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Banging the Bridesmaid

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When I was 16 my sister was getting married. She was 3 years older than me. One of her bridesmaids, she met in college, took an interest in me. She was 19 also. She was gorgeous.

I’ve always been shy when around beautiful women. This girl was no exception. She asked my sister why I don’t talk to her. My sister told her my problem.

She came up to me. With her beautiful southern accent she said, “Well I will take you not talking to me that much as a compliment. Your sister told me you don’t talk to pretty women because you’re shy around them.”

I said, “No. She is wrong. I do not talk to gorgeous women because I am shy.”

“Well aren’t you the sweetheart? You sure about this shyness or is this just an act?”, she said. I smiled.

Her and I were scheduled to walk in together when they announced the wedding party. Brittney was into dance. She showed me an entrance where we dance as we’re coming in. At the end of it we dip. She was showing me how to do this. We were laughing our asses off at my two left feet.

We got into position and I just laid a kiss on her. She initially rejected me backing away. I felt bad now. I thought she might have liked me but I guess I was wrong. I apologized to her over and over. “Fuck”, I thought, “I just ruined everything.”. She wanted to call it quits for the night.

I told her, “No no…We don’t have to stop! Come on we’re having so much fun. I misread things okay? I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Come on we gotta learn this anyway.”

She agreed. At first she was a little standoffish but it became even more fun as she lightened up and was a little more flirty and playful now. So we finally got the routine down after a couple hours.

So I was going to go. She said, “Before you go I got something for you.” She kissed me. I saw fireworks when this girl kissed me. Lol But of course leave it to my sister to fuck things up.

Big sis came down to the basement family room where we were. She walked in on us as I was about to go for second base. Fuck. “Oh my God! Brittney! Um. Um.” She exclaimed.

I said, “We were just working on our entrance routine. It’s not what it looks like.” Britney’s face was all red. I was sure mine was too.

My sister and her friends were going to a party and Brittney was invited. We called it quits for tonight. My sister was smiling at me. I plead total innocence and she laughed. She said, “well that says guilty” pointing to my crotch. Shit.

The next time I saw beautiful Brittney was at the wedding. We were joking around and having fun. She asked me if I still remember the routine and I said I did. We got introduced and we did our dance entrance. Just before I gave her the ending dip she planted a kiss on me as we dipped together. The whole reception gasped. We both tried to save face as we got up and bowed to everyone making it seem like that was planned.

My mom and dad both were not fooled asking what that was about? I said, “Nothing part of the routine.” My mom asked if that was why I was blushing. I walked away and looked for Brittney.

We danced together and drank. She was pretty tipsy and said “I have an RV parked in the back I brought up from Tennessee. I never got a chance to show it to you. Why don’t we sneak out of here and go check it out?” I agreed we should.

She turned the lights on and we went to the bedroom area of the RV. She started kissing me. Her lips were so succulent. Her tongue felt like heaven as it met mine. Our tongues danced as were kissing passionately together.

She got down on her knees and unbuttoned my pants. My cock was half hard already. She grabbed it and started jacking me hard. She sucked my dick like never before. I’ve been with high school chicks. But nothing compared to the head she was giving. She was doing it slowly and passionately.

She stood up and asked me to help her get out of her bridesmaid dress. I did. Her body was that of angel. Silky soft skin. Beautiful tits and a nice trimmed pussy. She asked me if I ever ate pussy? I said “I never really got that far with girls. Mostly just kissing, groping, and blow jobs.”

“Well sir. Tonight I am going to rock your world.”, she smiled and said.

She laid on the bed and spread her gorgeous legs to reveal her lovely treasure in between. I played with it. Spread her lips and touched it. She didn’t mind. She knew it was my first time. She told me to explore. She told me what to do and what felt good.

I just went by her reactions and figured things out. I quickly moved my tongue along her clit and she reacted. “Put your fingers in me.”, she said. I slid two in and felt her moist tunnel. She became wetter and wetter. The smell of her wonderful nectar filled the air of the RV.

I tried something I saw in a porno once and fingered her, index and middle fingers sliding in, and rubbed her clit with my thumb. That did it. Her legs clamped together as it was coming on. She released them and in rhythmic motion was moving her hips and closing and opening her legs. Finally her legs locked tight as she moaned ever so loudly and passionately as her orgasm took hold.

I just continued doing what I was doing. Seeing how she orgasmed I knew she must be liking it. So I just kept going as she was in ecstasy from it. Her and legs open slightly and then clamped down again as she peaked into another orgasm. She pushed me away with her legs to get me to finally stop. I went back for more. I liked doing that now.

She had a crazy look on her face. She said, “Fuck me now! Get your fucking dick in me now. Come on! I want it!”

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it all over her slit. She was moving her hips upward so I would stick it in her. I wanted to tease her. She took the deepest breath as my cock entered her. I was doing it slow. It was my first time so not really sure what was right. I just did what felt good. She came up and started making out with me. I rocked in and out of her as we kissed. It felt so wonderful inside of her. Her walls were so tight and wet.

“Harder!”, she said. “Hard as you fucking can.”

I started pounding her hard. She was moaning loudly and passionately as my dick slid in and out of her. Finally feelings of ectasy came over me as I just let loose into her. I arched back and moaned loudly as I emptied my nuts into her beautiful pussy. I collapsed on top of her exhausted. I played with her tits as we laid together. Her beautiful c-cup breasts and cute little nipples.

“Oh fuck! The reception!”, she said. “We gotta get back!”

Now comes the most embarrassing part of my life. I helped her get her dress back on. Get her looking somewhat decent. We walk out of the RV and there are about 15 people outside the door of the reception hall just staring at us. LMAO. They knew what was going on and just stood there watching. I kept my head down in embarrassment as I walked by them.

Worst part about it was my dad was one of them. He stopped me. He whispered angrily, “Go to the bathroom now! You smell like pussy. Come to our table. We are going to talk!”, he said.

“Fuck he is pissed”, I thought. “Great.” SMH. I cleaned up and went to the table. My two uncles were there also. There was a drink at my seat. My dad slapped me in the back and laughed. “What did you think you were in deep shit?”, he laughed. “Congratulations son. I am proud of you.”

He and my uncles were celebrating my loss of virginity. They were all drunk. Lmao. How could this not get more weird and embarrassing? It’s humorous looking back but right then and there I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.

My sister was not as happy for me. “My big day and you are banging my bridesmaid?”, she said angrily. “Rumors and hearsay!” I said. She called me a prick.

I just busted out laughing and walked away. I had to see Brittney now. I went and found her. She was so lovely. We drank and danced all night and had so much fun together. It was a shame the night had to end.

She offered to give me a ride home. Her sister was sober and was going to drive the RV.

I told my dad Brittney was going to give me a ride. “I am sure she will!”, he said and laughed.

We kissed and made out in the back as we were driven home.

I was in a melancholy mood now. I knew I would probably never see her again. This is it.

She told me she had a great time this week. She told me if I start crying she was going to kick my ass. That made me laugh.

“I will probably never see you again.”, I said.

She told me “You are 16 years old! There will be other girls. Plus by the time you’re 40 or 50 I’m sure you will get over me.” I laughed.

We kissed passionately one last time as I left and headed for my house as I watched them drive away.

Even now I often think of what could have been. What me and her could have built together. But it was never meant to be. She’s married now with three kids. I am happily married and have two. So things worked out for both of us.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    When your sister caught you playing in the basement with her friend, you should’ve grabbed her and raped her. Then she would’ve known her place.

    • Bridesmaid doer ID:7ylrencfib

      Yeah come say that to my face. I will teach you a lesson about talking about my sister like that. Jackass