Fun with girl friend

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There’s nothing like being Young dumb and full of fun and cum in a hot day in london..
Add a mixture of a sexy cute 17 year old gf and a 23 year old bf.. Throw in a hefty mixture of hedonism and alcohol.. They’re begins the tale..

London the 80,s a city of excess, excitement, Everything to touch and learn and taste..

But stupidly pubs still shut at 3!!!

By that glorious summer very short skirts for the ladies and baggy shorts for the guys..

And what fun did they inspire..

The bus trip was a sterling idea both of us a little pissed and London had her hot coat on.. Open top bus see the sights while we wait for the pubs to reopen..

Brilliant plan… And as I watched my girl ass bounce up the old open top bus I couldn’t be happier at that moment..

In the crazy 6 months of our existence together she had taken to fucking and it was her daily fix..

The bus was quite being mid week and still a way’s of from any kids holidays..

So we had our choice of an almost empty top deck. I pushed her to the back gently and we had the whole back seat to our selves..

As the bus was waiting I noticed her skirt had ridden very high so my hand was soon busy teasing her smooth legs.. As I reached her shaven pussy I teased it with my fingers over her tiny thong I had Made her wear this morning…

Her legs spread automatically.. I slipped my face along the side of her neck.. Good girl… I whispered kissing on the sweet spot below her ear.. My fingers where under her panties as the bus pulled away… Playing with her clit… While my little finger found its way inside her tight wet lips..

Ready for fun baby girl.. I was answered by green eyes and a smile that I covered with my own parting hers with tongue as hers came out to touch mine..

Her hand found my cock, rock hard to the touch and soon my flies where undone and her hand stroked my sensitive skin.. Rubbing the wet Ness over its head..

I felt the fresh air as my cock found itself out side and looking for a place to lodge.

I lifted her away and made her stand in front of me.. Quickly pulling her thong to one side with a leg each side of mine she lowered herself onto my waiting flesh.. The rocking of the bus adding to the excitement as we held each other barely having to move.

I could hear her moaning knowing she was going to cum very very quickly.. And she held into the bars as I held her waist as she squirmed on my lap.. My hand found her throat.. Squeezing hard and tight… Her body arched and I felt the gush of her orgasm flooding my lap and her whole body spasmed my hand stopping her screaming… As she eventually relaxed into my cock still buried inside her… A long whoosh of air brought her back to the world as I let go the red marks appeared on her neck instantly..

Baby doll I whispered your cunt in drenched…. I need your ass next… A little chuckle.. It’s yours baby.. Its yours

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