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Forced by situation

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Mat met a young homeless girl, and invited her to live with him.

I met her in the park, she was sitting alone on a bench. I was on my way to the house. It was autumn, so it was quite a cold day, she was dressed only in jeans and a thin blouse, she was shivering and looked lost. I walked to her.

“Hello, are you waiting for someone?” I asked.

She looked at me surprised, “Oh, hi, hello. No, just thinking alone.”

For the first time I saw her face, she was a real beauty with a small head and long brown hair. Not wanting to scare her, I stopped glaring at her and asked.

“You look like you are cold and I can’t let beauty like you sit here by yourself shivering. I was just coming back from work planning to eat something, wanna join me? I will have great company and you will warm yourself. You like the idea?” Smiling, I waited for her answer.

She looked to the side, I think she just blushed a little, aww cute. After a moment she said. “Ok, I think we can go and eat in some restaurant.”

“Great to hear that. My name is Mat, nice to meet you.” I said and put forward my hand in greetings.

She stood up, grabbed my hand and said. “Nice to meet you Mat, I’m Ashley.”

Her hand was small and soft. I loved the feeling, except it was very cold.

“Your hand is so cold, come take this.” I took off my jacket and put in on her.

She was undecided for a second but in the end she put it on and said. “Thank you.”

As we were walking to the restaurant I asked her. “So what were you doing there alone?”

She was silent for some time, after that she looked at me uncertainly and decided that I was nice, I think. “Well… I ran away from home a few weeks ago and ended up here in this unknown city, you think I’m childish?”

I laughed lightly. “Of course not, you are an adult I assume. You didn’t run, you decided to live on your own.”

She looked at me with more confidence and said. “Yea! You are right.”


We ordered our food and continued talk. Ashley was telling a story how hard her life was.

We ate and talked for an hour, after that I proposed, “maybe you want to stay at my home? I have two bedrooms, one is unoccupied, it would be nice to have someone to talk to at home after work. What you think?”

She was quiet for a long time. “I could stop at your house for a short time, in thanks for letting me stay. I can cook and clean the house.”

“Ok, deal. Would be a pleasure to live with you as my roommate” I said.


I lived in a house with a living room, kitchen plus dining area and two bedrooms. We entered inside.

“Wow it’s big and looks nice.” she said.

“Yes, I like it here. I bought it a few years ago. Come I will show you your room.”

I showed her room opposite to mine. “You can live here, bedding is new and fresh, but what with your clothes, do you have any for change?”

She became embarrassed. “I had few but I lost them.” She started crying.

I walked to her and embraced her. “Don’t worry, tomorrow after work we will go to the shop and buy you some clothes and pajama.”

After a moment she stopped crying, so I said. “Go take a shower, I will give you my t-shirt and bathrobe. You want wine or tea?”

I think she wanted to act like grown up or something and said. “Wine, please.”

I laughed and said. “Of course.”


After the shower she left the bathroom, wearing my t-shirt and bathrobe, she looked sexy with her long legs showing and these firm breasts without bra, beautiful.

“I said this before but I will say this again, you are gorgeous.”

She blushed and said. “Thank you.”

“Sit, you have wine and remote here if you want to watch something. I’m going to take shower, I stink after work.”


She already lived with me for a few days. I didn’t try anything with her, afraid that I would scare her. Now everything she had was bought by me, Ashley now very dependent on me plus every day compliments from me, were doing their work. She didn’t mind me sitting with her on the couch leg to leg, also she is now more open to me. Telling me almost everything that she came through.

One evening we were watching a film in the living room, we had one blanket on us and Ashley was lining on my shoulder. My hand naturally started to roam her back, she didn’t say anything, so I think, she didn’t mind. She was in two piece pajamas and me only in boxers, I told her from the start that I sleep in them.

It was late into the night and after two glasses of wine. She had a weak head for alcohol. I was thinking that it’s time to have some benefits of her staying here for free and all the stuff I bought her. She wasn’t too good at cooking and cleaning.

I lowered my boxers, took her hand and put it on my penis. She wasn’t expecting that, I was more than twice older than her. She was sitting there paralyzed, so I started to help, and moved her hand up and down on my member.

I looked at her and said. “Ashley, you are a beautiful and nice girl, I know that you wanted to repay me somehow for the kindness that I showed you. I think I’m not asking for too much, just some hand job that you don’t even need to look at.”

She didn’t say anything. I took my hand off from hers, and after a moment she started to move it by herself. I was in heaven, a young girl that I was molesting at the moment was jacking me with her small and velvet hand.

It wasn’t possible for me to last long, I didn’t have sex in a few years, it ended in less than five minutes. I came on her hand and blanket. “Thank you, that was a great experience. I’m grateful that you did this for me, I like you Ashley.”

She took her hand and was trembling slightly, from what she was telling me she didn’t have any sexual experience. That was her first intimate encounter with male.

Ashley stood up and said. “I also like you Mat, it’s just I wasn’t expecting this. Good night.”

“Sweet dreams, dear.”

Happy that she didn’t fight back, I went to my bed in a good mood .


