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Susan and her two daughters

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Turning Susan and her daughters into my own sex toys.

Susan was 32 years old when I first met her (4 years older than me). She was short, a little bit chubby (which i liked), had nice 34DD tits, a nice phat ass and curves. She was my ideal body type. And she had two daughters Kate and Jeanie.

Kate was 14 years. She was tall, slender build but she wasn’t skinny, she had some meat on her bones. She had a nice ass with a great set of firm C tits. Kate’s little sister Jeanie was 11, she was just like her mom, with the same body tybe but she was more chubby, and yet she was so hot. Never have I ever wanted to fuck an 11 year old so bad.

I met Susan one night when I came back from the movies (and yes by myself). So on my way back i stopped by the gas station to buy some water. When i came out of the store and went back to my car, i didn’t drive away immediately, instead I replied to some texts on my phone. Just as i was about to drive away i heard a knock on my window. And there she was (Susan), holding a cup and a sign that read “please help, got kids and no job”. Then I reached in my wallet and took out some cash and gave it to her.

The weather had drastically changed that night, it was cold (not too cold though) and it looked like it was going to rain. Just as Susan turned around (that was the first time I noticed her phat ass) and was about to leave after i gave her some money, noticing the what the weather was like, i asked her if she had a place to stay for the night and she practically had no where to lay her head for the night.

So i asked her if she would like to come and stay with me for the night. She agreed told me to give her a minute so she can go and get her daughters, then she disappeared to the back of the store. Figuring that they were probably hungry i ordered some food to be delivered to my house. Moments later she came with her two daughters (they looked kinda dirty) and they got in the car and we left for my house.

I lived just outside the city so we drove for a little while. So on the way home i asked about them, their names and how they ended up here. So Susan told me she was an immigrant and she came to this country looking for a better life, so just months after getting here she married a guy, and lived together ever since. Until 3 months ago when he died in a car accident. She didn’t know but the guy was in a lot of dept, so after he died they lost everything, since she wasn’t working. They got kicked out of their house to live on the streets.

About 30 minutes we got to my house ( a 6 bedroom mansion on a huge 4 acres of land). It was my parent’s house but now I owned everything, when they passed a few years ago and left everything to me. When they got in the house i showed them to a room told them to go clean up (all the bedrooms in the house have their own bathroom), and food will be here when they’re done.

About 25 minutes later they came to the kitchen wearing only bath towels, as their clothes were in the washer getting cleaned. They looked beautiful in their towels when they were clean. Susan’s towel hardly covered her up because of her huge tits and ass, i immediately got hard ( thank got i was wearing jeans). So we sat down on the kitchen table were i laid out the food i had ordered, (burgers and fries) and ate.

The next morning after breakfast Susan offered to wash the dishes before they left, and her daughters went in the living room to watch some cartoons, and I went to my home office to check some emails. After i was done i came to the living room and found them there ready to leave. Then i took out some money, a lot of money this time, and gave it to her.

Just as they were about to leave i stopped them and told them how about they stay with me forever. I told them it felt nice to have people around the house, and it would be real nice if they stayed. The girls seemed exited, their mom wasn’t sure. So i told her i could give her a full time job as my maid ( I already had perverted ideas for her and her daughters. I stayed up all night thinking of ways I’m gonna enjoy their pussies. All was left was to convince them).

She agreed and I told them they could stay on one condition. That was, I get to fuck all three of them. They were shocked when they heard my condition. I told Susan i would even register her kids in good schools. I told them that was my one and only deal take or leave. And to put the pressure on them o gave them 10 minutes to think about it, then i left the room.

8 minutes later i came back to see what they have decided on, take my deal or leave. I was shocked immediately as i entered the living. There they were Susan, kate and Jeanie, start naked in the middle of the living room.

Without a word i walked up to them and started making out with Susan, touching and feeling her up all over. I was fondling her ass, tits and pussy. After a few minutes with Susan I moved to little Jeanie and I said from now one you’re gonna call me daddy. With her squeaky little girl voice she said “yes”

“Yes what” i replied to her
“yes daddy”
Then i kissed her passionately on the lips and i began to touch he tits and play with her nipples with then i sucked on one tits and played with the other with my other hand i fingered her pussy. And she was moaning real loud and that send me over the edge.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so i bend little Jeanie on the couch and lined my dick on her bald 11 year old pussy. With one powerful thrust my dick was all the way through her hot and wet pussy. To my surprise it went in without any resistance, i then asked why she wasn’t a virgin. Then Kate replied that they got raped multiple times on the streets.

