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Daddy’s Fuck Princess Ariana

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Ariana and dad would be alone for a week. Ariana finally gets her ass fucked

Astrid and Koko had left to go visit grandpa. (another one coming soon) Ariana and dad would be alone for a week. Ariana was having her little nasty thoughts as usual. She was scheming a master plan to fuck both daddy and Luke this week as many times as possible. She could have either one anytime but at the same time would be awesome. So, she put her plan in action.

First, she wanted to have daddy fuck her in the ass he would be the first since Luke took her virgin pussy cherry. She could hear dad in the kitchen making breakfast. She showered and was drying when she thought glitter on her body would be cool maybe a little nasty too. She put body oil all over her body “cherry” fragrance how appropriate. Paying attention to her tight little ass star making it easier for penetration. Her daddy’s cock was so thick! Rubbing it between her pussy lips her finger slipped in her hole. Her eyes rolled back into her head it felt so good. She stopped, smiling then sprinkling sparkles all over. She looked in the body mirror smiling. Going out into the kitchen her dad in his bath robe working over the stove.

He turned and saw her completely naked. Her small breasts glistening from the light on the sparkles. Her nipples hard wanting to be touched and sucked. Wow, little princess you are looking so beautiful your glitter makes you even more beautiful. She smiled a little devilish and said I think this week we need go naked in the house. He goes you do and dropped his robe there he was his chest shaved his cock and balls smooth. A little surprise for you. She was so excited you did this for me! It’s all for you princess. He moved the pan from the stove told her come here. The closer she got the harder his cock was. The foreskin began pulled back some exposing the large head.

Ariana came over hugging him his cock pressing against her. She kissed and sucked his nipple then kissing him down his chest and stomach she went to her knees. Her hand barely went around the thick cock she pulled the skin back exposing the head completely. Popping the head in and out of her mouth she began licking the slit and squeezing the shaft with her other hand. Reaching down to his sack began massaging his balls. His giant hand went to the back of her head. Take daddy’s cock baby suck my juices out. He pushed her head she gagged but kept taking more of the thick long cock. She had it now her hands on the base of his cock moving her head slowly back and forth. She began speeding up a bit reaching around gripping his ass cheeks. He could feel her nails dig in damn the feeling was so intense.

She kept sucking harder she felt both hands on the back of her head. Fucking her mouth faster and harder. She was squirming gagging his balls slapping against her chin. She dug her nails and pushing his him faster. Damn girl you are the best cock sucker I’ve ever had. She was smiling sucking and tonguing the best she could. His cock began to swell and load of cum shot like almost endless, she gagged cum was shooting out the side of her mouth. Another string of cum shot she held on his ass tight. Taking every drop of cum down her throat.

He lifted her up and hugged her tight. Baby girl I love you so much. Oh, daddy I love you. She got up and ran off towards the master bedroom. Looking back, she yelled catch me if you can old man. Going into the bedroom she bent over the bed her arms spread out on top. She spread her legs wide apart. Come and get me daddy my ass it’s yours!

He came into the bedroom his cock dangling between his legs. He dropped down on his knees between her legs. Spreading her ass cheeks, began running his tongue up and down her crack. Stopping at her tight ass star began rimming it with his tongue. Wiggling the tip in she started to twitch and moan. He stood up beside her turning her over then with an open hand and began rubbing her slit fast she was starting to buck. He bent over to her kissing her their tongues intertwining sucking hard. He went down to her so fine small breast and tonguing the nipple. He then took most of her breast in her mouth sucking and popping it out of his mouth. Working down his hand still rubbing her slit tonguing down her stomach and sucking her naval. She was raising at the hips oh daddy I’m cumming hard. Her juices flowing from her hot pussy running down her thighs.

He got between her grabbing her hips scooting her up his chest. Her legs spread he held her by her hips burying his face in the young tender pussy. He began licking her sucking her swollen clit the licking her urethra sucking it as well. Going down to her soaked pussy he began licking sucking the juices from her then began tongue fucking her cunt. Wiggling inside her hitting her delicate “G” spot her body was twitching bucking to every move he made or her.

He was able to slip his middle finger into her tight virgin ass. Then another her hips were convulsing rapidly. Letting her slide down his chest back now laying on the bed she almost felt exhausted. He picked her ass up then grabbed his cock. He circled her soaked cunt hole and popped the head in and out. She was screeching daddy get me! Come here daddy’s little cum slut! She wiggled her body down closer to him. He took his cock then with the juices from her pussy, precum, and the oil she had rub in her ass. He eased the fat tip of his cock in her ass. She screeched; fuck me daddy fuck my ass hard.

Slowly the head stretched her opening like it was ripping her apart. Her head was going side to side. Her fists grabbed the sheets her knuckles turning red. Oh gawd oh gawd she screamed. Take it out your cock is too big. No fuck me give me more! The head finally penetrated her tight hole. He pushed on in slowly. He could feel her muscles contract against his cock head and shaft. Finally, he had all 7 inches in her ass.

Slowly he moved his hips back and forth. She was getting use to having this massive cock inside her ass. Clinching her teeth, she moaned. Fuck my ass daddy fuck your little cum slut! Faster and faster, she could feel his balls bouncing. She screamed her head tilted back eyes closed tight she was having an orgasm> Oh daddy oh daddy then his cock shot a warm stream of cum in her ass then another. He pulled out shooting a load onto her stomach and titties. She lifted hugging him around his chest kissing him frantically on his mouth. Oh, daddy I’ll be your nasty little cum princess forever.

They crawled to the middle of the bed cuddling kissing passionately. Cooling down a bit she asked. Daddy have you ever had a threesome? Why he asked. I want a threesome with you and Luke! She tried to get up and run he held her down. Baby if that’s what my little cum princess wants, why not. You know Luke and I are friends, why not…her mouth dropped dad I love you…

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