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Fucked my sister in law

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I finally fucked my sis in law after years! Hope I got her pregnant..

I finally fucked my sister in law after years of waiting… I knew her since she was like 10years old, I fucked her when She was 20.

She lives in other country and she had a vacation here in US so she had to stay with us for like 6 months. When I saw her at the airport i got a hard on right away, she hugged her sister and she hugged me too but I feel awkward bec I haven’t seen her for so long and I my cock was so hard and I don’t want her to feel that. But anyways months have passed, when my wife had to go to other state for her work, she told me to watch for her sister and make sure she don’t go party all night and make sure to go to her class online.

One day I was so horny at work, I didn’t know what to do I had to release it. I sent a photo of my hard 8 inch cock to my sister in law. I did that on purpose. She texted me “what the hell bro?!” So I texted her back “oh shit! I’m sorry! That is supposed to go to your sister”
In my surprised she texted back she was like “damn bro! You really have a big cock! I like it”
So it was an opportunity to me. I texted her back “ oh really u liked it? I am so horny right now. Can I fcuk u?”
Then she replied “omg for real?i knew you wanted to fuck me! Ok go home and fuck my wet pussy”
I went straight home and fucked her! And she let me cum inside her multiple times. She said she was on pill so I cum inside her.
We always fucked everyday everynight. Cum in her everytime.
We always texting when my wife is at home.
That woman is a whore! I knew it! She fucked lots of guys older than her. She said she had somthing with older guys. She fucked a policeman, and 2 married man, 5 boyfriends and me.
But she is still tight as fuck, she said i have the biggest cock she ever fuck in her life.

Fast forward…
My wife found out.
So she kicked her out of our house and they don’t speak anymore.
And I don’t talk to her anymore as well
Wonder if I got her pregnant.

Ohh how i miss fucking her tight wet pussy.
I always jerk off thinking of her wet tight pussy, her moan, taste of her pussy. She was the first young womaan I fucked.

I am 31 btw.

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  • Reply Gordon writesy ID:28arlcnxib

    31 and can’t write. Such a fucking moron.

    • William ID:21z8ka6v9c

      frl tho, like get a fucking life