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“Miss – Miss in you come

Janine walked into the heads masters room noticing his long serious face

The scowl was turned against her

“ Janine it has been noted on more than one occasion you have been late to lessons ,when questioned by your teachers you have been reported as both rude and uncooperative ,we have tried both talking to you about your attitude ,plus other numerous punishments to try and diswade from these actions

On top of these actions it’s been brought to my attention that you have been bullying a couple of the younger children .

As he spoke to the young girl she stood close to his desk ,but not too close her could Not walk around her ,pacing very slowly ,she could here his voice low and commanding.

Now I’ve come to the conclusion the only thing you can understand ,is a touch of real punishment ,as a bully to keep you in check I think you need to be treated accordingly .

His low tone left no room for argument ,miss please follow me ,he turned and walked to a rack on the wall ,I said follow Janine now if you please

The young girl walked over and stood beside her headmaster , I think he said it’s important a bully should choose there punishment ,it always makes the pain more personal .

Janine looked at the collection of canes and rods casually arranged in the wicker holder ,her eyes grew wide she was used to a spanking but this was something more .

I think to make it fair as it’s your first time ,and I’m sure it may not be your last ,close your eyes and choose .

Janine did as she was told thrusting her hand among the collection, grasping she hoped an easy one ,she felt its wooden curl in her hand and pulled it back wards ,

A long wicked looking black switch was in her hand it’s curl tapering down to a slim tip ,

May I say a very good first choice ,her headmaster took it from her hand ,weighing it as a swordsman would check his weapon of choice ,he switched it back and forth the air singing over the sprung wood

Now Janine as this is your first time I shall allow a moment for you to prepare ,

Then take a deep breathe pull your skirt up fuck it into your waist band ,then pull your knickers down to your knees ,this again was said in the most commanding reasonable manner that jo did exactly as she was told ,her head master watched her lifting and tucking her skirt then the knickers down to half mast to reveal a nice chubby bum ,just ripe for the rod in his hand every time he swished it through the air janines ass shivered

Now girl bend over and grasp your ankles please ,a hand was placed on her back ,,guiding her down ,

spread your legs slightly that’s a good girl ,Ja felt helpless ,holding her ankles and could feel the cool air between her legs before a swish and fire burnt across her cheeks the breathe left her and another fire brand crossed the last line,followed by another lower down and another crossing all three lines ,he didn’t stop till she had a full twelve stripes crossing the white skin ,red angry welts making her hyperventilate ,tears springing from her eyes ,the pain intense all she wanted to do was grab her burning globes and cover them with something cool

Now stay right where you are ,her head master stood watching his handy work ,noticing the girls sex peeping out a steady trickle of wetness flowing down her open legs ,

Janine you can stand and please go stand facing the corner I Shall deal with the rest of your punishment later ,please keep your garments where they are

Janine shuffled off to the corner aware that any one who came into the office would see her punishment on her skin ….there was something both shameful and sexy at the same time ,she could feel both the heat from the caning and the wetness in her pussy and on her legs…..her mind a whirlwind of emotions as she faced the walls”

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