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So, after school, Kelsey came over to my house, we finished our homework, and then we’re texting, checking our messages when mom came in, and said: “It’s a nice day, why don’t you two go out to play?” She didn’t add the usual about sitting right next to each other, texting, and chatting with all our friends online, instead of actually talking to each other, but that was kinda her favorite complaint.

My mom, gotta love her, but she just doesn’t get it. Probably because when she was our age, cell phones were like. Rich people stuff, and if you’re lucky, you knew someone with a pager, but come on. It’s the 21st century, and she’s still stuck in the 90s. Binge watching Ally McBeal, ER, and Friends. Maybe it’s Friends, they sure talk a lot on that show.

“Come on,” Kelsey took my hand, and said, “You can walk me home. It is a nice day out.”

“So?” I impersonated my mom, “Blue skies,” raising my hands, “Fresh air, and sunshine!” Swirling around like Bella singing about this Provincial Life.

Kelsey giggled, but then we made it down the block, across the street, and around the corner. She grabbed me, and I almost dropped the phone. “Kell! What gives?”

She pointed, “It’s those guys. We better cross the street.”

“What guys?” They’re smoking, and hanging out on the stoop.

“Oh, Trevor, Dillon, and Fronds.”

“His name is fronds, like palm fronds, or ferns?” I snickered, but the traffic wasn’t letting us jaywalk. It was pretty busy, I guess with people coming home from work, a lot of cabs, anyway.

“No, like France, but he spells it with a z, and pronounces it Fronz.”

I snorted, “DTF, like Dick to Fuck?”

“I think that stands for Down to Fuck. But yeah, those kinds of guys.”

“Well, they’re high school boys, so of course they’re DTF. Why don’t we go talk to them?”

“Because, they sexually harass every woman that walks by, look!” Mrs. Desalvo walked by their stoop, with Carla in tow, but they just kept joking, and talking. “Well, not every single woman, but still.”

“So, what? You keep talking about getting attention from boys, and none of the boys at school will give you the time of day either, so why don’t you go talk to them? Come on,” I pulled her hand. “They’re high school boys, and you know they’re hard, and horny, if they come out to look at women, and talk to them.”

“Well, they don’t talk to them, they just say crude judgemental stuff, and it’s not cool, at all.”

“They look pretty cool, and they’re high school boys, so you know they can get it up.”

“Brie!” She yanked her arm away, and stopped me with a shove.

“Don’t push me!”

“What’s got into you?”

“Nothing yet, and one of them’s kinda cute. Which one’s” I peeked around the side of her, really enjoying he joke, and not wanting to give it up. It was all a joke, to make her squirm, and uncomfortable, at first. I wasn’t planning on going through with it. “Got the bangs.”

“That’s Franz.” She looked back, and the look on her face, when she saw them walking up. I giggled, but she stood straight up, like attention.

“Hey, Fronz.” I stepped out from behind her. “Kelsey here was just telling me.” I shook my head, and had to think. What kind of thing to say to a boy. A high school boy, tall, with light brown bangs, and blue eyes when he twitched his head to swing them out of the way, and frowned. “All about you?”


“Nothing good, I bet.” One of his friends joked.

“Well, you’re single, right?” I smiled, and tried to look pretty.

“Dude, she’s like 10.” The other one pointed, looking me up, and down.

“No, I’m 13.” Well, almost 13, “I’m in 8th grade, and I’ll be going to your school next year, but I can’t wait.”

“She’s kinda horny, sorry guys.” She pulled me out of the way. “You can go ahead, and go. Wherever it was, you’re going. Come on.” She pulled my arm, before I could yank it out, and turn back.

They didn’t keep walking, but Franz didn’t look back, he was still turned around, but the other two. “Your little girlfriend.” They pointed, and I giggled. Now, I made Franz uncomfortable, too. Good, now he knows how all those strangers on the street feel when he bullies them. I don’t know boys that well, but I know bullies, and if somebody doesn’t teach them a lesson, they just get worse.

“Brei? Gabri-ELLE!” She shouted like my mom, “Come on!” She looked up, scared, and almost covered her mouth like a screamer in a horror flick when she sees the monster for the first time, but you didn’t because they always showed them in the shadow, and your first look is over their shoulder, so all you see is her reaction.

