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Daddy’s only true Girl

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A Story how a Girl and her Father take their Love to a more naughty Level. Hint: Story contains underage persons and some unreal actions/details

Welcome my horny Readers, first of all, the Bio of our protagonists ?

Alexis: 15 years old, 150 cm, 60 kg, Breasts Size DD close-Set, curvy and firm ass, natural brown skin, sportly Body, brown-blonde long hair, green eyes. A very charismatic girl with a popular Reputation cause if her “noticeable” outlook in School and talentes for many things. One day she founded her Moms phone opened with a chat of her new secret fiancé.

Terrence (Terry): 35 years old, 180 cm, 85 kg, averaged muscled body with Sixpack, 20 cm and thick Cock, natural Brown skin, black short hair, blue eyes. A successful and well earning buissnesman who somehow made it to work at home. Is Is dayliy working out at his local gym and sometimes goes with his daughter working out. But Terry is noticing something very Strange about his so called wife Natalia.

Have fun with the Story, lemme know if you want more or want some improvements, can also be more naughty ideas ?

On a sunny evening, Alexis is coming home, totally tired of her beach ball training and still at her PE clothes. She was wearing her tight white-black stripped tight Sport Shorts with her white-black stomach and sleeve free tight Top and wearing a sport bag with her regular clothes. As she was entering through the Door, her Dad was chilling on the couch in the big modern looking living Room and was reading the news on his phone. Her Family owns a own builded house with two floors, including a basement and a attic. “Hey Dad” said Alexis, while she was getting of her shoes and her bag and was going slowly to the living room. “Hey Alex, how was your beach ball session?” was her dad saying while he was putting the phone away and was looking at her beautiful and hot looking daughter. “Was suprisingly good. Me and my squad were killing it.” says Alexis while she was leaning on the couch next to her father. “Our coach has already choosen me for upcoming Junior Beach ball qualifications of the entire Region.” “That’s my Girl! Can’t wait to see you holding up your next trophy with your squad” Says her Dad with much pride and in a happy mood. “Oh we will Dad, we definitely will!” says Alexis.Her Dad hushed a quick look on his daughter body and says “Also, I know you may be a hot catch in school, but why aren’t you wearing your regular clothes? They seem pretty tight on you dont you think?”. Alexis blushed slightly. “Well look at that. My Dad is hungry for my hot and hotter Body” in a sarcastic tone while she was slowly going out of the room. “But yea, speaking of hot, it was pretty hot outside, and I don’t wanna sweat more then I am already. I’m going for a shower, cya in a bit, Pervy Dad!”. Her Dad also slightly blushing and laughing slightly calling “Yea yea, got experience or what? Also if you are wondering, Mom is visiting her family for like 2 weeks, if you wondering!” “Thanks Dad”.

Alexis took her bag and was walking into her room and closing up the door. She undressed herself and her tight sitting breasts and ass jumps out of the clothes and she gets a tempting looking pink panty and a long t-shirt and dresses herself in only a towel. But before she went to the bathroom, she grabbed her phone, dropped the towel quickly and she went into a hot pose infront of the mirror and made a photo. “Another one in my collection” she says quietly to herself while she was saving one another naked picture of herself to her locked and password saved file with 28 more pictures of herself in many other places and ways. Including in a stolen dessous from Mom, a cucumber up her pussy, only her naked ass and other dirty dirty things. And also 3 more photos of a conversation that she quickly made a photo of. It was from her mother’s phone with her new fiancé. Alexis didn’t know why Mom was doing it, but one day she will find out. “How am I gonna deliver this to Dad? Sadly I can’t make this prettier.” while she was closing her phone and putting on the towel again.

