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A week with my runaway girl: Day 2/

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The long awaited continuation of the story of my first time, first girlfriend and my sexual awakening as a child.

Author’s notes:
It’s been a while since I was last here, Life caught up real quick after the first chapter dropped and I had forgotten all about this until recently when my recommended sites showed me the way back.
That being said, I sincerely apologize for any confusion and for the delay in the continuation of this story.

To start with, my discord username has changed from Dusty-Wells#4400 to Hexatonell, The old account has been hacked and i’ve been locked out of it so kindly avoid adding Dusty-Wells at all costs.
Questions, requests, fanmail, direct reviews and general discussions are always welcomed.

Past entries for this story can be found here: /authors/hexatonell/
As always, names have been changed for the sake of anonymity and details may be embellished or dramatized due to the sparsity of my own memory from that time.

H= Hexatonell’s speech
M= Mari’s speech


The next morning, I had awakened early, eyes shot open as I looked around before my eyes settled upon the familiar curls of ginger hair that I was desperately searching for, the smell of her shampoo tickling my nose as my fearful mind calmed, I closed my eyes once more and rested my nose in her hair, hands clutching her supple young body, squeezing the soft curves as our two juvenile frames huddled together.
The touch, the warmth and most importantly, the sensation of my 11 Y/O morning wood against her hairless 11 Y/O mound, caused Mari to stir and press herself against me, grinding my stiffening shaft between hers and my own stomach.
Going with it, I elected to masturbate myself against her body, humping in rhythm with her as she slowly stirred awake, her eyes fluttering open and glancing up to meet mine in the dim early morning light that caught them and made them glimmer like emeralds in dim light, the sight gave pause to my motions as I saw her in a way I’m sure few others ever will, waking up, naked next to me as if we were long consummated lovers sharing a marital bed.
my words caught in my throat as i let my fingers wander and interlock wit her hands before shaking out a dry and somewhat nervous:

H: “M-morning…”

M: “Good morning Hex (New usernam and such. don’t think too much about it.), is that your highlighter or are you happy to see me.”

Hearing her playfully remark at my pecker pressed snug to her crotch caused it to twitch and dig into her a little, causing a giggle to escape her lips as she rolled me onto my back, climbing atop me and fully waking me with a good morning kiss, the feel of her soft, supple little lips on mine caused my genitalia to rise to full height before she slipped under the sheets giggling quietly, even after having been run ragged the day before, I was raring to go, every touch, kiss and stroke of her body against mine set fire to my skin as she slid all the way down my bed and tended to my morning wood with her lips.

Between sucks she would ask me the time and why I was awake so early:

M: “Did you have a bad dream or something Hex?”

H: “No… not exactly, I suppose I was dreaming about how this might end and when I woke up I was scared you were already gone.
But you’re not.”

Giggling at my words Mari shook her head, still holding her eye contact as she stroked me, smiling sweetly as she spoke before plunging her head down on my cocklet.
M: “Nope, still here hex, still in love with you, and still sucking your cock.”

Those words were enough to set off something deeper in my heart and soul, If you’ve ever experienced such a lust that you can’t restrain yourself with your lover and have felt the urge to give her some rough fucking, then this is what I was doing with Mari, my hands clutched her head and my hips shook eagerly, each smack of them against her face, pressing her nose into the bottom of my midriff as I desperately stifled myself my young orgasm hitting hard and fast as I languished in the sensations.

Mari wasted no time clambering back up my body and kissing me, administering my meagre release into my mouth as we made out in the early morning light.
Soon after, we both got dressed into our pyjamas once more, all for the sake of keeping up appearances, when time came for us to “fully” awaken, my father was the one to wake us, the same old low toned call of my name, followed by Mari’s to wake up and get breakfast.

Unlike yesterday and the times before where I and Mari would secret away into the wilds, my father told me that he would be walking “both” of us to school that day to make sure we didn’t skip, and that we’d be picked up after too.
This naturally caused Mari to bemoan in frustration at the way things would be, I too pouted in a somewhat grumpy manner, my trademark dropped-brow scowl of righteous indignation on show causing Mari to giggle and poke my cheek as we both ate.

That morning the two of us, being watched closely by my father, remained on our best and most discreet of behaviours as we walked to school together, first dropping Mari off, as we stood by the gates, her peers passing us, eyes wandering and stopping as they saw a boy they didn’t recognize, I bid her a goodbye for now, before taking her hands and kissing her firmly on the lips, this would prove to be the talk of the day across the school as countless girls screamed and hollered at the sight, causing Mari to turn her trademark strawberry red hue as she whispered a quiet “goodbye” into my ear before holding my head in her hands and returning the kiss, causing the growing waves of schoolgirls to squeal and call out Mari’s name.
As I walked away with my father watching me, girls crowded Mari, hounding her for information, asking who I was and if I was her boyfriend, that was the tail end of the conversation that I “managed” to hear.