“Gabrielle, huh?” Behind me, and it was my turn for the hairs to stick up on the back of my neck.

“Let her go!”

“She’s not running away, are you Gabby?”

I grinned, shaking my head, “So, which one of you is Dillon, and which one’s Trevor?”

“Hey, Kelly.” Franz walked right past us.

“It’s Kelsey!” She looked like she was going to run, but then she didn’t.

“Kelsey, I’m sorry. But we never got a chance to talk. Like Kelsey Clinton?”

“That’s Chelsea Clinton, dumbass.” But at least they broke the ice, at least they’re talking, and she got over her stupid childish fear of boys. She really is 13, and in 8th grade, so it’s silly to still act like they have cooties or whatever, but I knew it. She liked Franz, and I did too, but oh well. Even if he was the cute one, and the smoothe talker, I’ve got 2 more in the wings right here.


“That’s a pretty name, Gabrielle.”

“Yeah, a pretty name, for a pretty girl.”

“I’m Dillon,” he held out his hand, but then the other one stepped in front of him, “And I’m Trevor.”

“Dude,” they started pushing, and shoving, so I had to raise my voice.

“Boys, boys.” I always wanted to say this, “You don’t have to fight over me.”



“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, so he didn’t see me reaching in my purse. You’d think that, what with all the cars driving bye, someone would stop, or at least call the cops. You know, because those to are standing around, talking to an 11 year old, and let me tell you. She’s not one of those early bloomers that got training bras in 4th grade, she’s tiny, and skinny, even for a 7th grader.

“You know, she wrote a book about ballsy women.”

“Gutsy women,” I looked up, surprised. “You heard about that?”

“Yeah, of course. She came on the Late Show with her mom, and Seth Meyers, too. Have you read it?”

“Have you?”

“Yeah, I checked it out of the library, but I’m not done with it yet.” He shrugged, “I’m writing a paper on it, for history class.” He brushed his hair out of his eyes. “You know, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote: ‘Well behaved women rarely make history’.”

“Uh, if you even got her name right.” Despite myself, I can’t help smiling a little. Who knew he had such hidden depths? Here I thought that all this time, he was just another pretty face, because of all the nasty things he said. “Well, just because you like to read feminist propaganda doesn’t give you the right to treat women like garbage.”

“You’re right.” He touched my shoulder, and I shrugged it off, but that reminded me to dig down deeper. Find the plastic rings, and flip it over, to slip my fingers in, and grip the housing, for the battery. “I’m sorry, and I know that was immature, but I learned my lesson.”


“Well, my mom bought me that book, from Barnes, and Noble?”

“I thought you checked it out of the library.”

“Well, I did, but I didn’t finish it before I had to take it back, so she got me a copy, for my birthday.”

“Uh huh?” I bet, but feeling the trigger with my pinky, I had to slip my fingers out, and flip it around in my purse. Without attracting attention, but he didn’t even look down. Not even once to check out the neck of my top. My unbuttoned blouse, which some guys might take as an invitation. Unbuttoning it so low that it let the hot air out of my bra, and that’s all it was. It was hot, and a long walk home. A long day at school, and hours of wearing my bra, made it feel tight around my ribs. Hot, and sweaty between the cups, and starting to soak down.

Or maybe it was his thumb, rubbing the sleeve back and forth on my arm. “Maybe you can help me with my paper. It would really help to get a woman’s perspective. Especially a modern woman, not like my mom. You’re not like her at all.”

“Uh!” Comparing me to his mom? “Well, maybe you should be working on how to talk to a young lady, because that’s a turnoff.”

“What” He let go, and stepped back. So, I relaxed my thumb on the safety. “What do you have in your purse?”

“Oh, nothing?” I didn’t know whether to let it go, and pull my hand out empty, or pull it out, jam the knuckle studs into his belly, and pull the trigger. I pulled it around, and pretended to look through it. “You have any cigarettes? I think I have a lighter in here, somewhere.”

