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Cuckhold to my daughter

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I live alone with my 14 yr old daughter Cassie. I came home from work one day and Cassie was sitting at my computer desk, dad come here you forgot to delete your browser history. My heart stopped…She says I didn’t know it was called queen of spades, that’s what I want to be daddy. From that day forward my little girl started dressing slutty, leaving her ‘blacks only’ panties lying around the house, black dildos, etc. Then one day I could home and hear year moaning, her bedroom door is halfway open and she’s on all fours while some black boy is fucking her with his long thick cock…I know I should have thrown him out but I was so horny I went to my room and beat off while listening to my daughter fuck a black boy. A few hrs later she bursts into my bedroom and catches me jacking off…what are you doing in my room I ask but she laughs and wickedpy asks if I’m jacking off to her and her friend Reggie, now that you’ve seen his big black cock you know what a real cock looks like she says, can you please a woman with such a small dicky she asks…I tell her to get out with that nonsense but she says defiately, I hope you don’t mind Reggie coming by today because from here on out there will be more black guys coming over to fuck me, I’m addicted to bbc now and I’m gonna fuck as many as I want and if your lucky I’ll leave the door open so you can watch and play with your pathetic little dicky, laughing as she walks out. True to her word, everyday when I got home from work there was a black boy balling my daughter, different ones. One day she had 2 at the same time, it was so hot. She let’s me watch sometimes, sometimes I have to give her money or buy her stuff. This started 3 yrs ago, Cassie is now 17 with a 2 yr old black baby, who I take care of and she’s pregnant again. For all the white father’s out there, get your daughter to go black. It’s truly something special to witness.

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    What a waste

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    1 – Lick that cum out of her cunt. You combined taste is exquisite; thick nigger cum and pussy juice.
    2 – Get the kid sucking your cock. S/he is just the right age to begin. If the kid is a boy, suck his cock. If the kid is a girl, lick her slit.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

    It would be really nice if this wasn’t just a wall of text, with no “Quotes” to denote when someone’s talking out loud, and no paragraph breaks… We have such things for reasons, it makes the story clear.

    Also, a grown man, and a father writing like that (Along with the way a lot of things were said) makes him sound immature, like a teenager at most. Probably a high school dropout at that, if his writing is so bad. He obviously didn’t take Creative Writing in school, let alone go to college.

    Other than that, a really hot fantasy, it’s just really hard to read. Decoding it in my head made it impossible to forget I’m reading a story here.

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    That’s so hot. I had a similar experience with my Asian daughter and a white boy.

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    Someone sent me a video of my daughter at 13 losing her virginity to a older black guy.
    I was furious at first but watching the video I could see she was liking it.
    He kept talking he was going to breed her.
    At the end she was begging him to impregnate her. I was so caught up with the video i6was jacking off and agreeing with her saying impregnate my baby girl

    It most not have happened then , because she didn’t get pregnant until 5 months later.

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