Next day during breakfast she didn’t comment about anything that happened yesterday. We talked like nothing occurred. She told me her plans for today, she is going to meet with a new girlfriend that she made two days ago. I left her some money and went to work.

“Have fun and see you in the afternoon.” I said.

“Bye, see you.” she said smiling.

I was happy that she met new people. That way it will be harder for her to leave, also clothes and gadgets will have more value to her.


It was night of the same day, we were after dinner and shower, both of us in nightwear. Ashley was telling me what happened to her during the day. She spent a fun day with a new friend. We were sitting on the couch this time there was space between us. I think even though she didn’t talk about what happened yesterday, she still has this in mind.

After an hour of listening to her, I said. “It’s really nice that you made a friend this quickly and I’m still surprised that a cute girl like you didn’t have friends before.”

“They were laughing from my clothes and old phone, it wasn’t a great time for me but now is ok, don’t worry.” She smiled at me.

My cock jumped in my boxers. I moved and started to lean towards her, then our lips met and I started to kiss her. She had a confused look and wasn’t kissing back but also she didn’t push me back. I put my left hand under her pajama top and started to move forward, until I reached her breasts. She flinched and panicked. She never imagined something like that, when she started living here and receiving all the clothes and things I bought her. She took me for a nice guy who likes doing charity, funny.

Never having a boyfriend before and never been kissed she didn’t know what to do, and now some much older guy was molesting her.

Her breasts were perfect, I could grab it all in my hand. I started to fold it a little more aggressively, she squealed lightly and taking the opportunity I put my tongue inside her mouth.

She just sat there with closed eyes, accepting everything that was happening to her but not responding to me. After a few minutes of this, mine penis was rock hard and uncomfortable in my boxers, so I took them off. I stopped kissing and fondling her. I could see a relief in her body posture, but she felt relieved too fast. Tonight I wanted something more, I invested in her a lot of money and now I wanted some interest back.

I put my right hand on her neck and started to push her towards my penis. She opened her eyes to take a look at what was happening and winced, but didn’t fight, accepting the fate.

She didn’t have any other place to move and didn’t want to go back as it was before, no new clothes, no friends, no care and no one to ask for help.

“Open your mouth.” I said.

“I have to?”

“Ashley honey you have time of your life here, let me also have something from this, don’t be selfish. I love you and I will never abandon you.”

I pushed her head, and she opened her mouth, my penis was slowly swallowed. It was a heavenly feeling, I was inside her warm mouth, but the feeling of control was much more exciting, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Move your tongue around my cock and your head up and down like you did it before with your hand.”

She started to slowly move her head, she didn’t take me deep, just the head of my penis but it was her first time, so I didn’t want to push her too much. I felt something wet that flowed down along my member. I think she was crying while blowing me, it wasn’t loud or anything just tears.

Starting to fondle her breast, only quickened unavoidable. I grabbed her head and started to come inside her mouth, she started to gag which was stimulating me even more but I think it’s enough for her so I let go.

“Thank you for what you did for me, that was great. I love you, now more if it’s even possible. You are a beautiful woman Ashley, it’s good that you decided to let me care for you.”

Confused and lost she readjust her pajamas and went to the room. She was scared and sad that he forced her to do that, but she wasn’t seeing another choice. She didn’t want to go back living on the street with no job, money or clothes plus it was winter now, she would die, and she would lose a new friend. ‘I’m an adult, I can handle it, it’s only blowjob. It’s only fair that I give something in exchange. Yea, it’s ok.’ She fell asleep with tears falling down her cheeks.


I gave her a day of break, so she can get everything straight in her head. She again didn’t comment about what happened, and after a day she stopped turning her head away from me.

I couldn’t wait any longer, having a sexy petite girl in your house in revealing clothes was too much (I had a say on what clothes to buy), I was hard most of the time. It was evening just before dinner, she went to the bathroom. I followed her but waited a moment near the door. Then I stepped inside, she was sitting on the toilet, raising her head and looking at me scared.

“Please, leave, I’m using the toilet.” she said with a raised voice.

I didn’t respond and moved in front of her and pulled off my pants, freeing my hard cock. Then I grabbed her head and started to move it in my direction. She didn’t part her lips, so I started to rub it on her face, until she gave up and opened her mouth. I rammed inside, putting half of my member inside. I was gasping from pleasure as she was choking at the same time.

Letting go of her head, I waited for what she would do.

She started to give me blowjob without my assistance. It was slow and amateur, but I was satisfied that no more prompting was needed.

While sitting on the toilet with her pants down, she grabbed my hips to have easier access to my cock. It felt great to be inside her warm mouth, she slowly started to use tongue.

“You are doing great Ashley, I love you.” I have the impression that she feels safer when I’m saying that I love her, so I don’t mind using it whenever I can.

She started to move faster, I put my hand on her head.

“Keep going, I almost finished.” I was close.

“Ughh.” Holding her in place I started to ejaculate inside her mouth. She was choking, so I took out my penis and the last two ropes of cum landed on her face.

She stopped choking and was now breathing hard. Looking to the side, she was avoiding me. I took a piece of toilet paper and cleaned myself. After that I said.