“Yeah,” he dug around in his pocket. “She’s not home, if you want to come up, and work on the paper with me?”

I shook my head, but then Gabby came up, with her arm around the other 2 boys. “Yeah, why don’t we go up?”

“Well, of course. If she was here, you wouldn’t be out front, smoking.” I finally gave up, and dropped the stun knuckles back in my purse. “I couldn’t find it.”

“Here,” he gave me the cigarette, and held the lighter to light it.

“Huh!” I pretended to take a drag, but I didn’t inhale. “Well, maybe after i finish this.” I held it, and tried to flick the butt, like I saw smokers do, but it twisted out of my fingers, and I dropped it.

“Well, let me get your keys real quick.” Dillon hit him up.

“Uh, Gabby. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.”

“You’re not my mom, so stop trying to act like it.”

“I know you hate that, but” but I still had my purse open, and the electric knuckles on top, so I tossed them to her. “Here. If they try anything.”

She caught it, and grinned. Slipping her fingers in the rings, and looking back and forth. “You heard her.” The studs crackled, and sparked. “You better behave, or you’re gonna get it.”

“Hey, you weren’t going to use those on me.” Franz stepped between us.

“Not unless you gave me a reason to.”


Brie (Gmm)

Oh yeah. Okay, thanks, Kell. I was just so thrilled with all of this attention that I needed a little reminder that it was kinda risky. You know, 1 full grown boy could easily overpower me, let alone two, but this plastic knuckles/stun gun thing.

Well, it’s ugly, black plastic, when it could have been something like gold, and shiny. I guess, that’s because it’s not jewelry, it supposed to be for if you get robbed, or worse. Sexual assaulted, and you know that the kind of boys that sexual harass women might be just the same kind of guys that might grab you, hold you down, and make you do.

Stuff, sex stuff, if you don’t want to. I might have maybe given them the idea that I was DTF. A little but at least this way, I have something to keep them in line, or if I have to, punish them for going to far. If they can’t take no for an answer.

The problem is, I don’t know how far I want to go. Not all the way, certainly not that. If I get pregnant, in middle school, I’ll never hear the end of it, and there’s no way my dad would pay for an abortion. He thinks it’s murder, and there’s no explaining it that’ll make him understand rationally. It’s not a baby yet, it’s just a bunch of cells, they can’t do it after it gets a heartbeat, so if you think about it, it’s really more like removing a tumor, than killing a living human being. If they get it when it’s still a growth, and not a baby.

“Hey, you ever try that thing on someone?” Dillon pushed Trevor, and got behind him.

“Dude, not me!” He jumped back, and pushed him with his body.

“Not me either!”

“Boys!” I tolled my eyes, “I don’t want to zap either one of you, so why don’t you behave yourselves, and settle down. Jesus, now I sound like a teacher, I thought boys were supposed to be more mature in high school.”

“Well, why don’t you put that thing away, if you’re not going to use it?” Trevor eyed it nervously. So I grinned.

“Because, then it’s. You know it’s for my protection, and speaking of which, you 2 don’t have any rubbers, or anything.”

“You mean rubbers for sex?”

“Uh, what do you think I brought you in here for?” I looked around, “Who’s apartment is this anyways?”

“Franze’s.” Or Francis, I couldn’t tell. Dillon looked around. “Maybe his dad has some in his bedside drawer.”

“Yeah, and he’s got magazines behind the night stand.”

“Uh, Trevor.” I shook my head, “What do you need dirty mags for, when you’ve got a horny girl right here?”

“Yeah, a middle school girl without any tits.”

“Dillon?” I shook my head. “Silly, dilly. If that was so much of a problem, then you wouldn’t have asked your friend for the keys, right?”

“Well.” he shrugged, and went around the bed. The nice big double bed, I bet it was king sized, at least! Plenty of room for the 3 of us. “No rubbers.”

“Well, Trevor. Why don’t you check around the other side, to see if his wife has any sex toys, or lube?”

“Well, why don’t you take your clothes off, while we look?” Dillon sat down on the side of the bed, with a magazine.