When I heard those words i swear my dick got even harder. And i started thrusting harder into little Jeanie’s pussy. As i was fucking Jeanie she was moaning real loud, she was practically screaming and i loved it, and she came on my dick the second time. Then i called Susan and Kate to come closer and get a better view of me fucking my new 11 year old slut. I then felt cum building up in my balls. A few powerful thrust later i let loose in her pussy. Load after load i could feel Jeanie’s pussy practically milking my 8″ cock.

I collapsed on top of her and just lay there for a few minutes with my dick in her pussy. I pulled my dick out and cum was flowing out of her pussy. I told Susan from now on she will refere to me as master or my lord. I then instructed Susan to clean her daughter’s pussy with her mouth and she replied “yes my lord”. After i told Kate that she too would call me daddy from now on, i instructed her to clean up my dick too with her mouth. And she replied “yes daddy”.

While Susan was licking her daughter’s pussy, Kate was sucking my dick and it was getting hard again after a few minutes of sucking, my dick was hard again. I sat there on the couch and told Kate to come and ride my dick. “Hhhmm” her pussy was wet and tight and she rode me like a pro.

As i was fucking Kate i told Susan and Jeanie to swith positions, Susan was now laying on the couch with her legs wide open, and Jeanie was buried face deep eating her mother’s hairy pussy. And Susan was Cumming uncontrollably from her daughters pussy eating.

Kate was like a professional bull rider on my cock and she came twice on my cock. On the third time, we came together. After i pulled my dick from her pussy cum was leaking out. Then i instructed little Jeanie to clean up her sister’s pussy, using her mouth. Like wise i also told Susan to use her mouth to clean her master’s cum covered dick.

After that I decided we should take a break and go to the mall and buy supplies they needed. They bought clothes and every other thing they needed. I was only exited coz i made them buy a lot of lingerie. No granny panties, just sexy thongs, lingerie and very revealing bikinis.

From that moment forth i had 3 sluts to use any where and any how i see fit. For example, i would have little Jeanie suck my cock when i dropped her off at school or i would be fucking Susan’s ass while she was doing her maid duties, or I would be fucking my pregnant Kate while she was doing her homework. (We had 3 weeks before school holiday were over, and two weeks later we found out that Kate was pregnant with my twin daughters. So i decided Kate would be homeschooled).

8 years later I was fucking my twin daughters like the sluts they were. We started giving my daughters hormones from an early age, and by the time they were 8 they looked full grown women, and i was they guy fucking them. Kate had a baby boy 5 years after the twins were born.

When Jeanie was 13 she became pregnant with triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy. Like with Kate’s daughters we also gave Jeanie’s daughters hormones. And by age 10 i started fucking them too. I let my sons also fuck their sisters and mothers when they were old enough to be interested in girls

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    If I can only find a mom who had one or two daughters I would be in heaven. It would definitely fulfill all my pedophile desires.

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    My dad held my cunt open when I was 11 for our dog to lick. My mom set her big sopping pussy on my mouth. I’m 49 & still fucking love it!
    Especially now that my kids love it also.
    My daughter was 6 when me & my dad tasted her & IT WAS FUCKING HEAVEN!
    Her juices were so slick & sweet, her little hole was so pretty ,& pink.
    By that time we had 2 different t pets.
    I obviously got a great Dane & Yorkie.
    I held her little cunt open for the Yorkie to lick & dad held mi e for the dane to lick.
    And yes I was slurping mom’s cunt in the mix.
    Mmmmmmm… . Fuck I love it.

    • Mike Johnson ID:1daoogka8yse

      You have my cock so hard right now just saying about your dad holding your cunt open and your mom playing with you also I need to find a little girl I can play with like you, can you help me while I stroke my pedophile cock

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      So fucking hot

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    6 bedroom mansion? Fuckoff!! You live in a cardboard box behind WalMart!

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    Its a good strategy that works. My wife made some choices that affected our marriage and i too started turning to other woman. I found that approaching average looking single mothers with low self esteem with teen daighters to be a great strategy for pussy on demand well into the future and having taboo experiences like mother daughter

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    I would love to have a family like that . And I would be playing with the boys as well

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    Oh that it could happen for me.

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    Tbh that sounds fake.
    At mest the latter part

    • BamaWoods ID:4o6ydgchi

      ha ha ha every story in here is fake, and a agree the ending got out of control, felt rushed

    • [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

      i put few stories here that are true but things happen so long ago can not be arrested for what i did but ever girl did it with consented it was not full intercourse until after i turned 18 then few not entered.

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    I wish I could find a man like you to build a taboo family with.

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      Build with me

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    Wow that was awsome

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    This is obviously fake but damn this is good

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    Someone tell me this is not real

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      No this is not real. It’s just a story. Enjoy it and take it for what it is.

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      More is coming

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    is this shit real

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