries to undress me, and I try to resist, but she’s much stronger than me. She undresses me, admiring my small ass boobs 🙄 (34A, I’m so embarrassed) and starts fingering me. Me, scared as hell, starts crying. She gets a long piece of cloth and ties it around my mouth. She undresses and forces me to open my legs. I try to push her, but she grabs her gun and threatens me again. I lay down, feeling defeated, knowing that there is no way I’ll ever get out. She opens my legs and starts scissoring me. I’m sobbing now, worried that she might shoot and kill me even if I obey, and I’m moaning too. The feeling of her scissoring me pleasures me.

For the next 3 weeks she rapes, spanks, and starves me, until she finally drives me to a park in the middle of the night and leaves me there.

That’s what I fantasize about. That’s what I want. I don’t want to get beaten up or anything, just a couple of spanks with a belt.

Anyways, I’m gonna go be depressed now because this fantasy probably won’t happen in real life. Bye bye 😔

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  • Reply The pilot ID:16mdzo4mqz03

    Hey I would leave something like this till your 16 😀

  • Reply Lily ID:2wdoer1649k

    Danm I thought I’m the only one who craves this fantasy. I want to be owned and use when used. I want my daddy to come home with his friends and force me to service them all. I want a lot of weird things for a 16yr old right? Lol

  • Reply [email protected] ID:4j4ti2gm2

    i would gladly fuck you and maybe put a baby in your belly if you wanted to take my cum.

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      I would let u fuck me but I don’t wanna get pregnant

    • [email protected] ID:4j4ti2gm2

      sounds fair to me. Id be as gentle or rough as you felt comfortable with beautiful

  • Reply marküs ID:1tyitbiqm

    how often do you reply to mails ?

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      very often

  • Reply hazbin ID:1tyitbiqm

    what can we talk on? just emails?

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      yeah just email

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You must stay positive and believe this could happen!

  • Reply We're all going hell ID:vzgekc68

    You might have issues get a therapist

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      I already have a therapist but that doesn’t help 🙂

  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    I’m male but I’d love to chat with you and do
    More fantasy. You sound so hot and fun!

  • Reply tristian m parker ID:3abmlvrwsrq

    leanee13 you gotta chill with this bro

  • Reply tristian m parker ID:3abmlvrwsrq

    Aye Leanne13 ima be real rn. You should prolly stop this until you’re 18. Cause there’s some nasty mfs out there who would do horrible stuff to you. I get your into that type of stuff but maybe you could wait until you find a safer option of roleplaying with someone else

  • Reply leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

    share me with who?

  • Reply D ID:3zxjp0lg499

    Whats the best way to get ahold of you

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa


    • D ID:3zxjp0lg499

      Whats your e mail?

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      [email protected]

    • Still trying to get a good name ID:1dsd2sgimfwa

      Leanne, do you expect anyone to believe that email is real?
      Everyone knows that 100% of these stories, and 99.9% of the comments are fake.

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      well 3 people have already emailed me so apparently people do believe that this email is real. and I honestly don’t give a fuck about what you have to say 🙂 bye bye now

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      oh sorry mb, 9 people 🙂

  • Reply Idk ID:1dmwvbvu5kgw

    Im a 15 yo girl and Ive been having the exact same fantasies so I feel you😭😭

    • Juney ID:1cw4mzwplbg2


    • Idk what name to put ID:1etj1xt5zyrv

      That’s so hott!

    • Daddy ID:2murfftgzj

      What’s your number

    • [email protected] ID:eq5ti158k

      Email me then 😉

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      OMG YES 😭

    • Curious George? ID:4j4ti2gm2

      Do you have a protonmail too?

    • [email protected] ID:4j4ti2gm2

      email me and maybe we can make it come true bbg