“Finish your toilet and come for dinner, I will wait for you and thanks for blowjob it was great.”


At the table, while we were eating we always talked and now wasn’t different.

Looking at her food she started. “Mat, you know that I’m grateful that you let me stay here and all things that you did for me. It’s just that I don’t like the things that you want me to do. Can we forget about this and stop doing it.”

I looked at her, petite girl with her head down. She looked like a kid who waited to be scolded by her parents. “You know Ashley that I let you stay here and I don’t expect anything from you in exchange, but I fell in love with you and I want to be close to you as much as I can. You might not know but I don’t buy things for some random girls, you are special to me and I want to be with you, also physically. When you took my gifts I thought that you were returning my feelings or are you just being selfish?”

Ashley was confused, she felt driven to the corner and didn’t know what to answer.

I stood up and walked to her. I hugged her and said. “You don’t need to worry, I love you and will give you everything you want.”

Her mind was a mess, and she was afraid to be abandoned and left alone on the street. He was so much older than her, she dreamed about a handsome young boy that she could love for the rest of her life, but now she didn’t see another option. Resignation to the fate washed over her, she responded unemotionally.

“Ok, Mat I will be with you.”

Happy with the result, I stood her up and french kissed her. She was so small and thin in my arms. Excited, I grabbed her hand and started to walk to my bedroom.
Once we were there I started to undress her. Starting from her blouse, when that was off she raised her hands to cover breasts. They looked big on her small frame. I couldn’t wait when I would start to lick these beautiful globes.

Next I unhooked her bra. By grabbing her hands with one of mine I took hers off, now they were in full glory before me. They were firm and perky with small, pointy nipples, just perfect.
I started to kiss her again, my cock rock hard not sure how much longer I will last. While having her occupied I started to pull off her leggings from these smooth legs and small feet. She started to say something but with my tongue inside her mouth I wasn’t able to understand her. Now she had her leggings around her ankles and sexy panties still were covering her nether region.

I pushed her on the bed. “Ahh!” I started to undress myself while looking at her.

While looking at me, she said. “No, please I’m not ready for sex, I’m never done this with anyone.”

Without stopping, I said. “Ashley my dear, we decided to be with each other, it’s the natural next step in our relationship, it’s pointless to delay this and with such a beautiful girlfriend I can’t wait any longer.”

Now fully naked, I walked to her and took off her leggings. Next I climbed onto the bed, with my legs on each side of her, I leaned and started to kiss and fondle her breasts at the same time my cock was rubbing over her leg.

She was moaning and squealing. I got up on my knees, grabbed her under armpits and moved her further onto the bed.

I moved back, raised her legs and pulled off her panties. She tried to cover herself with hands, but I anyway spread them, leaning with my mouth down to her pussy and taking off her hands that were covering her. I started to kiss and lick her pussy.

“Ahh, no!” she shouted. “Please, stop. I need to think this over.”

I raised my head from the sweet crevice and looked at her. “Look we have already gone so far, and we agreed on this relationship, also you made me so hard that I can’t stop.”

“I know but I’m not ready for this, please can we stop. In exchange, I will blow you, ok?” She asked with a shaking voice.

I got up.

She looked relieved that I listened to her.

Next I leaned over her still with my legs between hers.

She smiled at me thinking that is over for now.

I kissed her with a smile and lust on my face. This time she responded to me, and her tongue was interlocked with mine.

Lastly I grabbed my dick and entered her fast until I hit a barrier.

She screamed but was muted by our kissing, now she was looking at me with disbelief, she tried to push me with her hands. I waited for a while for her pussy to accommodate me. After first shock she moved her head.

“Stop! It hurts! Ugh.” She was breathing hard.

I moved back, so I was only a little inside her. I saw hope in her eyes and pain in the next second when I rammed my dick through her barrier.

“Aaaaaa!” She was screaming hard.

This time fully inside her pussy, I again waited. I’m not a total savage.

“Please, no more it hurts.”

“Ashley I love you so much, we can’t stop now. Don’t be selfish girl otherwise no one will like you, I gave you everything you wanted and you can’t even bear some sex with your boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry for being like that but it hurts so much.” She said with tears in the eyes.

“Then I also need to apologize but this one time I will be selfish.”

I slowly started to move out and inside. It was something fantastic, it’s like a tight, silk glove around your dick, fan ta stic.

She was grunting every time I went inside her. She turned her head to the wall and was crying hard from pain, she gave up and wasn’t fighting anymore. Her whole body was shaking, her thin legs trembled every time I went down. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, they were floating up and down, sometimes grabbing the sheets.

I couldn’t last much longer. I started to move faster.

“Hurts! Noooo!” It was more painful for her, but I was close to release.

Few seconds later I came inside her. I was never so satisfied, I lied down over her, content. Still inside her moving just a bit.

“I can’t breathe.”

“Ohh, sorry.” I left her pussy with plop and got on her side.

She turned her back to me, tucking her legs up. I heard her sobbing, so I gave her some space and covered us with a blanket and went to sleep.

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