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Steph’s Story

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My name is Steph I’m 15yrs old, I live with my Mum and younger brother. Our dad passed away in a car accident a few years ago and our lives have never been the same since.

I go to weekly counseling and one of my challenges given by the counselor was to join a sports club of some sorts. So I thought hard about it and chose gymnastics. I always admired how they move and perform those stunts.

Also it’s indoors and I knew my pale white skin wouldn’t be burnt. My mum signed me up with our local gymnastics class. I didn’t know what to wear so I put on some white tights and a white top. I couldn’t wear any panties or a bra cause it showed through my clothes. So I decided to go commando, but with leggings it’s normal to go without panties and my top was like a sports bra anyways.

When we entered the class my mum introduced me to the coach, he was in his 60’s. But apparently he was a big deal in his day. He seemed pretty strict but I guess that is what coaches are like.

Anyways there were about 5 other girls in the class and they were also beginners too. We got straight into training and I didn’t realize how much work it took to do gymnastics. It is a very intense sport, I started to second guess my choice in picking gymnastics. By the end of the class, I was so sweaty and to my absolute shock my tights became transparent due to being wet from the sweat.

But before I could even think about trying to leave without being noticed, the coach called me over and told me to join him on his office. I felt so exposed and embarrassed, I’ve never shaved down there before and my brunette hair stood out a lot. I was hoping he didn’t notice but boy was I wrong.

He sits at his table and calls me over to him. He then told me how he was proud of my efforts but in gymnastics appearance is everything. He then asked what’s the situation down there and looked at my tights. I could barely get a word out but I muttered that I am sorry but I sweated a lot in class so my tights went see through.

He then said thank you for pointing out the obvious, I’m actually asking about the pubic hair situation. I absolutely froze in humiliation but managed to tell him that I have never shaved before and no one showed me how. He then told me that it wasn’t acceptable and I need to sort it out before my next class. I nodded my head and said yes coach.

He then said your tights are also too low. Can you pull them up for me please. So I did, but he wasn’t satisfied until I pulled them so far up that the back rode up my butt and I had a Camel toe. I now felt so exposed in front of him but I had no choice. I felt I was too far in to turn back now, besides surely it couldn’t get any worse.

He told me to come and sit on his desk in front of him. So I did and then told me that if I put the effort in and trust him. He will make something great out of me. He told me not to worry about what he saw today, he said it is normal. He told me that I was a natural and that he believes gymnastics is for me.

I felt so encouraged and I then left his office and went home. When I got up of his desk it was wet from my sweat but he didn’t even care. I felt so accepted and I was starting to think it was going to be okay.

The first thing I did when I got home was run to the bathroom to shave and shower. I had to trim my pubes with some scissors first cause it was too long. But then got a fresh shaver and got to it. The top half was easy but the inner part was hard. There was no hair in my slit but it got close. I had to use my other hand to move my stuff around to shave properly, it wasn’t easy but I got there in the end.

It felt so weird having a shaved private part. It was now so slippery down there and smooth. I was now excited for my next class. I actually went shopping and bought some new short tights. I must’ve learned my lesson cause I still bought a white pair but it’s because it looks good on me.

I went to my next class with so much confidence. At the end of my second class the coach asked me to join him again. So I did, I stood in front of him and he told me that he was super proud of me and if I keep this up I will go pro one day. He looked down at my tights and said much better. It looks so much cleaner and fresh down there, I had my new tights on high waisted like he requested. Yes they were see through with sweat but he told me that’s normal.

My cameltoe practically outlined my pussy exactly but he just said it looked great down there. He asked me to turn around and I did as he requested and I apologized because my new shorts rode up my butt a little and my cheeks were exposed. But he told me not to worry he actually said the more cheek the better. He then said he was really thinking about taking my training to the next level. He wanted me to come to his house and do some one on one training.

I told him I would love that and he said let’s do one more training day in a group setting and go from there. I felt so lifted and encouraged. I was determined to take this new found passion and go somewhere with it.

The week went by quick. I practiced in my room and made sure I shaved. I was so prepared it wasn’t funny, I wanted those private lessons. Mum had to do some groceries before she picked me up from class to take me to my gymnastics class and to my absolute shock, she forgot to bring my gym wear. I was devastated, I only had my school uniform and nothing else.

I explained everything to the coach but he said it wasn’t good enough. He told me to sit out this lesson and he will deal with me later. The class went on without me which felt like an eternity. The end came and I was called into his office. This time I had tears in my eyes and a sense of defeat. He called me over too him and said he was disappointed, I begged him for another chance and I told him I was practicing.

He then said that he wants to believe me but how can I show him my routine while wearing a uniform. He told me I would look stupid. I then said I would take it off and do it in my bra and panties. Anyways it’s not too different from tights and a sports top. He then told me to proceed, so I did. I took my uniform off and I even pulled my panties up a little like how he likes my tights. I stood in front of him and said are you ready to see my performance.

He then asked how serious was I and I told he very serious.
He then reached forward and grabbed my panties and pulled up. The panties went into my pussy and rode right up. But he didn’t stop there he kept pulling and I started to squirm due to the pain. He then asked are you still serious about performing like this and I nodded my head and said
yes coach.

He then let go of my panties and I could finally come off my tippy toes and breathe. But I thought I would try and impress him, so I turned around and said do you want to fix the back too. He looked at me and then grabbed my panties once again and pulled it so far up it nearly ripped off.

My entire butt cheeks were exposed but I was not going to let that stop me from getting what I want. I did the routine flawlessly and he said he was impressed. I came back over to him and told him I was determined. He then checked me out from head to toe and said by the sweat I can see dripping from you, I believe you. He then took out his handkerchief and wiped up the sweat from my pussy. It was literally about to drop off.

He then told me he could see I was determined and he believes that I deserve a chance at private tutoring. But he also believes in punishment for mistakes. I told him I could handle that. He then told me to get dressed and go home and as for my next practice he will pick me up on the weekend. I was so happy I jumped on his lap and hugged him and thanked him.

I then stood up and saw he had a wet patch on his pants from where my pussy touched him. I felt so embarrassed but he told me not to worry. I then asked permission to pull my wedgie out and he said yes.

To be continued

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    Oh Steph how I would like to bend you over and rip your tights off and stick my 51 year old thick white cock up inside your pussy and make you cum. Great story, please part 2 cumming soon. [email protected]

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    I don’t think you’re quite the innocent little virgin you pretend to be! Bet the coach had a good old sniff of his desk when you left that pussy sweat behind!

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    Hot need part 2

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    soooo hot 🙂 more please

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      Let’s proceed on. Keep it going. He is setting you up for enjoying you.

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    This story has a good plot structure.
    Keep it up I’m sure it will just gonna get better

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      Also is this a fictional story?

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