It didn’t take much longer for me to get to school and when I did, the bell rang almost immediately, no time to catch up with friends or even say hi as we were all summoned into the school.
Aside from the uneventful classes and the typical routine of lunchbreak, the day went by quite peaceably, none of my detractors crawled out the woodwork to trouble me and my best friend had managed to wrangle himself a girlfriend at long last too, He wouldn’t lose his V-card until he was 17 though.

At the end of the day however, I was surprised to find that not only had my father showed up on “His” motorbike, he had a friend of his ride down on “My” Quad-Bike (ATV for those across the atlantic), my father then informed me that I’d be showing up to pick Mari up on it and ride back home with her.
A questionable course of action to be sure but my father’s side of the family never were on the straight and narrow.
Regardless of that, I wasted no time throwing on my helmet and riding jacket before riding off with him, It was a slightly later pickup time when we arrived at Mari’s school, but when we did, we made an entrance she and the others among her classmates wouldn’t soon forget.
Pops led the charge, rolling into the parking lot on his motorbike, followed shortly by me, though electing to show off I sped up and power slid to Maris’ side, stopping a couple of feet away from the kerbside, causing her and other girls around her to squeal at my little stunt.

Soon after removing my helmet, the other girls tittered and giggled as they realized just who it was, some even saying “it’s Mari’s boyfriend” among other gossip about how I had a motorbike or how cute I looked, flashing her a wink I held up the spare helmet i was holding between my legs to her before speaking.

H: “Hey Mari, surprise! pops showed p on his motorbike and ed brought my quad down! he’s letting me take you home on it!”

M: “WHAT?! oh my god that’s so cool! “you” look so cool! a-are you sure?! will it be safe?”

I nodded reassuringly to her as I slid the helmet over her head and got it fastened.
H: “Yeah, I’ll go nice and slow, don’t worry, I’ve been riding with my dad since I was 5, just hold onto me and lean with me okay?”

M: “Okay, if you’re sure it’s alright.”

Turning back to the other girls she waved goodbye and they waved back, though some of them were more focused on me, asking if I’d give them a ride home next time.
The extra attention was enough to make me blush as I heard my father call for me, starting his motorbike up and riding off ahead I too started my quad and rode off after him, steadily trundling home, the excitement proving to be the perfect aphrodisiac for Mari as she wouldn’t stop stroking my front all the way back home.

Once there, the two of us climbed off and helped each other out of our helmets and jackets.
Mari would then kiss my lips once more and squeal happily exclaiming

M: “That was so fun! I have “the” coolest boyfriend in the city! the girls wouldn’t stop asking me about you, Even the popular kids wanted to talk to me, thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!”

Mari had punctuated every thankyou with a kiss to my face as I stood there paralyzed by just how pretty she looked, even with the helmet now off, my jacket looked as if it belonged to her already.
My heart skipped a beat before I was brought back to reality by my father calling for us to come inside, where he and my mother told us we had a couple of hours before dinner time to go out and play, but to be back before 4:30, checking my watch I nodded before looking to Mari knowingly, after spending all day away from one another, the hunger in her eyes was unquestionable, she then kissed my lips and smiled cheekily.

M: “I wanna change out of this uniform, gimme a minute okay?”

Mom: “why don’t you change out too Hex?”

H: “Okay, sounds good, won’t be a minute.”

With little more being said I bolted for my room where Mari had already stripped and thrown on another one of her dresses, though as I dashed into the room, she flashed me giggling as she sat and waited for me to dress, Spending a brief moment naked before her, I quickly changed into some baggy denim jeans and an AC/DC shirt, giving her a rare view of my fashion sense.

Bidding a swift farewell to my parents, Mari and I bolted for the brook behind the street I lived on once more, even in the late afternoon light I held nothing but the deepest of passion for her, catching up and catching her in my grasp atop the hill I swung her around and brought her close, kissing her with equal measures of love and lust as she brought me to the ground, falling atop me where we spent the next half hour making out and cloud watching, eventually, she brought me further down into the valley and over the stream, where we ventured into a secluded little hideaway, the two of us stripped and made hot, steamy, tantric love to eachother against the high walled fence of one of the allotments, our young voices wailing out and groaning for anyone nearby to hear, though nobody dared to investigate.


Author’s post scriptum:

Not nearly as long as the first chapter or it’s prologue, but I like to think this will be a nice way of returning to form and establishing the new normal, I took a lot of time digging deep into my memory to discern what happened after the prologue and the first chapter.

the rest of the week spare for 2 days was spent being chaperoned to and from school, but the encounters thereafter were always a pleasurable experience which i’ll share with you all as time goes by.

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