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I love you, Carli

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One weekend, quite recently, I ended up having sex with my cousin, Carli, she is 11 and I am 15, it was random but everything I’d dreamed.

I am Josh and I am 15 years old, my cousin’s name is Carli and she is 11, she just had her birthday and had some money to spend so we went in to town at the weekend and we spent a few hours shopping for clothes.

It was a warm day, cloudy, not boiling hot but warm enough that it wasn’t cold, if you get what I mean, I wore my usual t-shirt and jeans, Carli wore one of those short t-shirts like tank tops where you could still see part of her belly and bellybutton, on this particular day she was also wearing hot-shorts, extremely short shorts, they were made of denim and they were figure-hugging tight on her.

As cousin’s who neither of us have siblings, we’re very close and I’ll admit I had a little crush on her even though she is my cousin, probably because we spend so much time together, but on this day, seeing her in her short top and tight shorts made my hormones peak.

After Carli tried on everything in the shop and eventually settled on a few tops and some socks, we headed out of the shopping centre, it had gotten more cloudy outside, as we were making our way to the bus station it started to rain, all of a sudden the heavens opened and rain belted down really fast, within only a few minutes we were both drenched wet through from head to toe.

We made it to the station and got on the bus, on the bus ride home I noticed Carli shivering in the seat next to me, her bare legs were bright red from the cold, “Are you cold?” I asked her, which admittedly was a stupid question, “Yeah.” She replied, her teeth clattering, so I reached over and rubbed my hands up and down her legs rapidly to warm them up.

When she was warmed up she held my hand, “Thanks.” She said, then she leaned to the side on placed her head on my shoulder, she let go of my hand, which was on her lap, a few minutes later I began to lightly rub her leg again and I found myself sliding my hand around her thigh and then between her closed legs, my finger accidentally grazed her pussy through the fabric of her shorts, she briefly gasped and looked at me with her eyes wide open.

I quickly moved my hand away, “ – Sorry!” I said, then I just turned my head and looked at the window for the rest of the ride home.

We got off the bus and there was an awkward silence between us as we walked back to her house, once inside, her mom and dad weren’t home, we both went upstairs to the bathroom, we each grabbed a towel and began to dry ourselves off, as we both dried our own hair we stood facing each other and looking at each other awkwardly.

Carli giggled, “You’ve got water dripping down your nose.” She said, then she stepped forward and wiped it off with her towel, then she suddenly dropped her towel on the floor, threw her arms up over my shoulders and planted an amazing kiss on my lips.

That signalled to me that she was thinking the same thing I was, probably not as perverted as my thoughts, but certainly she was on the same page, I reciprocated her kiss and we were kissing so passionately, my hands running up the back of her top and around her tight curvaceous little ass.

We both paused and were breathing very rapidly, our body temperatures rising, I could see her flat chest heaving up and down from her heavy breathing, I turned her around and I kissed her neck, she stretched her arms up in the air and I lifted off her soaking wet top then I rubbed my hands all over her bare back and then moved them around to her front and rubbed my hands all over her chest and stomach, still standing behind her kissing her little neck.

My hand found its way down the front of her shorts and my finger explored the crack of her pussy, as I pulled my hand out of her shorts, she turned around and began to frantically undo my jeans and she pulled them down along with my boxer shorts, she looked stunned when she saw my cock and balls, she began to rub it, her fingers tightly gripped around my shaft she pushed and pulled stretching my foreskin down my cock and It began to get chubby, longer and harder.

She looked up at me and grinned with a sparkle in her eyes, I spun her around and pulled her tight little shorts down her legs, she lifted her tiny feet out of them, then I bent her over and she placed her hands on the closed toilet seat, I rubbed my fingers between her legs, feeling her soft plump wet, steamy hot little pussy.

Then I held my cock and guided it to her crack, and I pushed, she groaned, I pushed again, she groaned louder, then I pushed again and the head of my cock finally entered her hole, “Ungh!” she cried, after a few more pushes my cock began to slide in and out of her pussy easier and easier, but it was tight inside there, very tight.

I held on to her hips and I fucked her hard, deep and very fast, it was my first time so I was very eager to experience pussy for the first time, it was like all my birthdays and Christmases had come along at once, I made Carli moan repeatedly for a few minutes until I exploded inside of her.

But it didn’t end there, when I eventually managed to pull my cock out of her pussy, which was so tight it was squeezing so hard around my cock I couldn’t get it out, I had to wait for it to shrink down just a bit, but when it flopped out of her hole, she stood up and turned around, immediately started kissing me again and she jumped up wrapping her legs around my waist, “Take me in to my room.” She said.

So I walked, with her clinging to me naked, in to her bedroom, our bodies slammed down on to her soft mattress and she helped me take off the rest of my clothes, I was surprised at how eager she was to have more sex, especially at her age, she got me on to my back and she straddled her small legs across me and rubbed her pussy along my cock until it got hard again.

“Hold it up straight…” she said, wanting my to point my cock upwards while she got on position, then she lowered herself down on to it and as it slowly slid back in to her hole, she slammed herself down so hard my entire 6 inches went inside her, “…Argh! – Ungh – God.” She moaned.

Then she placed her palms on my chest and pushing down with her hands, she started to bounce, her little ass slapping against the tops of my legs, riding on my cock like she was riding a horse of something, “Oh – Ungh – Josh – Oh my G-Josh.” She moaned.

I knew for a fact the she was a virgin, I didn’t need to be a doctor to know that, so I was shocked and puzzled as to how she was so good at doing what she was doing, she seemed to know more than I did about sex, it was as if she had been doing it for years, do all little girls just instinctively know how to ride a cock, amazing.

She rode me for at least 15 minutes until I ejaculated once again, there was less spunk this time but still quite a lot, I felt every single drop shoot out of my cock, then she slumped forward on top of me and gave me a kiss before resting her head on my chest and catching her breath, “Love you, Josh.” She gasped.

I told her I loved her too and now we’re not just cousin’s anymore, we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, but obviously it is a secret, I love having sex with Carli, she is amazing.

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