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How I Found out I like FAT Girls (Sofie Final Chapter)

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This story is 100% true about how I found out I like FAT Girls All my Stories are True and Genuine

The last time I saw Sofie was when I was 18 and she was 17. I left school and went to work. At 28 years old I was building my future in business. I had heard she left school , went to university and had met some guy and was now married

I on my way home from seeing a client one morning and stopped at Target. I was standing looking at the new TV’s and Xbox’s (What can I say – I love to online game) when I turned around I noticed a woman pushing a trolley from behind.

The first thing I noticed was this ladies FAT ASS. It was HUGE , it jiggled when she walked and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Then she turned around and I noticed it was Sofie

“OMG Sofie” I said

She looked at me and I saw her smile cross her face.

“Its been years” I said

I then noticed the little chap sitting in the trolley. It was Sofie’s baby. We spoke for a while , she told me she met her husband at university and they had 2 kids together. One was 3 and the other was 8 months old. Both boys!!!

The entire time we spoke I couldn’t believe how she had GROWN. After having two kids , she had defiantly picked up ALOT more WEIGHT. Her breasts were bigger than ever !!!

We spoke for a few minutes and then she asked “Your number still the same?”

“Yes” I replied

“Good to see you she said” turning to walk away

“Very good to see you” I replied


Two days later I got a text from Sofie “hey you , what you doing”

I replied “You won’t believe this but im actually house sitting my parents home”

then the messages stopped……


Saturday morning I got up and went for a run , when I got back to my parents home , I saw I had a text from Sofie “Want company?”

I texted back “You know the answer”

“see you soon” she replied

I jumped in the shower and got out and threw on some shorts. Just then the door bell rang and I opened it to find Sofie standing there in a Yellow summer dress.

I closed the door behind her and she turned and pushed me against the door. She leaned in and kissed me. Our lips met and I memories came flooding back in of what a great kisser she was.

While I was kissing her , I moved my hands to her BIGGER tits and squeezed them and felt them over her dress. They had definitely grown , as I would expect after having two children.

We stopped kiss and walked further into the house. I sat on the couch and looked at her

As if 10 years had never past she looked at me and said “Im Hungry”

I slowly pulled down my shorts and pulled my semi hard cock out and began to slowly stroke it. I watched as Sofie , slide the straps of her summer dress over her shoulders and pulled her dress off. It fell to the floor and there SHE WAS !!!

She was a PALE as ever and her LARGE FAT white body on display. A few changes had definitely occurred : Her BIG TITS have developed thick veins over them , her NIPPLES had grown and so hard her AREOLA’s

Her pussy was shaved into a neat landing strip , which I liked , as I had told her from the very first day that I did not like a completely shaved pussy.

She knelt down between my legs and started stroking my cock and then she sunk her head all the way down , she was still used to DEEPTHROATING I could see

This was the first time in my entire life that I had ever truly had a PROPER DEEPTHROAT – because with my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat , she kept me there and then just used her throat muscles as if SWALLOWING and began massaging my cock with just her throat muscles

This is and was the most intense feeling I have EVER felt. To top it off , I felt her tongue slide out her mouth and even lick my balls at the same time.

I pulled her head up and leaned in and kissed her “Where did you learn that?” I asked

She told me that after learning to deepthroat me , she had always done it because she believed it was what men liked and wanted and she naturally perfected her skills

She went back to sucking my cock. I looked down at the FAT beauty sucking my cock and I said “Tell me!!!”

She pulled my cock from her mouth and said “I love your cock , your cock is so much bigger than his, your cock fills my married mouth so much better than his, my mouth was made for your cock and not his tiny cock” and with that she got back to sucking my cock

Hearing those words sent me over the edge and I shot the first load of cum into Sofie’s mouth in 10 years , She sucked every last drop out of my cock and then sat up and I watched as she swirled it around in her mouth before making a big act of swallowing it. She then lent down and kissed the tip of my cock and said “Thank you for feeding me”


Sofie and I sat and spoke for a while, she told me how she met her husband and how he treated her with RESPECT. That she had told him she was going out with friends and that he had to look after the kids today while she was out.

