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Author: Beth R

Laurie and Uncle

Hi! My name is Laurie I am 18 yoa, 5’3”, medium length brunette hair, small but firm breasts, dark areolas, a nice mouth full and really nice nipples, wear a 32A bra, weigh around... # #

1380 words | 6 |4.64

The Neighbor Girls 2

Astrid got up I have to go to swimming practice. Ariana says not today for me, I’m staying here with Luke grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard. Wow not so hard Ariana goes... # # #

943 words | 1 |4.60

The Neighbor Girls 3

Koko the neighbors wife was waiting in the corridor when Luke came to the door. She smiled went running up to him jumping into his arms. She was dressed in a sort white skirt no panties... # # #

881 words | 2 |4.81

The Neighbor Girls

I had watched my neighbors twin girls grow up over the years. Their dad a 6’5″ white man and their mother a beautiful Asian woman. I had watched them when the parents were... # # #

972 words | 2 |4.63

The Twins

Hannah and Abe explore her rabbit hole with his little rabbit then it happens a summer with grandpa’s big rabbit! # #

1922 words | 11 |4.12