As Alexis was carrying her clothes and opened the door, she accidentally run into her dad and she fell onto the ground. “Oh God, I’m so sorry Alex!” says her father worried. “Nono, it’s my fault. I should pay of my surroundings” says Alexis while she was sitting on the ground with spreader legs and…. her towel dropped of. Terry saw her naked and was stunned of the hot body that his daughter has for the next few seconds, while Alexis looked up to her father and seeing a light bulge in his pants. Both of them were stunned of each others sexual body parts until Terry looked away and gave Alexis a hand. She finally came to her senses and picked up the towel and her father’s hand to get up. Both didn’t sayed a word and Alexis was walking quickly into the bathroom and closed the door. “Oh my…. Was my own father…..getting horny… Of me?!” while she was slowly putting her clothes on the big heater at the opposite side of the big shower, perfectly fitted for two persons to wash. “But his…. Pal… wow, that was a piece!”. While the father was leaning against the wall was thinking. “Was that… My daughter?? I was joking around down there, but she indeed is a sexy looking girl. Those firm breasts! Wish I could….” as he quickly tryed to throw those thoughts out of his head he thought “Noo! She is my daughter for God sake! I have my wife to cuddle with…. Or do I really have a true wife?”. As he was walking down the corridor to his room, he noticed the noises of the shower clearer then normal. He looked at the door to the bathroom and it wasn’t even closed properly. Only a gap was there and he couldn’t resist looking through the gap. What he saw was indescribable. His own daughter, coated in foam of soap and slowly massaging her own breasts and her ass. Terry was slowly giving in into pleasure and kept looking while his Hand was slowly opening his pants and putting his Hand on his already half stiff cock. Alexis was keep massasging her own tits while she was leaning to the wall while the shower was still on and leaving water drops on her body. She moaned slowly and as quietly as possible. Her father, spying on her, keeps slowly jerking of his cock while he noticed that his daughter is whispering something he couldn’t clearly hear. Alexis was keep touching her big breasts and slowly moving her hips in short waves of pleasure. Terry was keep getting faster and then he had a idea, that may be risk his relationship with his daughter, but he was determined to pull his idea through. He packed his half erectet cock in his pants, that had to go through the left pants sleeve, cause it already was on a stunning size. He closed his pants and knocks on the door and said “Alexis? Uhm…. can I come in? I think I left something in there!”. Alexis jumps slightly suprised but was saying “Uhm… Well… I mean… Okay..!”. Her Dad was entering the bathroom and first saw his naked daughter in the shower, but with her back to him. Terry was stunned by her ass, but could put himself together and “searched” through the small cabinets in the bathroom, while Alexis was rubbing her body with soap clean. And suddenly he asks “Alex?” “Yea..?” “I was thinking, if I could….. You know….. Shower with you?”. His daughter frozed and said nothing, still with her back to him. “I mean… I dunno, maybe you don’t have shower alone the entire time, and since….. We spent so much time together why don’t we-” “Okay” she says quickly. “Really?” “Yea sure” as she turned around and showed her Father her naked breasts and body. “Okay then” he said, while he was undressing himself and getting naked. As Terry was pulling of his underwear, his big and erected cock jumps out and Alexis couldn’t look away from this massive piece of meat. Her father was entering the shower chamber and was standing behind her. “Do you want me to rub your back with soap?” says her father, breaking the silence. “S-Sure…” she says, while she putted her hands against the wall and her dad getting her favorite body wash. He putted a handful of it on his hand and putted his Hands on her Back. He slowly started to massage her back. Terry’s erected cock was already touching her Ass and Alex was already getti g wet of that touch. Terry was wandering with his hand from her back to her breasts, and he massaged her breasts firmly and tightly. Alex was turning around, so her father could get a better grip. Both of them didn’t sayed a single word. Terry was keep massaging his daughters big and firmly tits, while she was moaning even louder, when her dad stopped and watched her in her eyes. Both of their eyes, filled with pleasure and only focused on one thing. Both of them were slowly getting into a tight hug. His penis touching her leg and her tits touching his chest. And then…. They kissed each other. Slowly but short at first. They stopped and then returned into a more wilder and passionate kiss. Both of them moved their bodys in waves of pleasure and kissed with each second wilder and wilder. Then both of them stopped and they looked each other in the eyes. Both of them were speechless when Terry said those words

“I love you, Alex.”

“I love you too dad.”

After they went out of the shower, still naked but dry, holding hands tightly, they went to the big bedroom of Terry and Natalia. They both fall on the bed, with Alex on top of Terry, while they both still kissing and Terry keeps touching her huge tits. Then Alex suddenly stops and goes with her face infront of his huge cock. “Never knew that my future Loves dick could get this big” she says in a naughty – trance voice while she started to kiss her Dad’s hugs Dick. He moaned slightly and then more, when Alex picked his entire Cock wet and sloppy and then she was sucking his balls. She took his balls in her entire mouth in and out and playing with them with her tounge. Her dad was holding her head to his crotch area the entire time while he moaned some words. “Mmmm yea that’s it sweetie, lick your daddys balls”. Then she went the top of his cock and said “I am forever yours daddy. Tell me, am I your only girl?” “You are my only Girl Alexis.” As she geared those words, she took his dick slowly in her mouth. First she took the half of it and then the full size in her throat. She went back and forward slowly and swallowing his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her head tighter and started to fuck her mouth. She completely submitted and let her daddy fuck her mouth. “Ohh yes, my baby girl, you are truly my most favorite girl. I love you so much!” while he sayed those words, Alexis started to finger herself fast and uncontrollable. As he was close to cummimg, he pulled his massive cock out of her stretched mouth. “Daddy, there is something you need to see.” she sayed while backing of. She pressed her tits very tightly together and holds them for a while, when she finally released her tits, her dad noticed that something is happening. Her breasts are getting bigger and heavier.” What is this honey??” ” I’m not sure, but somehow, when I’m enough errected, I can make my getting filled with breast milk.” As her tits reached a very big size, she once again pressed them together and milk started to pouring out of her nipples like a stream of water. “Wanna taste?” she said in a sexy and temptimg voice. Suddenly, her father gets on top of her. “Of course, but only if…” he reached to his throbbing penis and positioned it on her pussy. “Ready?” whisperd her Daddy in her ear. “Make me yours. Daddy!” and her Father’s Cock alluded into her body. Alex was screaming in pleasure. “Oh fuck!! So big!!” and her tits keep lactating milk without end. Terry now started to fuck her, while he was sucking his daughters tits milk like crazy. ” Yes daddy!! More! Suck my milk tits dry and fuck me hard! That dumb mother if ours doesn’t deserve your Love! ” as she said it, Terry kept fucking her own daughter. “you know something right?” “she is going out with other men cause she ain’t get enough of one cock!” Terry kept fucking her daughter harder and harder while her pussy is flowing with love juices and her tits spitting more and more milk. ” I knew it, how bout I get a divorce with her? ” Alex is grabbing tightly on his back, even scratches his back “That’s it! I will never leave you! Now cum in me Daddy! Cum in me!” And as on word, seconds later, both of them came simultaneously. Both of them fall K. O. the bed and were close to sleeping. “I love you Alexis.” he said before he went to sleep. “I love you too Dad” She said and both of them went to sleep on the fully soaked in bed.