She also told me that he was very vanilla and didn’t like anal sex as he thought it was a ‘dirty act’ and cumming in her mouth stopped after the first baby was born because he felt “bad” that she had to kiss their children with that mouth.

I laughed as I listened to her. She loved him that was for sure but I could tell she missed more – she missed being USED , being ABUSED , being HUMILIATED – I knew that was why she was there


We got up and went to my old bedroom , the room had changed alot since I got my own home. I watched as Sofie climbed her BIG FAT body onto the bed and lay down.

I climbed between her legs and slowly started to finger her, my fingers were instantly covered in her SLIME. I Had never been with a woman since that pussy SLIMED like hers , it was so thick and clear ,it lubed up my hand and in seconds I had my fist up inside Sofie

I guess after having two kids, its sure loosed her up alot. I then went down and tasted her SLIME , I licked her clit , I sucked it and let my tongue run over it , around it before pulling on it gently with my teeth and then I slid my tongue between her lips into her pussy. Her pussy smelled great and tasted just the same.

I fisted her again and began PUMPING my fist in and out of her pussy , like PUNCHING up into her , my hand went in and out and then I heard Sofie say  “IM CUMMING” and as she did , her body shook and then a STREAM of SQUIRT sprayed out of her pussy , all over the bed

She squirted so much that the bed sheets were covered in a large spot of SQUIRT

I lent down and tasted it off her pussy – I won’t saw it tasted like much but it sure had a strongish smell – I licked Sofie clean for a changed

I climbed up her body and as I looked at her she smiled and said “you hungry?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but I nodded yes never the less

She lifted a BIG VEINY TIT up and held her nipple to my mouth , as I opened my mouth , she squeezed and shot a thin line of BREAST MILK into my mouth. I was instantly taken a back. First it now made sense cos her youngest was only 8 months old and second it tasted a little sour , not off sour but an off sweet kind of sour. I LIKED IT

I dropped my head and wrapped my mouth around her nipple and began SUCKLING on Sofie’s nipple , she moaned as I FED off her. I couldn’t believe I had a new KINK – a new ADDICTION !!!

I SUCKLED for a while on her left BIG VEINY TIT before moving to the right , omg I couldn’t stop , the more I drank the more I wanted.

I slid my cock into her pussy while I SUCKLED her TITS , she moaned and kept say “DRINK ME” as I sucked, this made the scene even hotter

I climb off and ordered Sofie onto her hands and knees , I got behind her and ate her ass, I had to really push her cheeks apart to get to her ASSHOLE , but once I did I ate her ass like an animal

The hormones were pumping through my veins and I could feel the animal inside me screaming to come out. I stop and stuck my cock back into Sofie’s pussy

“You FAT FUCKING WHORE , you love to CHEAT on your husband don’t you?” I shouted at her

I pulled her hair , making it impossible for her to nod her head , she was forced to tell me

“YES” “YES I DO” the words left her mouth

“You BIG VEiNY TITS look like cows UDDERS” I told her

“Your pussy is so stretched from having babies I can hardly feel you in your BIG STRETCHED CUNT” I shouted back at her

She was grunting from the fucking and the hair pulling

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and aligned it with her ASSHOLE and drove my cock into her ass

Sofie let out the louder SCREAM , “OUCH STOP”

I couldn’t , I was over powered by lust and hormones , I rammed my cock into her ASSHOLE hard and rough

My hands moved to her face and I placed my two fingers from each hand into her mouth and pulled her mouth open – like riding a horse

In a gargled tone Sofie begged “STOP , PLEASE STOP”

“IM NOT GOING TO STOP, your a FAT CUNT and your STRETCHED PUSSY is USELESS to me after childbirth, I NEED to fuck your ASSHOLE” I screamed at her “I NEED TO OWN YOU”

