Author: Twickers


My friends boy is special totally on the spectrum.. Not dumb or stupid just put there on his own wave length.. He is slim and has long every blonde hair and corn flower blue eyes..... # #

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Sub training day

While you are having a shower I want you to shave your pussy bald.. I don’t want a hair any where.. Beth Allways allowed it to grow natural and being a curly haired red head she... # # # #

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Lesson continue

Beth was placed between jenna out stretched legs.. The tall slim lady took her hand and placed it on jenna long clit.. You know what to do in sure you have played with your own many... # # #

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Sub starts her new life

Morning daddy… I felt My cock was being sucked deep into my girls mouth.. On your knees cunt.. I need a piss.. Beth immediately got off our bed and knelt before me..yes daddy.... # # #

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