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My Boyfriend’s Dad does it better

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I’ve been Dating my boyfriend for 9 months now, at first i would not go to his house, we would meet at mine, I’m 16 he is 18, so my mom wouldn’t care if he comes over cause she thinks we are just college friends.

When I finally agreed to go to his house I met his dad, his dad is about 51YO, he looks at my cleavage and thighs each time I’m around.
The day i came looking for Eric ( my boyfriend) his wasn’t home but his dad asked me to wait , it was cloudy and about to rain so i had no choice than to come inside to wait for Eric.

His dad sat close to me we talked a bit about cardiac arrest and he asked me to touch his chest to see if his heart beat was normal, I’m not a doctor but for the fun of it I did, then he touched mine, and dipped his hands in my bra, he softly caressed my nipples with 2 fingers and i got wet instantly,

He gently laid me on the couch and shifted my panties to the side , his tongue went up and down my clit as i but my lips and moaned, he asked me to moan Eric and I did!
He ate me for almost 10 minutes then he pushed his big dick inside me, oh lord did he stretch the hell out my little pink redish pussy!!

Well after that day I kept going to see him deliberately when i knew my boyfriend wouldn’t be home, we meet at motels and he would fuck me better then Eric does.
He is the first Older man I’ve had intimacy with, tho now he is out of state.
I have a feeling there are more older men even much better than my boyfriend’s dad, I’ve missed those kind of touches and strokes while I moan Daddyyyyyyyyy

Any Dad seeing this i need you to stretch out my pussy, illd prefer if you’re 50 and above or late 40s just old enough to be my dad.
Here’s my email to contact me : [email protected]

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  • Reply Derek ID:pa0xb9p49b

    Very good

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    I would stretch your pussy with my 67 year old hard cock and fill you with cum

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      It’s 2:30 am here and I couldn’t sleep so started reading some of these lovely stories. I’m 46 years old Joe and you can stretch my bald cunt and pump heaps of warm cum deep into wet cunt and suck my fat nibbles, then I would lick and suck my cunt juices of that wonderful cock. 💞❣️💓 Emma from Australia.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:eq5ti158k

    Hot story. Love girls that know there place