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Hannah ass up in the air

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Hannah is staying over this weekend. Oh the shenanigans..

There’s something unusual about when you have someone different sleeping by you. Difference in breathing, different way that they sleep. it is both comforting and uncomfortable at the same time. I’m not used to someone sleeping on my left as well as to my right. But this weekend that is what I found myself into. As some of you known Hannah was spending the weekend with us. And she also brought her dog which is also another experience in itself because her dog and our dog seem to get along really well. Kind of adds to the chaos with them playing around and chasing each other around the house in the backyard.

Well let’s start with how I got into this predicament. Last weekend Kaylee asked if Hannah could spend the weekend over with us. I of course said of course she could. On Friday Kaylee asked for me to text her when I was leaving from work that night, so I did so when I left about 10:00 p.m. Little did I know what I would be walking into. Pulled in the drive parked in the garage like I do every other day walked through the garage door set my keys on the counter hung up my jacket proceeded to walk through the kitchen. Heard small giggles at least I thought they were Giggles turned out they weren’t, they were muffled moans. I walked into living room I see Hannah’s ass up in the air her face in between my daughter’s legs with her hands over her mouth trying to keep her from screaming too loudly I don’t know why maybe it was a disturbing the dogs. I of course immediately state? That is a sight I could get used to seeing after work.

Kaylee just looks at me gives me the most beautiful smile and says Hannah has been waiting for you Daddy. And Hannah kind of raised up her ass and wiggled it at me. I knew I was in for a long weekend. But a very pleasurable nonetheless. What was I to do? I just dropped to my knees started going down on Hannah.

You know there is something very unusual about walking into your house and seeing the 14 year old ass up with their face buried in your 13 year old daughters vagina. I really wished they would have warned me about this. I would of stopped for a drink or something had my mind more set onto this. oh don’t get me wrong I knew something was going to happen this weekend but I wasn’t expecting to walk into it literally.

Sorry Daddy we couldn’t wait for you to get home Hannah said she hasn’t had sex since our trip in early October.

As I continue continue going down on her I don’t even notice that my nose is literally buried in her ass. I assume they’ve already showered, probably together especially since this smells more of soap than what you would expect it to smell like. Nonetheless I roll over lay on my back and pull her down to me and continue my probing of her vagina with my tongue, a much more comfortable position I may say. And I’m breathing a lot easier as well, another benefit.

I hear Hannah asks Kaylee if she’s ready for a few fingers. Kaylee just moans,oh God yes! And I hear her moaning increasing. I as well shove two fingers into Hannah, man she is tighter than I remember. I guess it has been since October since she had sex she almost feels like a virgin again. I pulled my fingers out of her vagina and shoved one into her asshole. I felt her immediately tense up, but was soon enjoying it I now had two fingers in her bum and a thumb in her pussy and I was sucking on her clit. She was coming on my face within minutes. I really should have laid a towel down here, her cum was running down my face onto the floor. Her body was shaking violently. I can fill her muscles in her legs and her ass just constricting oh I wish I was inside of her with another part of me right now. And I decided hey I can be.

I scooted out from underneath her removed my pants and my boxers and shoved myself right inside her. She was way tighter than I remember her being. And I start working myself all the way into her.

Kaylee and I have this kind of unspoken agreement that my first orgasm is always for her. As I start making love to Hannah Kaylee says it’s okay Daddy Hannah can be your first fill up of the weekend. I have to stop and laugh for a moment at her pun. As some of you might know I own a British Petroleum gas station and convenience store. More commonly known as BP.

I grabbed Hannah’s hips thrusting into her she is so incredibly wet from her orgasm I hear Kaylee gettting close to her orgasm. I tell Kaylee to cum for Daddy. She begs Hannah to just suck on her clit. Kaylee grabbed her hair and pumping, hannah was pulling Kaylee into her she’s raised her pussy up into her face. Hannah grabs both of her ass cheeks,is trying to hold her still I believe. But Kaylee is cumming. I can see her body shake in a way that I’m very familiar with. I see that beautiful face that also become all too familiar seeing. It is honestly a face that no father should ever see of their daughter. But I have grown to love it and I would say I crave seeing it as well. She is looking directly into my eyes. Pulling Hannah’s face into her body, her body is shaking she has little control over her motions right now. Don’t stop sucking on that clit Hannah.. Make her beg for you to stop! Keep going Hannah she is nearly there I can tell her orgasm is getting more intense. Just a little bit more, start fingering her again! Faster hannah! That did it my daughter exploded onto her face!

This was an angle I’ve never seen this from before sure I’ve experienced it, but i had never just watched her having a full bidy orgasm. It is really extraordinary. My daughter has got a very athletic body, I can see your muscles in her ABS tightening up and loosening as you go as she orgasms. I see her pulling her Lover’s face into her body, her head thrown back currently. I asked her to look at me and she does for a moment until her eyes rolled back into her head. I finally hear it oh my God Hannah you got to stop!

Do not stop yet Hannah make her beg keep fingering her keep sucking on that clit! My daughter is still coming still thrusting up into Hannah’s face. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful right now! Only if every Daddy could see there daughter like this. I want a memorialize I want to lock it into my mind forever. Finger her faster Hannah! Oh my God Hannah please stop please please please stop! Okay Hannah you can stop now! My daughter has never looked more beautiful to me. She has her t-shirt pushed up over her breasts. Laying there spread eagle I can still see her vagina spasming and fluids running out of her onto the couch. I let them have a brief breather. Then I reposition the girls Kaylee is now sitting on the couch I bend Hannah over the couch with her head buried in Kaylee’s lap and I press into her from behind. Kaylee I want you to rub her back run your hands through her hair. I start driving into her from behind. As if I had asked her to Kaylee start saying ” Hannah do you love my daddy’s dick inside you? ” Hannah cum on my Daddy’s dick. Come on Hannah I dare you to cum before my daddy cums in you. OMG this talk is certainly working. I feel her pussy getting even more tight around my dick. The girls are now kissing each other. Kaylee keeps saying cum for me. Between kisses. cum on my daddy. Be his naughty little girl. He is going to cum deep inside of you. You are going to be our cum slut. I am really slamming into her long deep and hard. She is pressing herself up to me accepting every thrust. I can feel her orgasm building. She is getting wetter, her breaths are short and deep. She is alot quieter than Kaylee is. She is close I say aloud. And she cums. She has always been a squirter during sex, but since she just squirted a bit ago I am amazed at how much she releases again this time.

I keep pounding into her as her orgasm starts to fade. I can feel mine start building up. I am going ro fill up this 14 year old girl. I grab her hair and keep slamming into her. I don’t realize how hard I am pulling as I fill her young teenage body. She taps my hands to bring my attention to the pulling. But doesn’t move and continues to accept every bit of my love itno her. I begin to soften up and slip out of her. My cum is running out of her she scoops up what she can and sucks it of her fingers. I did get I picture of her mouth full of my seed. And I ran my dick across her face with a little bit still draining from me. Got a picture of my cum on her cheek, and her licking my dick.

They both cleaned me off and we collapsed on the couch together. I was on the end of the couch Hannah snuggled up next to me. Kaylee had her head on Hannah’s lap. Kaylee fell asleep in minutes. I carried her to bed and rejoined Hannah in the living room. We were kinda snuggling as she started playing with my manhood again…

We will leave the rest for another story.

I will post a few pictures that may or may not get approved. Post your sessions info to see them if not approved.


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