Alexis and Terry had sex many many times and in many different way. Alexis was now her fathers new source of milk and they used that for many other things. As Natalia came back home, she founded them both cuddling and kissing more and further then usually. Terry already packed her things for her and she left at the smae day, while he took the ring and settled on her daughter’s finger. They went secretly as a new couple, but told or showed it to Noone. After 3 weeks of that relationship, Alexis found out that she was pregnant and after a few months, they excpect two beautiful girls. Alexis and Terry wanted to keep them, and gave birth of them. They don’t know how long they want to keep that secret of them between them, but till know, they love each other like a fantastic couple, having many many times sex and loving as much as they can.

————————————The End——————————–

I know it isn’t the best but I try my best on other stories. You liked /loved/hated this story? Lemme know, I’m always open for suggestions /criticism.

Have a good night you Guys ?❤️?

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    To “H”
    No one’s interested in talking with a basement. MOMMY’S BOY hiding in your mom’s basement.

  • Reply Lauren ID:bo2qeotzj

    Nice story. Father/daughter incest is just plain 🔥 HOT. Especially when pregnancy occurs. My dad and me are lovers along with dad/and daughter, we have 2 beautiful kids together. I had our first at 13, and the second at 23.

    • Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

      Hey Lauren. How are you. I’m glad you had your father babies. Thinking about it, is so HOT!!! Having him squirt inside you. Then having that creamy cum developing into a baby. It would be so great to have him & y’all baby sucking the milk out of your plump, full, juicy tits. YUMMY!!!

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzl

      Hey ReeRee
      I’m good thanks for asking. . Having my dads cum squirting into me and it making me pregnant has been the hottest and rewarding experience in my life. Yes then the babies sucking my milk from the full tits is another turn on.
      Hope everything is good with you and your group.
      Smooches 😘😘😘😘

  • Reply John ID:2nhj65nozl

    While we were reading your story, my 81 year old grandmother was sucking my cock. When we finished reading it, Gran and I had a great fuck. She even had an orgasm as I was spunking off inside her tight pussy.

  • Reply Hendrina ID:2nhj65nozl

    I’m Dutch, and I live in Amsterdam. I been fucking my father since I was 12 years old. When I was 14, I had his baby. It was a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Most Dutch fathers have fucked their fathers, and most Dutch mothers have fucked their sons.

    Ik ben Nederlander en woon in Amsterdam. Ik neukt mijn vader al sinds ik 12 jaar oud was. Toen ik 14 was, beviel ik van zijn baby. Ze was een mooi, gezond meisje. De meeste Nederlandse meisjes hebben hun vaders geneukt, en de meeste Nederlandse moeders hebben hun zoons geneukt.

    • H ID:7zv3e16w41

      @Hendrina I like to talk to you more if thats ok how can I get ahold of you

    • H ID:7zv3e16w41

      @Hendrina I like to talk to you more if thats ok how can I get ahold of you

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzj

      It’s wonderful being lovers with my dad. We have 2 together, I was pregnant 2 days after turning 13,and became a mommy before 14. I just had our second 12 weeks ago.

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzl

      Hi Hendrina. It’s totally hot being dad/daughter and lovers too. I’m in a relationship with my dad and have 2 kids together.
      Congrats on being with your dad.

  • Reply The Don ID:fx7i91m9a

    What a turn on…you make my dick very hard

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    Cool story

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    Was ur pussy hairy?

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      Bullshit story

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    What is your bra and pantie sizes

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    Incest babies, yes. Did your titties get thick and swollen with milk. Did dad and baby suck your tender, soft engorged nipples. Did he suck ’em raw. And suck them til they squirted and hurt with pleasure?

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    • Tom ID:4059nkihi

      Can I fuck your mom

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      hello Bernard I am wondering if you remember me we chat a while ago I was wondering if you have any new updates and I have a couple my self if you want to know? you can text me at (347)949-2811 when you have time!

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    This story was so hot that it got me hard

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      It made me do hard too

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Thanks for writing one of decent length, and also the disclaimer about these being “Unreal events.”

    There’s some overlong paragraphs, that could be broken up. If you’re looking for something to work on…

  • Reply Mr.die ID:2m7z84k9m4

    I liked the story. Its a good one so, i would say good job

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