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A Mother Can’t Help Herself Part 3

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As Rick’s baby grows inside of his mother’s womb her hunger for his cock increases.

Tina was elated about being pregnant with her son’s baby. She had already begun to prepare for its arrival by getting a bedroom ready. She planned on finding out the sex of the baby as soon as possible.

Rick strutted around the house like a king. He had it made as Tina would do everything for him and especially when it came to sex. She had learned to take his cock down her throat without hesitancy. She never failed to drain his balls at every opportunity. She was addicted to her son’s magnificent cock and his incestuous seed.

Her pregnancy made her even more horny and she made sure that he fucked her as often as possible. She even woke him up in the middle of the night sucking on his cock in order to get him to take her.

One evening Rick had Tina lay on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed. She eagerly opened her mouth as his cock was right in her face. He slid the head into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the head and shaft. He watched as his cock started sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Soon his balls were resting against her face and he could see the outline of his hard throbbing cock all the way down her throat. She moaned deeply as she fingered her soaking wet pussy. He reached down and grabbed her tits and used them as handles while he began to work his cock in and out of her throat.

He groaned as he felt her sucking hard as he pulled out and she swirled her tongue around the shaft as he pushed back in. Her slobber coated his cock and ran down his balls and landed on her face. She was cumming all over her fingers as she felt him start to get a little faster and more urgent in his thrusts.

She knew that he would be pumping his cum down her throat soon. The sounds of his balls slapping her face mixed with her glug glug glug glug filled the room. It was an amazing sight to see her throat expanding every time his cock entered her throat. She swallowed constantly around him as she milked his cum from his balls.

He squeezed her tits tightly as the cum raced from his balls and began flooding her throat. She moaned as she felt every spurt spash her throat. He always cum a massive load each time.

After Rick had filled Tina’s throat he pulled out and laid down on the bed. Tina climbed between his legs to clean up his cock and balls with her tongue. She loved worshipping his cock and balls. It was the best part of their sex life.

It didn’t take long before he was standing at attention again. Tina immediately straddled his waist and grabbed his hard throbbing cock and placed it against her tight wet pussy. She slowly drove her pussy down onto his cock until her ass rested on his legs.

She leaned over and pushed her milk filled tits into Rick’s face. He latched onto one of her throbbing nipples and began to devour her milk as she rode his cock. She moaned deeply as he gripped her ass cheeks with his hands and thrust upwards driving his cock deeper into her spasmodic pussy.


Rick was swapping from one nipple to the other as he continued to guzzle her milk. She was a heavy milk producer and her tits were always painfully full. Rick was more than willing to help keep them drained. She was more than willing to help keep his balls drained.

Her pussy gushed around his shaft as it rippled from the intense orgasms that ran through her body. Her pussy milked every inch of his cock. Her pregnancy only hightened her arousal. Rick grabbed her hips and suddenly rolled her over onto her back.

He grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders and began to power drive his cock into her soaking wet pussy.

“OMFG BABY FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE! I AM YOUR PERSONAL FLESHLIGHT! USE MY PUSSY GOOD!” She screamed as he continued to jackhammer her pussy from above.

Her tits flopped around as her body shuddered from the pounding. His balls slapped her ass with every thrust. His hips slapped her ass cheeks and her hands gripped his ass pulling him deeper into her pussy.

“YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD MOMMY! GOD I LOVE FUCKING YOU! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST FUCK TOY!” Rick growled as he felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft. Her pussy squeezed his cock as it pulled out and relaxed so that he could easily get as deep as possible when he slammed in.

When his arms began to tire out he pulled out of her pussy and flipped her over onto her stomach. He pushed a pillow under her hips to help with the baby bump and to make it easier for him to enter her pussy. He spread her legs open as wide as possible. He then drove his cock back into her pussy from behind in the prone position. She moaned and whimpered loudly as he used her ass cheeks like a trampoline.

He pinned her down onto the bed so that she didn’t move as he railed her from behind.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” She yelped with every thrust.

Her juices squirted out around his shaft as he continued to assault her pussy. It made a large wet spot on the bed and coated his balls. Rick loved how wet his mother’s pussy got. Especially when he had his face buried in it. He would always hungrily slurp up every single delicious drop as he devoured her pussy.

Rick pounded her pussy into submission. She begged him to fuck her harder. She was in heaven as he continued to use her holes for his pleasure. She was exactly where she wanted to be and where she belonged. She was his cock whore who always had her holes available for him to take at any time or any place.

She didn’t care about what other people thought. She was happy and so was Rick. That was the only thing that mattered. She hoped that if she had another boy that he would take after his daddy and have a large cock so that she could teach him how to use it just like she had with Rick.

If she had a little girl then she would help make sure that she would be ready to take her daddy’s cock like a good little slut. Either way their relationship would be passed on to the next generation.

Soon Rick’s grunts became more urgent as he got closer to his orgasm. Tina thrust her pussy back onto Rick’s cock as best she could as she felt his cock throb angrily inside her milking pussy. She soon felt his warm cum splashing her insides again. Of course she didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant again.

After Rick had filled Tina’s pussy with his incestuous seed once again he pulled out and rolled over onto his back. She immediately got his flaccid cum covered cock into her mouth as she suckled it clean.

She just couldn’t help herself. It was what she was meant to do.

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