“Uh?” It isn’t easy, with the plastic rings covering my fingers, and the handle stuck behind my thumb, but I’m not going to let it go, for nothing. They already tried to get me to put it away, and also. I need to remind Kelly that it’s kinda stupid, to carry it around in the bottom of her purse. Where it’ll be hard to find if she ever needs it in an emergency, especially with how long it takes to get your finger on the trigger button. Inside the finger ring, and there’s a safety you have to do with your thumb, but i guess you can punch them if you have to.

“Well, I’m not going to look at stupid old magazines to get in the mood, so why don’t you get your dicks out?”

Trevor stood up, from beside the bed.

“Oh yeah. No dildos, or vibrators under there.” he unzipped his pants, and fished around in his fly.

“Go ahead, and drop your pants, and how do you take a leak, without the zipper teeth scratching your penis?”

“I don’t know,” but he unbuttoned them.

“That’s what we wear underwear for.” Dillon finally looked over, and put the magazine down on the table. “Huh, she’s not completely flat!”

“Dude, I see that.” Oh yeah, and I got my dress unbuttoned enough to pull it off, so all I had left was my panties, socks, and shoes on.

“I love your nipples.” Trevor came around the corner.

“Yeah,” Dillon got up, and dropped his pants. “They’re really pink, and puffy too.”

“Well, I like your dick.” I felt it, and held it out, to squeeze it, and feel it pulsing in my hand. “Hihihn! It’s throbbing!” I didn’t know that they really throbbed. “Is that your heart beat?” I held the stun knuckles up, to feel his chest.

“Careful with that thing.”

“Oh don’t worry, it’s got a safety.”

“Yeah,” Dillon came around, “But it’s not hard yet. Not like this.” His pants down around his knees, he held his shirt up to show me.

“Huh!” I licked my lips, and looked back, and forth. At the hard one, and the soft one, still swelling in my hand. “Well, let me see what I can do about that.” I bent over, and held it up, to sniff it.

“You want to suck it?”

“Yeah,” Dillon took my hand, my empty one, and put it on his crotch. “Feel how hard it is for you?”

I just closed my eyes, and took another deep breath of sweaty pubes. “Snhhhh hn!” Sucking the soft warm meaty cock, to feel the blood pump into it, so it swelled, and hardened, and stuck up on the roof of my mouth. “Smuip! There.” I turned back to Dillon, and pulled him over. “Now you.”

After what he said about me not having any tits, I guess he was just being polite. Complimenting my nipples, but then he lied about getting hard for me, when he needed a magazine, with grown women, and real tits. Or maybe fake boobs, i don’t know which he likes. The fake ones are bigger, but they’re also fake, and you can tell, but some boys are bothered by it, and others don’t care, I guess.

“Smooch!” I kissed the end, and smiled. “Huh, you can touch me now.” I turned around, and went back to Trevor, who was starting to wilt again, just to feel him get hard in my mouth. I like that, I really like that now. I mean, a hard one is great, don’t get me wrong, but after I actually got a chance to suck a soft one, and feel it getting hard. Pulsing with blood, it feels so alive compared with a dead piece of cold plastic.

“Oogh khuh!” I punched him in the thigh. “Hey, don’t choke me on it!” I finally found the safety, so I could pull the trigger button.

TICKTICKTICKTICK! I let it go, when he jumped back.

“I won’t make you deep throat, if you don’t want to.”

“Huh, I don’t want to just suck dick, come on guys. Haven’t you always wanted to get your hands on some pussy? Sit.” I pointed at Trevor. “Down. You’re on timeout, so now you’re going to watch your friend.”

“Yeah, let me show you how it’s done.”

“No, you’re going to behave. That’s what he needs to see, how you behave for a girl that’s got a weapon, you understand?” I tried to hold the knuckles up under his chin, but he backed up.

She really should have known better than to give me a weapon, but now, it’s too late.

They’re lucky it wasn’t a gun, or a knife or something. Boys, they’re way too trusting when they have a hardon for you.


Kelsey (fm)

“Huh!” Well, at least he didn’t say Kelsey Grammar?

“Well, we better go back in, and make sure the boys aren’t.”

“What?” I wasn’t smoking it anyway, so he took the butt, and stomped it out. “Tazed unconscious? She’s fine, she can handle herself.”

