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So, we’re walking back to school, from lunch when Karmen stopped, and said “Hey guys, come look!”

We all laughed, and ran back all “What what?” To the corner of an alley.

“This guy just flashed me.” She pointed, so we looked.

“What guy?” At the wall at the end of the empty alley.

“I don’t know, he had a mask on.” We all did, “And a teeshirt. It was dark red, almost brown with ATM on it, but like little a, big T, little m.”

“All capital letters?” Bettie pushed my shoulder out of the way, and Karmen nodded. “That’s Texas A&M, I think, he’s an aggie?”

“Was it big?”

“Not really, I mean.”


“And hairy?”

“Yeah, and is he circumcised, or like a gentile.”

“Guys, stop. I didn’t get a good look anyway, he was like.” She pulled up her skirt, “That, and then he ran off.”

“There he is!” I saw the letters fist, and sure enough, little capital A, big capital T, little capital M.

“You really want a better look?” We all looked around, and I started pushing the girls in, all giggling. “We better get off the street before somebody sees us, and comes to see what it’s all about.”

He just backed around the corner again, so by the time we ran up, he had his pants down, and pulled his shirt up to show his boner.

“Oh, he’s a gentile.” He pulled the skin, so it rolled back, and looked up.

“You like it?”

“Can we touch it?” We all gathered around, and I grabbed his shirt to pull it up.

“Oohoohoo! He’s got a belly!” I rubbed it, “And an innie.”

“Uh!” He jumped with a swat, and jiggled, so his boner bounced, and started drooping.

“Big fat ass, too.” Around behind him, the girls started spanking him.

“Guys, guys!” Karmen clapped her hands like a teacher for attention. “Stop it, we had a boner here, and you’re gonna ruin it!”

Then, a bunch of hands grabbed for his junk all at once, but I stuck my finger in his belly button, and wiggled it.

“Uh, thanks.” He looked at me.


“Yeah, shut up. You pervert flasher.”

“Yeah, why’d you go, and whip your dick out for me anyways?” The girls backed up, so Karmen could step up in his face.

“Uh, I don’t know?” he wined, but I made sure to go around to the side, where I could keep feeling his tummy, and also his red hot butt cheek. “Just to see what you’d do?”

“Well,” she pulled his dick up, under his shirt, “I bet you didn’t expect this!”

“Yeah, you got more then you bargained for.”

“Well, I like him.” I hugged him, “Nice, and cuddly.”

“Well, he’s mine,” Karmen called dibs, “So you can have what’s left when I’m done with him.”

“Grab his arms.” I grabbed the one on my side, and put it over my shoulder.

“Yeah,” Melissa ducked under the other one, but I already had his hand, on my tit, so I looked around his hip, and pulled up his shirt again. “He getting any harder?”

“Ooh, yeah.” Karmen got a glove out of her purse, and pulled it on, while the girls completely ignored her order to leave him to her, and started feeling him up again.

“Check out his hairy legs, and balls.”

“Uph!” Someone goosed him, but then a hand came over his shoulder, and grabbed his mask.

“Quiet! You want us to get caught?” Laughter, and giggles all around, but then I got it, and laughed, too.

“Yeah, I bet you molested girls before.”

“MHN!” He tried to shake his head, but now there was lots of hands holding it now.

“Yeah, but I bet he never got molested by girls before.”

“Yeah, I bet this is the first reverse gangbang ever!”

“Nu uh. I seen lots of them in pornos.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t count.”

“Yeah, porno isn’t real.”

“And besides,” I pointed out, “There’s no cameras, so somebody better get their phone out, to take a picture.”

“What’s wrong, limpy.” Karman got back in his face, but he squeezed his eyes shut. “I thought you liked showing off your limp dick.”

“Somebody take their top off, so he’s got some tits to look at.”

“Why don’t you do it?”

“I’m busy, holding his arm?” And getting groped, but he squeezed it again, and looked over out of the corner of his eye. “Yeah, you like that, huh?” I let his shirt fall down, in back, to pull out my tie, and unbutton my collar one handed. “Huh, just let me get this shirt open, uh!” I looked back, but all I saw was Stephanie’s bangs. Looking down, and pulling out my bra strap to unhook it through my top.

“Huh, well that’s about as hard as it gets, huh?”


“Jerk it,”

“Stroke it!”

“Huh, yeah.” Somebody said so boredly, I could almost hear her eyes rolling, but it’s hard to tell one girl’s voice from another, muffled through the masks.

“Faster, faster.”

“I think he’s gonna blow!”

“Umph ph!” His arm let go, and slipped back out of my bra. “Hold him up, uh! Fudge he’s heavy.”

“Heavy as fuck!”

“Yeah, watch your language when you’re helping me hand rape a man.”

“Uh, fuck! Huh!” He fell down, and everybody let him go, but then Karmen grabbed is forehead. bent over, and held his head up. To wipe her fingers off on his mask.

“Uh!” He pulled it down, “What’s wrong with you sluts? Guhn!” Vanessa, I think, kicked him in the nuts from behind. Again, hard to tell in the uniform, but I did see yellow, and red stripes around the top of her sock, so I’m pretty sure.

“Watch your sick mouth, you fat creepy old pervert.”

“Yeah!” Bettie kicked him in the side, “Aggie!”

“Yeah!” Leora called him, “Goy!” I think that’s yiddish for gentile. I don’t know, i herd her grandma say it when I was over there for Shavout. No telling how many commandments we just broke, though. We all got our kicks in, and I planted one right on his fat ass, to push his face down in the dirty asphalt.

“Uh!” he rolled over.

So, Melissa could go “Say Cheese!” And snap a pic, before he let go of his privates, to try and cover his face, then he pulled his shirt down, to hold between his legs, while we ran off, but when I peeked back around the corner again, he was turned over, and pulling up his pants.

“Huh!” Now he’ll never come back to do it all over again.

“Come on!”

“Coming!” I caught up on the sidewalk.

“Nhnhnhn! We really taught him a lesson.”

“Yeah, hey Karman. How was your first hand job?”

“That wasn’t my first hand job, stupid.”

“Oh yeah, who’d you beat off before?”

“You know my brother’s friend, Jesse?”


“Uh huh?”

“Well, I caught him spanking it in the bathroom, so.” She shrugged, and tugged, “I gave him a hand with it. Oh, and you know his brother, Terry?”

“You got him too?”

“Hmn, no. Close, but he shot it in his pants before he could get it out. He tried fingering me, though.”

“What do you mean, tried?”

“Yeah, how do you mess that up?”

“More like fuck it up.” We all laughed.

“Well, huh! He tried to break my cherry, so I had to make him stop.”

“So, you are still a virgin.” Melissa looked around, then away. “Uh, too.”



“You did it.”

“Yeah, we can totally tell.”

“Well, no. Fingers don’t count.”

“Your fingers? Mel?” We cornered her, so she looked around, and then gave up, when she saw she had nowhere to go.

“Guys, let her go.” I pulled Vanessa out of the way. “Can’t you tell she’s scared, and upset?”

She covered up her face, and gasped in a sob.

“Oh God.”

“Oh man, we’re sorry.”

“Yeah, so so sorry.”

“Yeah, but maybe it’ll make you feel better if you talk about it.”

“Was it Terry?”

“Mhm?” She nodded.

“Ha, I knew it. Come on girls.” Karmen stomped off.

“Where we going?”

“Let’s go find Terry, and teach him a lesson.”


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