There was no mercy as I fucked her asshole. I let go of her mouth and rested my chest on her back and did my best to grab her handing TITS , and squeeze them while I fucked her ass

I saw small sprays of BREAST milk as I squeezed her nipples

“Your like a FAT COW” I called her as I fucked her


“You UDDERS are huge”

I pulled my cock from her Asshole and stood up and moved to her head and stuck my cock into her mouth

“Taste your ass on my cock , You like to eat food , well eat your ass off my cock” I told her “Thats why your so FAT”

I watched Sofie suck my cock clean like she was a starving over weight person

Once my cock was clean I went back and stuck it back into her ASSHOLE

I fucked her ass and then pulled out and slipped my cock into her pussy and back into her ass and then back into her mouth

I was always a treat fucking Sofie , she never minded the sequence of which hole my cock went into

I climbed off and out of Sofie and lay on the bed , Sofie came and sat ontop of me , she put my cock into her pussy and sat up while I took her body into view

“Your BIG” I told her

She looked at me and battled to keep eye contact

“Look at me” I told her

Her eyes shifted and looked into mine

“You are a BIG FAT COW , a woman who loved to eat and now you have a PUSSY to STRETCHED to fuck”

She battled to maintain eye contact as I degraded and humiliated her

“Your pussy is so wet , im sure its like your mouth, always hungry for cock, your such a WHORE , cheating on your husband like this”

She looked at me with shame in her eyes

“FEED ME” I demanded

She lifted a breast and as if to punish me she squeezed and a thin stream of BREAST MILK squirted into my face , she didn’t stop squeezing and string after string of BREAST MILK covered my face , I tried catching each stream in my mouth, but she had other plans and kept moving her BIG TITS to keep spraying me in the face

Her hips were grinding down on my cock that was stuck up her pussy and with her WEIGHT ontop of me , it was virtually impossible to move.

She looked at me and I saw it before it happened , her eyes narrowed and then shot open as I felt Sofie SQUIRT all over my cock. Both her hands held her BIG TITS against her body as she sat up and I felt the warm stream run down my cock , over my balls and between my ass

She lent forward placing a nipple in my mouth and began riding me , I was drinking her BREAST MILK to the sloshing sound coming from between her legs as she fucked me with her SQUIRT covered PUSSY

I pulled my mouth off her nipple and told her I was close to CUMMING.

“Its alright you can CUM inside me – im SAFE” she said placing a nipple back into my mouth

As he nipple went into my mouth , she squeezed and filled my mouth up with her milk and I drank from Sofie. The taste in my mouth and the warm wet feeling followed with the sounds sent me over the edge

I moaned out load , louder than I had ever , I started to CUM , I was CUMMING inside Sofie’s MARRIED PUSSY , I felt myself CUM and CUM , it was like I was emptying years of lust inside her

Sofie leaned forward and kissed me , we kissed and hugged for a long while, my cock was already going soft when Sofie got off me , it was still wet from her SQUIRT and had a mix of my CUM and her pussy juice on it too – Sofie leaned over and cleaned my cock with her mouth


We lay in bed chatting for a long time. She told me she started SQUIRTING by accident after her first child and that her husband isn’t much of a fan because the clean up work of changing the sheets and blankets was always a hassle

I drank from Sofie for a little while as she told me how she felt bit guilty but she craved to be humiliated and degraded , her body craved to be insulted and her husband was never going to do that

We both got dressed and Sofie and I walked to the door as we got to her car, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a $100 dollars and handed it to Sofie, she looked at me , not understanding

“take it” I told her

She put out her hand and took the $100 dollar bill

“Now you are a real cheap whore” I told her

she looked at me , I could see she felt ashamed and yet smiled at the thought of it


That was a couple of years ago and I still see Sofie regularly to fuck her BIG FAT body , I enjoy her body and guess she’s the reason I love FUCKING FAT GIRLS

The end


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