“Well, still. It’s my house, and what’s your problem?”

“My problem.” I held up quotey fingers “Is I’m not just some horny nympho slut you can talk into giving it up on the first date, when this isn’t even a date. Like I’d want to date you.”

“Well, I’m going to go in, and check in on them, if you want to hang out on the stoop.”

“No, wait. I’m sorry, I.” Guess I was stupidly playing hard to get, but I just didn’t want to admit it. “You’re right, I should probably get my Blast Knuckles back from her,” and honestly, I’m a little curious to see what she’s up to.


“Back here,” one of them called.

“What are you doing in my mom, and dad’s.” He stopped, but then i looked around his shoulder, and the answer was obvious.

“Swup! Puh!” Brie wiped her mouth, with a grin. “Come on in, there’s more room on their bed, anyway.” She stroked Dillon in her hand, and turned over, to pop him in her mouth.

“Huh,” Franz turned, and leaned over. ‘so,’ he lowered his voice, too, ‘when you said you weren’t some kinda nympho slut, you ment like her?’

Sensitively, so she wouldn’t hear him, repeating what I said behind her back. “Uh?” I shook my head, “No? She’s never acted like this before?” Not that I saw, but then again, she was also a bit of a showoff, and she’d done all kinds of things just to get a reaction out of you. Yeah, she mooned the boys at school, a couple times, but that was about it.

“Swop, hihihnah!” She laughed, infectiously, and I couldn’t keep my face straight. “Well, I never got a chance with such big strong men. With big hard hairy cocks. Om, ywmn!”

“Huh!” Franz stepped back. “You’re right, she’s fine.” I got out of his way, but then I leaned over to take another look, and then saw that they both had their hands in her underpants. Front, and back, with her turned the other way, so she could go back and forth, between their laps.

Between their legs. “I’m just going to be a minute.” He backed into the bathroom, “If you want to wait in my room or something.” He pointed down the hall, but he had a big [Private Property: Keep Out!] sign, on the door. He must have stolen it, and screwed it up through the holes on the top and the bottom, but he didn’t shut the door. “Unless you want to watch me.”

He had his dick out, and he pushed the top with his thumb. Slipping his fingers under it, so I could see the deep purple veins on the side, and pulling the skin back, so it slipped off the red hot tip.

“Huh!” I backed up, and looked, back and forth. up, and down the hall, but my shirt was already unbuttoned. Not all the way, but I didn’t have to undo another button to pull it off. “Yeah, all right. You want something to look at, while you beat off?”

“Huh, yeah. I can’t believe those pedos, fooling around with your friend, but I guess if she’s that horny.”

“Slutty Mick-suckface.”

“Huh, yeah. What size bra do you wear?”

“Uh?” I looked down, then reached back. “32-Bs?”

“Well, they’re not too big. You ever think that, maybe some women are a little, too much?”

“Yeah, when they start getting back problems.”

“Yeah, and they get in the way too. It’s just like fat, what is it with guys that want big tits, but no fatties?”

“I don’t know, but. Huh! Keep talking, don’t stop stroking it. Huh!” Jeeze my nipples, they’re not that hard. As hard as they’d be if they were cold, but they’re almost red hot, and so sensitive. “Huh yeah. Jerk that big hard dick. How big is it? In inches.”

“I don’t know.” He held it out, “Maybe 6 inches? I haven’t measured it in a while.”

“Well, it’s big enough.” Finally, I got over it, I guess. At least I’m not banging 2 guys at once, but so what if it’s not really a date, and we practically just met. He’s not a complete, and total stranger, but he stopped. Stroking it to look at it, and “You want to just look at my titties?”

“Oh no. Of course not.”

“Huh!” I just leaned back, and hit my head on the door when he turned around. Groped, and fondled me, while I got a nice handfull of penis, and I really like the extra skin. Well, it’s really, supposed to be there, but you know what I mean. I’m glad they didn’t cut it off, so I can get a good long stroke without it slipping off.

