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My mom

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Reading these fantasies on hear made me want to tell
My true story of what happened one night with my mom.
I was 14 Mom and Dad had been arguing. With each other on phone. Dad drives truck. She told him she needed a man that would be here for her. And hung up. She was crying and I felt sorry for her asked her if she was alright. She laughed and said yes through tears. And hugged me. I said mom I can be your man while dad is gone. She laughed again drying her tears and said I bet you could. Not really knowing what their fighting was about.
She said but you can’t take care of my loneliness. Still not realizing they were arguing over lack of sex. So that echo mom was watching tv I sit next to her on couch and pull some of her blanket on my legs. It’s December it was cold.
She said we can share and scooted ove next to me.
Mom was cute 5 foot 3 alittle chubby short brown hair glasses
She was in her nightgown I could feel the silky smoothness of it against me. She snuggled up to me and said laughing maybe you can be my man for some things.
So awhile later I had been rubbing her back she was laying on my chest she kissed my belly I said what was that for. She said for being a good son. She lsat up and kissed me on check. Lay there head on my shoulder.
My hand was against her tit m
Now. Mom did not have big breast they were smaller but I could feel her nipple through her night shirt which for me at time was as close to any woman I had ever touched . I didn’t move concentrating on how it felt against my hand. I got hard.
Not only hard but throbbing hard. The lights were out only had the light from tv.
I unconsciously rubbed her nipple and had been for idk how long. Mom didn’t say anything. I froze for a moment and then wanted to feel it so I started squeezing it alittle. Idk it at time but mom was half asleep and she was reacting to my rubbing.. she woke up and said honey you shouldn’t be doing that. Then she laughed and said I guess you are a man. And said what am I going to do with you. She snuggled back up to me nudge her head agains my neck and kissed me she said hey look at me. It was dark but I could see her staring at me her glasses were off her eyes were shining in the dark off tv light
She leaned in and said I want to see if you can kiss.
And we kissed. Started making out mom leaned back and puking me on her she spread her legs still kissing me. She put her legs up on my sides and was grinding against me as we kissed. I felt her hands on my hips slipping
My boxers down. My cock was against her and she was still kissing me so much so my
Lips was getting numb. Her breathing was hard grinding against me she hurried her head in my neck. She was fumbling with her hands and took hold of me pulling her panties aside and I was in her before I knew what was happening. Five minutes of Grinding and heavy breathing she was breathing so hard thinking back it’s so erotic to think about. I came quickly and moaned out which made her moan out and thrusting her hips and she jerked and moaned under me.
We layed ther a minute and she said we better get to bed
It’s getting late we sat up and both were exhausted and sweaty idk really how long it lasted but my guess thinking back 5 minutes but seemed like hours as tired as I was.
Mom realizing what we did went into a we can’t tell anyone and this can’t happen again.
The next morning mom was embarrassed around me. When she did finally bring it up. She was telling me she was sorry and she was lonely and we can’t let it happen again.
And I wish I was older and knew how to handle it cause I was embarrassed at time and in shock about it. I fantasized many nights after. I never got to see her naked what it would of been like if we could of done it again.
It’s still to this day 25 years later
The most intense sex I ever had.

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  • Reply Sammy ID:1dnjid0bdhb3

    When I was growing up in my house my mother would come home and get undressed

  • Reply Jim ID:7zv2u2gxid

    I fucked my
    Mom once also
    We were both drunk I was 19 home from college dad was at work. Mom just literally told me how hot I looked tonight. She kissed me and I fell back on couch and she kept on her aggression and and she sucked and fucked me like a whore not my mom.
    So found out weeks later. After probably the wildest sex of my life that I will never get out of my head.
    She had some psychological breakdown and drinking changed her personality to the point she didn’t even know who I was . Sorta like dual personality disorder.