“Huh uh!” Well, that didn’t take long. “HhuhHhuhuh!” his head hit the door, and I felt his breath on my bare shoulder. My neck, and then his nose brushed behind my ear. His lips toughed the burning skin, and oh yeah. There was a little dribble down the back of my hand.

“Smooch!” he kissed my cheek, then licked the corner of my mouth. Turning sideways, so his bangs slipped over, and brushed across my nose, then he kissed me. Full on the lips, and I kinda let go of his drooping satisfied crotch worm. His tongue slipped in between my teeth, and one hand brushed my tummy. he let go, and went right for my crotch, so I had to push him back.

“What’s wrong, don’t you want an orgasm too?”

“Huh! Not here.” I shook my head, and reached down, to pull up his pants. “Ew, in the bathroom, really?” I shook my head mostly at myself.

“Yeah,” we both jumped, “Besides, I need the sink to wash up.”

“Uh?” I looked down at my hand, and only half a load that dribbled out, but then I felt the drips running down my bare tummy, and soaking into my waistband. “Huh, yeah. Me too. Why don’t you go, smoke or something.”

He’s a smoker, which is a real turnoff, and he even got me to. Pretend to smoke, but damnit. I’m supposed to be a better role model for her. Not getting sucked into her sick games, and he lives right across the street from me, not her. So, she doesn’t have to see him every day, he’s not going to tell everyone on the block what a slut she is, and now everyone’s going to think that’s me, when it isn’t.

I was just weak, for a minute, and why did it have to be him? Of all people, why did it have to be Franz?

“Huh?” I missed the last. Well, everything she said, after she came in, with jism all over her face, shoulders, neck, and hair.

She stood up, and stepped back from the sink, and pulled a hand-towel off the little rack by the light switch. Wringing her hair out over her shoulder, “Well, at least you got the cute one. I got stuck with the 2 ugly dorks.”

“You’re not really jealous of me?” After all that?

“Well yeah?” She shrugged, “I guess. You’d think between the two of them, they’d figure out how to satisfy me, but they’re too busy fighting over who gets the pussy.”

“Yeah, well it’s your fault for trying to take on 2 at once. And look what you made me do!” Now it was running down the front of my skirt, “It’s ruined!”

“I didn’t make you do anything, and besides. If I hadn’t thrown myself on the grenades, you never would have gotten Franz all to yourself, so you should be thanking me.”

“Well, give me that.” I took the oversized washcloth, and got it wet. Wrung it out to try to wipe some of the evidence off of the front before it dried up. “Huh, well, you did get 2 full loads, and. You should be ashamed of yourself, not proud of yourself, for satisfying 2 guys at once.”

She giggled, “Slutty mcslutface, huh?”

“You heard that, huh?” I shook my head, “I said suckface, I think.”

“Yeah, I love sucking boys hard. I mean, not too hard like. Guh cuck!” She poitned in her open mouth. “But you know how they’re soft, and then they get hard?”

I shook my head, then looked around for a towel.

“Well, huh!” She sighed, and sat on the side of the bathtub. “You should try that, with your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. A handjob doesn’t make you his girlfriend.”

“Not yet, but he likes you.”

“Yeah, I can tell.” Although. That part at the end, when he was finished, so he got so gentle, and intimate. “Huh?” I shook my head, “Try what?”

“Sucking him hard. I mean, before he gets it up all the way, so it gets hard in your mouth?”

“Huh!” That doesn’t sound so bad.

“I think I like Trevor the best, because he kept getting soft. So, I could suck him hard again, and a again.”

“You don’t want a boy like that anyway.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. If he can’t keep it up as a teenager, what’s he going to be like when he’s older?”

“No, I mean douchebags, that treat women like garbage.”

“Like” she looked ups, sighed, and fluttered her eyes, “Huh! Franz!”

“No, he’s not like that any more. You don’t know him!”

“Like you do. I bet he just said all that stuff about ballsy women to get in your pants.”

“No? If he did, he would have tried to get, well. Up under my skirt. In my underpants.”

“Well, take it from me. You don’t want 2 boys fighting over them.”

“Yeah.” I think 1 would be plenty. “Where’s my Blast Knuckles?”

“Oh, your Zap thingy? I put it in your purse.”


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